A dependable smartwatch can cost around 15,000. The Fitbit Versa and Apple Watch 3 can cost more. But Xiaomi-backed Chinese company Huami has now released the Amazfit Bip smartwatch for users who do not want to spend that much. At 5,499, Bip is one of the most affordable smartwatches.

Though it lacks the elegance of the Apple Watch 3, it doesn’t feel cheap or poorly built. The square watch design and the colourful watch body give it a funky appearance—it’s available in the cinnabar red, white cloud onyx black and kakoda green shades. The 1.28-inch screen looks big and bright. However, it still looks smaller than the Apple Watch 3, which has a screen size of up to 1.6 inches.

The Amazfit Bip uses an e-ink (electronic) display which stays on even when the watch is locked, allowing users to see the time and steps taken at all times. But the good news is that it reflects less, offering better visibility in outdoor conditions. There is also less strain on the eyes. The best part, even after two weeks of non-stop use, the Amazfit Bip had 41% battery left. Apple Watch 3’s battery lasts up to 18 hours on one charge, while Fitbit Versa can eke out a week’s backup.

The Bip has a single physical button on the side panel that doubles up as the screen unlock and back button. For regular navigation, swipe to scroll and tap to select on the touch screen. The no-frills interface makes browsing through the watch and switching between apps smooth.

The Bip is basic and you can do slightly more than what you can on a fitness band, unlike an Apple Watch or Wear OS-based smartwatch, which come with built-in app stores, allowing users to download apps and even some games. For users content with features such as time, weather updates, steps walked, distance covered, heart-rate monitor, activity tracker, sleep tracker, and alarm, call notifications and messages, the Amazfit Bip is more than adequate.

Users can get day-to-day readings on the watch itself, but for a historical view of all the activities, and to get call notifications, they need to download Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app (free, Android) on their smartphones and pair it over Bluetooth.

The Bip impresses with its funky looks, no-frills interface, battery backup and price.