The latest update to the Facebook Messenger app brings some cool new elements to video chats. These features can make your video chats look more animated and colourful. Messenger users can access them on both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones by updating to version 124.

Express emotions through animations

To make video calls more fun, Facebook has added the option to apply animated reactions and cool filters in them. These tools will be available for both individual as well as group chats. The animated reactions will show on the screen for a moment and disappear. Users can express love, sadness, laughter, anger and surprise through these tools. To access the reactions panel, tap on the thumb icon at the bottom of the screen and select the reaction by tapping on the reaction icon.

The filters feature can make your interface look more colourful. It can also be used to blur the background. So if you don’t want your parents to see how your room looks like, you can apply a dark filter. It is accompanied by a live preview tool, which allows users to check every filter and its effect before using them. To access this feature, tap on the drop icon at the foot of the interface.

Apply masks on faces

Facebook has a tendency to replicate features of one app on another. The mask feature, which was first seen in the MSQRD app (a photo and video filter app acquired by Facebook in March 2016), is now available to users on the Messenger app too. These masks are designed to adapt to your facial expressions. For example, if you are smiling, you can see the animal face used as mask smile as well. Unlike reactions, Masks don’t disappear until you don’t want them to.

Save your memories

Messenger now allows users to take screenshots of a particular moment in a group chat, in case they want to use it for a post on Facebook or share it with people they were chatting with. For this, Facebook has added a screenshot button at the bottom of the screen, so users can capture that moment faster than the complex screen grab mechanism which requires users to press the volume and power button concurrently.