Rapoo’s standalone optical gaming mouse, the VPRO V26S is designed for PC gamers looking for a fast and comfortable mouse to handle the fast paced gaming scenarios of the modern day multi-player games such as PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and Fortnite. Priced at 2,499, the V26S is available on Flipkart.com.

Like most gaming accessories, the V26S is wire based mouse which can be connected and used with any Windows PC through its USB connector. It works on the plug-n-play principle and doesn’t require a battery or drivers to run. The cable has braided fabric like finish to keep it from getting tangled. At 1.5m, it is long enough for gaming desktops with back-facing connectors.

The V26S mouse is designed for users with big hands. The long and narrow form-factor and the curved palm rest provide support and comfort to the palm while gaming. The rubber grip on the grooves along the side panel improves grip quality during fast paced action games which requires quick movements. While the mouse has an ambidextrous design, which means both right and left handed users will be able to use it, however, it is more favourable for right handed-users as two of the custom buttons on the side panel are placed towards the right.

The other notable design element of the V26S which adds to its appeal is the backlit top. The lighting system is designed like a spider web and it glows when the mouse is connected to the PC. Users can customise the colours of the mesh from the button next to the scroll wheel. They can also choose to have the lights blink quickly, slowly or remain steady. The colours give it a jazzy and playful look, especially in the dark.

The scroll wheel has a rubber grip around it so the slightest of movements get registered. The button next to the scroll wheel also serves as the resolution button allowing users to adjust the DPI (dots per inch) settings as per the gaming requirements. During action games, users can switch to up to 7,000 DPI for greater accuracy. It has a tracking speed of 80ips (inch per second), which is adequate by the standards of an entry level gaming mouse. It handled movements and actions in game such as PUBG smoothly and without any lags.

The mouse comes with built-in memory and can remember settings and light mode for different games and switch back to them by itself when the users go back to the game again. The Rapoo VPRO V26S has the aura of a more expensive gaming mouse and is capable of handling rigours of fast-paced multiplayer games as well. At the current price, it is a steal and ahead of rivals. For example, the Logitech entry-level optical gaming mouse G300 S (Rs2,295) offers only 60ips and resolution of up to 2,500 and doesn’t look as jazzy as the V26S.