Audio companies have been experimenting a lot with the design of their earphones. Indian company Mivi has released a new earphone which wraps around users’ neck instead of head. It is called the Collar Bluetooth Earphone and is priced at Rs2,999.

Collar’s key highlight is its unique design which includes two cylindrical earpieces with metal casing dangling from a rubber neckband which packs in the volume buttons, 150mAh battery, power button, microphone and a microUSB slot for charging. The wires connecting the earpieces to the neckband are short and don’t tangle easily.

Due to its light form-factor (30g), users can wear the neckband for hours without even realising it is there. It looks bland and doesn’t have any funky designer elements or colour options—it comes in black variant only. However, it still has a unique design.

Setting up the Collar Bluetooth earphone is simple. The moment it is switched on, it starts the Bluetooth pairing process. It supports Bluetooth 4.1 standard, and pairing is a breeze with Android smartphones and Apple iPhones.

Despite the small battery, the earphone can muster 7 to 8 hours of backup comfortably on one charge. It has a range of 30 feet, which is standard for most Bluetooth earphones. The audio quality is a mixed bag. It is good with bass intensive tracks, and offers great detailing on very busy tracks such as Papercut by Linkin Park or Titanium by David Guetta at 70% audio levels. At full volume, it sounds a bit hazy. Due to the cylindrical shape the earpieces fit in more comfortably in the ear and were able to block out some amount of noise bleeding. The audio quality during calls was loud and clear.

Mivi Collar is notable for its ergonomic design, light form-factor and affordable price tag. The fact that it can be used for receiving and making calls is a big plus. All these elements make it ideal for professionals looking for an earphone that doesn’t look too snazzy and can be used for calls and casual music playback while driving or at work.