When it comes to sharing simple files with friends or colleagues, most people rely on the good old email client. But if the file is bigger or there are multiple photos or videos, the maximum data attachment limitations in emails prove to be an issue.This is where cloud-based services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer or AirDrop come into the picture. Now Mozilla Corp., known for the popular Firefox browser and Firefox Mobile OS, has joined the club with an online platform called Send which allows users to send up to 1GB of file in one go.

Send belongs to Mozilla’s Test Pilot Project, which is basically a beta release of its new products. This gives users a chance to play with new products and Mozilla gains insights into how people are using it to make improvements and test its robustness in the real world. So if a product receives poor feedback, it is discontinued after the pilot.

Send is totally free to use and doesn’t require users to download an add-on or extension. Also, one doesn’t have to sign up or create an account to use it. You can access it on any web browser by typing send.firefox.com in the URL bar.

Send has a simple layout and shows the name of the platform at the top, followed by the

Share button. Users can click on it and attach one or more files or they can simply drag and drop them from the desktop. The file will be immediately uploaded on a secure server and a link to download it will be generated, similar to WeTransfer or Dropbox. Users can share the link via email and the person getting the link can download the file by clicking on the link.

What makes this platform different from others is the extra layer of security it brings to the table. The data saved on the server will be encrypted as it gets uploaded so no one, including Mozilla, can see the content in the uploaded files.

The other interesting feature is that the uploaded file is available on the server for a fixed duration of only 24 hours and is automatically deleted after that. The limitation here is that the uploaded file is deleted even if the recipient has not clicked on the link or downloaded the file. The other limitation is that you can’t share the link with more than one person. We Transfer and Dropbox allow users to share files of up to 2GB with multiple people at a time.

Send’s biggest attraction is its simplicity. The fact that it works will all web browsers and also encrypts your data is a bonus. It has a few limitations, but it is still a work in progress.