Lenovo recently launched the Cardio Plus HX03W smart band in India. Priced at 1,999, the HX03W comes with multi-interface options and health and fitness features.

The band consists of a central module, which contains the screen and all the sensors that help the device to monitor things like your heart rate, sleep and steps, and the strap. Unlike the Mi Band 3, the strap is not a single piece—it is attached by two connectors present on the top and bottom of the central module. The straps come in four colours— black, blue, red, and orange.

The body of the band is uninterrupted with any physical buttons or ports—just one capacitive button below the 0.96-inch OLED monochrome display.

How do you charge it, then? The strap connector below the capacitive button is actually a male USB port that you can insert in either a charger or PC. Very clever.

The band is extremely light, so you won’t be carrying around a lot of weight on your wrists.

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Lenovo has tried hard to make this product much more than a regular fitness band. Apart from regular fitness features, it comes with its own mobile app called ‘Lenovo Life,’ which allows you to connect your band to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

Before you search the device on the Play Store, let me tell you one thing—the app is made by Shenzhen Hengclouds Ecology Technology Co. Ltd—so don’t scroll away thinking it’s a fake.

The app is fairly basic. It records daily exercise data and your vitals, lets you set an alarm and allows your device to notify you when you receive a call or a text. You won’t be able to read entire messages on the display of the smart band, so that’s a bummer.

Lenovo Life App
Lenovo Life App

The data can be useful for those following a strict fitness regime, I don’t so I’ll leave it at that.

The battery life is excellent—it easily lasts 15 days without a charge. If I hadn’t played around with the heart rate sensor (I get bored at night, strobing lights are endlessly entertaining) it would have lasted even longer.

It is IP68 certified water resistant up to 1 metre and I found no issues with it even after taking it out on a rainy day.

Now let’s talk about the quirks of this little thing.

First, if you run out of battery, the time and date of the device will be reset. I don’t always keep my smart band connected to my smartphone, so that was a bit disappointing. Second, connecting the smartband to your device can be done only via the app—it won’t work properly if you try connecting it through Bluetooth settings on your phone. Third, a single navigation button is a bit cumbersome to use. It follows linear scrolling, so you can’t go backward without tapping endlessly, and to select a mode (or setting) you need to long press the capacitive button. There’s also no vibration feedback.

To conclude, the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W is good at what it is designed to do—be a fitness tracker. The add-on “smart features" like full-text notifications leave a lot to be desired.

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