If the quality of entertainment from your television is important to you, a good soundbar is often recommended. While these audio devices aren’t always well suited for listening to music, they do enhance the movie watching experience from your TV.

The problem with buying soundbars though is that the best ones are all quite expensive. And the Mi Soundbar won’t change that. What it has done though is give you a no brainer option that is indeed affordable.

Priced at 4,999, the Mi Soundbar could easily be the best choice you have today. It looks sleek, punches above its weight in terms of audio quality and is cheap enough that you can dedicate most of your budget towards buying a good television.

The audio signature of the soundbar is V-shaped, meaning it will deliver stronger bass and highs than mid frequencies. For a soundbar, the emphasis is on voices, so that dialogues sound crisp and clear. It’s not perfectly balanced audio, but you will likely not mind it unless you’re listening to particular genres of music, like classical music.

The soundbar has Bluetooth, AUX, SPDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface), Line In and Optical ports, along with two buttons for volume control. The fact that it has an optical port means that it will support very old televisions as well, which is a great addition by Xiaomi.

What it lacks is support for a remote, meaning you will have to toggle the volume manually whenever required. That’s not much of a compromise though, given the price. You also can’t toggle equaliser settings for it, meaning you’re stuck with the out of the box tuning Xiaomi brings.

Should you buy it?

At 4,999, the Mi Soundbar really is a no brainer. It’s much better than the audio quality a mid-ranged TV brings to the table and enhances the overall TV viewing experience manifold. Though it doesn’t hold a candle to higher end soundbars from companies like Sony, Bose and others, it’s better than comparable offerings from F&D etc.

The product would perhaps have been more enticing if Xiaomi could build some smart features into it, but the price still makes a compelling case. If you have a medium to large sized room and want a better audio experience while watching television, the Mi Soundbar is certainly worth buying.