Be it at home or in office, you must be feeling a conundrum about how to charge multiple gadgets at the same time. Be it multiple smartphones, maybe even an Apple iPad or an Android tablet, a smartwatch or even a fitness band, there are never really enough charging ports that can keep the true gadget aficionado happy. However, the multi-port chargers are making life simpler. Energizer, well known globally for making batteries and other power products, is now selling a multi-port charging hub for Rs2,999 (

Energizer’s multi-port hub is white in colour. There are 5 USB ports at the front, and that’s pretty much it. This is uncomplicated, and there is no “set-up" required, in the traditional sense of the term. In fact, this is so simple to use, that you just plug it in, and you’re good to go. All you will need are cables with the USB connector at one end (these would most likely have come with your phone) and the necessary connector at the other end which will plug into your phone (for example, Lightning for an iPhone 8, Type-C for a OnePlus 5T and a micro-USB for a Moto G5). The fact that the Energizer multi-port hub has a rubberized finish on the base means it is more stable while placed on a table, and doesn’t slip around easily. That said, it is quite lightweight too, and isn’t big either. The slightly shiny enamel white-colour finish on top and the sides look good too.

Remember, the charger does not come with any cables out of the box, which means you will need to ensure that you keep one for your phone ready.

The Energizer hub is rated at 40-watts (8 ampere) for the 5 USB ports. This means a maximum of 2.4 ampere per port, up to a maximum of 8 ampere if all 5 ports are in use at the same time. The hub is also able to identify the fastest possible charging speeds that the connected phones etc. support, and switches the power outflow accordingly. This is able to charge the latest iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus at their maximum charging speeds, and if no other fast charging devices are connected, the likes of the LG G6 also indicate they are utilizing the fast charging capabilities to the fullest. It works well while charging the Apple iPad, the Apple Watch and the UE MegaBoom speaker, for instance. While charging devices in tandem, the Energizer multi-port hub does not heat up at all, as long as you haven’t kept anything on top of it which might otherwise impede the heat dissipation.

The Energizer multi-port charger’s competition comes in the form of the Anker PowerPort 5, which is priced at Rs3,299 ( and is also rated at 40-watts with a maximum of 8 ampere power output. The 8-ampere rating is enough for most smartphones, though it may be slightly on the lower side for tablets—that is where you will need to look for slightly more powerful multi-port chargers which are rated at 10-ampere instead. A great concept that is finally catching on, and is a must-have for your workstation in office and for the bedside table at home.