If you’re a Google Easter Egg enthusiast and love to doodle around, you’re in luck. Google silently introduced a progressive web app called Chrome Canvas that allows users to draw around on the screen. The doodles are saved directly to your Google account via Chrome Unboxed.

To try this out, simply type in canvas.apps.chrome in to open this micro app—no need to download anything off the Play Store or App Store.

TheVerge says the feature first showed up in a recent Chrome OS Dev build, but it now supports any browser supporting WebAssembly, which includes Firefox.

The app works on desktop and smartphones alike.

The interface of the app is pretty straightforward—you have a basic toolbar which lets you choose a pen, pencil, marker, chalk and eraser tools. To select colours you have a colour palette. Once you’re done making your masterpiece, you can export your drawing as a PNG.

The most convenient part of this web app is that you can pull up your drawings on any platform—be it smartphones or desktops—and continue working on them.

Google Chromebook, however, gets a dedicated app for this. All you have to do is tap the “three dot button" and hit install Canvas.

During my brief interaction with the app, I found out that although the interface of the app is absolutely barebones, it gets a little too simple at times, especially in the mobile version.

Choosing the right tool and colours is very easy, but every time you want to get out of the tool or colour selector you have to tap out on your canvas. Once you do that, you are putting a mark on your doodle, and if you don’t want that you’ll end up hitting the undo button everytime you’re done selecting.

The app is also a bit sluggish even on high-end devices when using it in the landscape mode, which is a bummer.