New Delhi: Dell is expanding its gaming portfolio with the new G-series of gaming notebooks. It is placed between the mid-segment Inspiron series and the more premium Alienware notebooks. The G7 15 belongs to the first crop of G series laptops and commands a price tag of 1,31,008.

Design: The G7 comes in two colours— licorice black and the more refreshing alpine white finish (most gaming notebooks are draped in black). The build quality is top notch and on a with the Alienware notebooks. The metal finish feels solid and reassuring. At 2.6kg, the G7 is relatively lighter than any of the Alienware notebooks. The G7 has all the connectivity options that matter, such as USB 3.0, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Type-C and 3.5mm jack. The connectors are evenly distributed to minimize clutter. The speakers are loud and placed on the front side panel for an immersive audio experience.

Display: The 15.6-inch display offers a resolution of 1,920x1,080 pixels, which is more than adequate for most modern day games. It’s a vibrant-looking screen with rich contrast—ideal for gaming. The anti-glare coating is easy on the eyes.

Performance: Dell G7 is the only Windows 10 notebook at this price point that runs Intel’s 8th generation Core i9 chipset. Dell has clubbed it with 16GB RAM and 6GB Nvidia GeForce1060 graphics, making it one of the most powerful gaming notebooks at the current price point. Even at full resolution and high graphic settings, the notebook was able to handle modern day games such as FIFA 18 and PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. It offers 1TB HDD for big games and files, and 128GB SSD for faster boot-up of system and apps. Like most gaming notebooks, battery backup is not its strong point. It can handle 1 hour, 30 minutes of non-stop gaming at full-brightness.

Keyboard: The keys have been spaced out very well, which makes typing a breeze. They are also backlit, which makes playing games or working on it in dark rooms a lot easier. The laptop offers a wide palm rest for a relaxed gaming experience.

Verdict: Dell G7 is a gaming monster with few equals. At the current price point, it is a steal for gamers.