Microsoft’s next big update to Windows 10, called the Fall Creators Update, is finally rolling out. It will be made available in phases and would be delivered to your PC if automatic update is already enabled. In case you haven’t you can get the updates manually by clicking the Update Now button on the software download page.

The update will roll out first on newer devices.

The minimum system requirements for the update are 1 GHz processor with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage (32-bit version) or 2GB RAM with 20GB storage (64-bit version). Also, you need to back up your PC before installing the update.

Here are all the enhancements and new features that the new update brings to the fore.

New design features

The Fall Creators Update introduces a new Fluent design which will give Windows 10 a more animated look. However, the changes that you are going to see now are subtle and only a small part of what is to come, according to Microsoft. There will be more changes and they will be available through subsequent updates. Right now you get a new Acrylic Material design, which adds an opaque layered effect in apps to create an illusion of depth. Then there is Reveal which adds a light which follows the cursor every time you move it.

3D in Office and Photos

Office users can now create and add 3D objects in Word documents, Excel sheets and Power Point presentations. This will enhance their visual impact and help users explain a point in a much better manner. Once a 3D model is added, users can modify its size and rotate it for better view using the 360-rotation handle. You can import 3D model from the Remix 3D community or directly from your PC.

Similarly, the Photos app now gives users the option to 3D effects in images. The option to add 3D objects will be added soon.

Making Windows 10 more secure

To protect Windows 10 users against the new kind of malware and ransomware attacks, Microsoft is introducing a number of new AI (artificial intelligence)-powered features. The Windows Defender Exploit Guard will make it harder for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the OS. Windows Defender Antivirus will identify malware and create a digital signature for them and then use it to identify devices which have been affected by it.

Online and offline data in one place

Windows users will be able to access data on One Drive just like any other file on the PC, without having to download them on the PC. This will help users manage their storage better as they can see which files are available on cloud and which are on the PC. One can download an online file with a double click.

Do more on Edge browser

The new update provides users with more options in the Edge browser. Users can now pin their favourite websites to the task bar to access them quickly. If the URL of a website in the favourite page is too long, users can edit and shorten it. There’s also a new full-screen mode for a more immersive browsing experience. Users can now annotate ebooks, highlight text in up to four colours, underline and add comment.

Cross device browsing made easier

The update will introduce the new Continue to PC feature which allows users to forward their web browsing sessions on their Apple iPhone or Android smartphone directly to their PC. The idea is to import your online activity on a bigger screen instantly. Users have to select the page and tap the Send to PC option to open the article on the desktop browser.

Sharing made easy

Windows 10 users can add their favourite contacts to the taskbar so they can access them quickly. Tapping on them will give users the option to send an email or chat using Skype without having to open these apps. Users can now share a file quickly by simply dragging it on the pinned contacts in the taskbar.

Cortana gets smarter

Microsoft’s smart virtual assistant Cortana and answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant will now be available on the Windows 10 lockscreen. This means users can access it without unlocking the PC. Users can now ask Cortana to shut down a PC, restart it or put it on sleep mode.

Users can now toggle the options in Game mode while playing a game using the game bar.
Users can now toggle the options in Game mode while playing a game using the game bar.

More options for gamers

To make gaming more fun on Windows 10, Microsoft has added a new Xbox networking section in Gaming-> Settings. This will help PC gamers check the quality of the network they are connected to. Users can now toggle the options in Game mode while playing a game using the game bar. Users can record gaming sessions, take screenshots from the shortcut buttons in the game bar without leaving the game. Microsoft also claims that its Live streaming platform for gamers called Mixers will now load faster.