TWiT Netcast Network

For 12 years, has been providing news, help and perspective on the latest trends in digital technology. Founded by US-based tech journalist Leo Laporte, the TWiT YouTube channel has over 20 shows on topics ranging from tech news and operating systems to security and privacy. Their DIY videos and demos are quite handy too.


StaySafeOnline1 is the official YouTube channel of the National Cyber Security Alliance, a US-based non-profit that works to promote awareness on cybersecurity for users at home, work and in schools. The channel features interactive, light-hearted videos on everything from how to keep your login data safe to data privacy and tips on sharing your information in cyberspace.

Tripwire’s Security Slice

US-based software company Tripwire’s blog, The State of Security, features the popular podcast Security Slice. Apart from news, trends and insights on information security topics, Security Slice has regular shows on basic topics such as ransomware, trolling, hacking, and broader fields like aviation, healthcare security and passwords.


An independent podcast and news service produced by Kaspersky Lab, Threatpost provides regular security news and analysis on timely events in the tech fraternity. It features a weekly “news wrap", a recap of the top events in the digital world—apps, mobile security, privacy, Internet of Things, etc. Threatpost also features interviews, talks with researchers and tech pundits.

Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast

Hosted by cybersecurity strategist Rafal Los and application security professional James Jardine, the podcast is a mix of interesting interviews and news analysis on security issues for both enterprises and individuals. Apart from regular guest interviews on digital security topics, the podcast looks at different perspectives on cybercrime, machine learning and the Internet of Things, among other topics.