New Delhi: Dyson Inc. of the UK entered India less than six months back but it’s already revamping its product line, which includes air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers.

The new Dyson Pure Cool air purifier is not a leap in terms of technology but takes a shot at convincing sceptics.

The purifier now has a round screen on it and rotates 350 degrees when blowing air into the a room.

The screen displays 10 different readings including the Air Quality Index (AQI), temperature and Volatile Organic Compounds. Rotation can be toggled between 0, 45, 180 and 350 degrees.

The new Pure Cool also has a uni-body design, so the top and bottom halves can no longer be separated.

In addition, the purifier can push air in two directions now—towards and away from you. This will be especially useful in winters when a purifier blowing air at you can be really uncomfortable.

Also you’re not missing much if you just bought the earlier version of the Cool Link. However, the new variant has a better shot at convincing first-time buyers.

For one, the screen offers a reassurance. The AQI graph constantly shifting between red, yellow and green makes the purifier easier to trust. Red means the AQI is hazardous, while yellow and green are moderate and good, respectively.

Dyson has also used better sensors, which detect changes in air quality faster. When combined with the constantly shifting readings on the screen, you do get the feeling that this air purifier works.

In its bare essentials, the new Pure Cool looks the same as its predecessor and it still has a 360-degree HEPA filter with an added carbon filter inside.

It cleans the air in your room pretty fast and detects changes quite easily, especially when smokers are around or there’s cooking being done in the kitchen.

For those looking for a stylish, high-end air purifier, the Dyson Pure Cool is definitely worth considering.