Amazon’s updates for the flagship Kindle in its line-up—the Oasis—are not just incremental; they bring it that much closer to perfection.

Despite the Kindle Oasis having a larger 7-inch display, it retains the book-like form factor, thicker on one side to replicate the bulk of holding up a book. There are two physical navigation keys for turning pages, though you can also do it by simply tapping on the touch display. This e-reader weighs 194g, yet it feels light. This is also the first Kindle which is waterproof.

The definitely more immersive 7-inch e-ink display retains the same resolution as the predecessor, but the Kindle Oasis gets the auto-brightness feature as well. The front-lighting technology is easy on the eye, even if you are reading in a room with no ambient lighting. There are also multiple font styles and sizes to choose from.

The Kindle Oasis is also available in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi+3G variants. The former has 8 GB storage and the latter, 32 GB. It would have been better the other way round, considering someone who doesn’t have the 3G variant may not always have a Wi-Fi connection available to download more books, and the extra storage would have been handy to download in advance.

Battery life is one of the strongest points of this device. With around an hour’s reading daily, we noticed this lost 10% charge in five days, which means this will get close to Amazon’s claimed battery life of six weeks on a single charge.

A Kindle is all about letting you focus on reading, without being distracted by a new mail or a Facebook notification, for instance. The experience of reading doesn’t get much better than this.

Amazon Kindle Oasis prices: Rs21,999 (Wi-Fi); Rs28,999 (3G)