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New Delhi: The Kindle has become the default choice for most readers who find reading on phones distracting. However, given that Amazon sells many Kindle variants, it’s hard to know the right fit for you.

New users: For users planning to buy a new Kindle, the choice is between an entry-level All-New Kindle, the All-New Kindle Paperwhite and the top-of-the-line Kindle Oasis. All the models use a touch-enabled e-ink display with thin glass on top. Unlike LCD displays, which require consistent power supply to show content on screen, e-ink displays need power only when a user has to flip pages. That makes them battery efficient, allowing Kindles to last several days (around 2 weeks) on each charge.

However, size of the e-ink displays varies based on models, as do their resolution. For instance, the most affordable —the All-New Kindle ( 5,999)—has a 6-inch e-ink display, which relies entirely on ambient light to show text on the screen. So, you can’t use it in a dark room. However, a small, low-wattage light bulb is all you need to use the entry-level Kindle effectively. You can even use a book light, which can be clipped on top of the Kindle and costs under 1,000. Moreover, the absence of a backlight means there will be no strain on your eyes when reading, making the entry-level Kindle the digital equivalent of a real book. It offers 4GB of internal storage, which is enough to house over 1,000 books.

Brighter and waterproof: The All-New Kindle Paperwhite ( 12,999 onwards) offers 8GB storage and is also waterproof (up to 2 metres for 60 minutes in fresh water). Its front-lit screen keeps the text visible on its own and the fact that it offers more pixels per inch (ppi)—300 compared to 167 on the entry-level variant —makes the text look sharper. It has a 4G variant too and is priced at l7,999. Unlike smartphones, 4G on Kindles will not be tied to your carrier plans. On Amazon’s Kindles, you don’t pay separately for the 4G connectivity and you can use it for downloading books on the go, checking dictionary, etc.

Top-of-the-line: The Kindle Oasis, priced 21,999 upwards, is also water-proof and has a front-lit but bigger (7-inch) screen. Its design simulates that of a book with one side folded backwards. It has a wide bezel on the right, allowing you to hold it in one hand without accidentally touching the screen. There are physical buttons on this side too, to flip pages. The Oasis also runs on a faster processor, making the pages turn faster. In fact, both the Paperwhite and Oasis are considerably faster than the entry-level Kindle, making the overall reading experience more seamless.

The entry-level Kindle takes a split second more to turn pages, which might annoy some users. The 3G variant of the Oasis has 32GB storage and is priced at 28,999. The Oasis really is for Kindle power users, who may actually use all that storage, read in swimming pools and want the absolute best a Kindle can offer. However, for most users, the cheaper entry-level Kindle may be the right fit. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a middle ground between the high-end and the entry segment.

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