The Diesel On Time hybrid smartwatch (Rs16,795) is big and good-looking. The round gunmetal case has a 58mm diameter and is 13mm thick, and this is truly one of the larger hybrid smartwatches you can buy. However, it feels incredibly light around the wrist.

Paired with a light brown leather strap, the combination is eye-catching, though the design or dials do not hint at its hybrid smartwatch capabilities. The strap hinge squeaked occasionally as we moved the hand around, but that stopped when the watch was worn regularly.

To get this watch to work, you will need to pair it with the DieselOn app (free on Android and iOS) via Bluetooth. The app is easy to use, and allows you to configure notifications that you want replicated on the watch, manage favourite contacts, alarms, set a second time zone, and track activity.

Hybrid smartwatches tend to offer the perfect balance between a conventional chronograph and a smartwatch, and the lack of a display means battery life is solid too. The coin cell in the On Time can last six months or more.

The red-coloured button on the side of the watch dial is for the DieselOn Link feature that can be configured to open an app on your phone—you can, for instance, set this to open the camera app on your phone and take a photograph. It works well on Android phones as well as the iPhone.

If you wear this for jogging or treadmill sessions, the Diesel On Time will track steps and distance too. The watch has no heart-rate sensor, but all this data can be linked with the Apple Health app (on the iPhone) and the Google Fit app (on Android phones) to complement the other activity data you may be accumulating through the day on other devices. The On Time can track sleep patterns too, but you are unlikely to find it comfortable enough to wear to bed.

If you wish to experience the magic of smartwatches, but are not too enthused about the typical Android Wear operating system-based options, hybrid smartwatches are the way to go.

The Diesel On Time hybrid, attractive and simple to use, makes a strong case for itself.

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