Firefox beefs up privacy on iOS, iPad users get new productivity features

Mozilla wants more iOS users to switch to Firefox browser and is banking on its privacy centric tools for iPhone and iPad and new productivity features for iPad

California based web browser company Mozilla is rolling out fresh updates to Firefox browser for iOS. It is called version 12 and includes full time protection against online tracking by ad companies and a bunch of productivity oriented features. While the former will be available to all iPhone and iPad users, the latter is meant only for iPad users.

Privacy protection for all

Browsing through multiple websites leaves behind a trail of information on user’s interests. Websites use scripts called trackers to collect this data and then use them to target users with more appropriate ads. Mozilla provides protection against such trackers through an ad blocking feature called Tracking Protection. It was rolled out as an optional feature for iOS in September 2018, but under version 12, it will be active by default in both regular and private browsing. These trackers also eat up data and slow down page load times. Mozilla claims, Tracking Protection reduces page load time by half.

Browsing on iPad made easier

Organising tabs as per their relevance makes finding the webpage one needs to access regularly a lot easier. Users just know where the tab is and don’t have to look for it again and again. Mozilla wants to offer the small level of comfort and control over tabs to iPad. Now uses can move relevant tabs by long-pressing the specific tab and dragging and dropping it wherever they like.

When it comes to sharing webpages or links from the browser to a messenger or email app most users rely on the tedious process of selecting and cutting them in the browser and then pasting them in the messenger app. iPad users can now move a link from Firefox browser to any other app by simply dragging and dropping it.

Mozilla has also added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts for iPad users which allow users to carry out specific tasks quickly with a single tap on one of the virtual keys. This sort of feature is usually found on PCs and laptops with physical keyboards. Some of the shortcuts available to iPad users on Firefox browser include R to load page, F to find, T to open new tab, W to close tab and #[ to go forward

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