TV makers such as LG and Samsung have been experimenting with bendable TVs for quite some time. LG is taking another shot at it with the new Roll Up TV at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

LG’s Roll Up TV is a big-screen variant of the 18-inch screen concept, showed at CES 2016, and can be actually rolled up by like a poster. The images and details that are available about the Roll UP TV suggest it is going to be as thin as paper and when opened, will provide a 65-inch OLED screen with 4K resolution (3,840x,2160p). LG will be providing more details on the Roll Up TV at the CES 2018 press briefing later on Monday.

While OELD panels with bendable screens have been around for a while in smartphones, TVs and curved monitors by Samsung and LG, the end-user didn’t have the freedom to bend them. They were already bent by the OEM to create a more immersive viewing experience.

LG’s Roll Up TV is a unique attempt as it uses the flexible nature of OLED panels to make them portable and not just improve the visual experience. Such TVs would be a lot easier to move from one room to another. However, it is still a prototype, which means users may still have to wait for years before they could get them.