The Master series represents the very best Sony has to offer in India. That is, if you can shell out the 4lakh it comes for. Sony sells the 55- and 65-inch variants of this TV, which one of the few organic light emitting diode (OLED) TVs you can find in India.

Picture Quality: The A9F delivers excellent picture quality, which is a combination of the OLED panel and Sony’s X1 Ultimate Picture Processor. The former allows enhanced contrast, while the X1 Ultimate processes each object on the screen to enhance colour, etc. You will not necessarily notice the processor’s effects, but it becomes evident when compared with other TVs. It produces natural, yet vibrant colours with excellent detailing. Sony does not have any on-device AI, but its algorithms have learned from thousands of images to recognize what the picture should look like.

Operating System: The A9F runs on Google’s Android TV platform and delivers its features as part of the smart TV experience. The Google Assistant is built-in, so you can tell it to raise volume, etc. Unlike the Xiaomi Mi TV, it cannot search through live TV. It also doesn’t respond to voice commands as well as it should, so you might have to scream or repeat at times. Alexa support is limited. The TV does support most streaming apps, but the Assistant can search for content.

Audio: A notable improvement is in the audio prowess. Sony calls this Acoustic Surface Audio+, wherein the screen vibrates to deliver sound. That’s what keeps the TV thinner than a phone. There are three actuators now with two sub-woofers that face sideways. Hence, the TV can produce directional audio to some extent. The woofers improve the bass response.

Overall, the A9F is well suited to perform without additional home theatre systems.

Verdict: There’s really little to complain about when it comes to the Sony Bravia OLED A9F Master. It’s perfect for those who can afford it.