Battery backup has been a major concern in smartwatches running Google’s WearOS, earlier known as Android Wear. Google wants to address that in the next update cycle for Wear OS. To show off some of those features and give developers the time to fine-tune their apps accordingly, Google has released a new developer preview for Watch OS.

It can only be accessed on Huawei Watch 2 and Huawei Watch 2 Classic smartwatches, as of now. Here are some of the key battery-centric features of the new preview which will roll out for general public sometime this year.

Background activities of apps have been a major source of battery drain in smartwatches running on Google’s OS. Wear OS will soon be able to curb the background activities of the apps. This means apps and games won’t be able to sync or carry out updates when they are not being used, except when the smartwatch is being charged.

Keeping cellular connection or Bluetooth switched on for a long time can also lower the battery backup on smartwatches. After the new update, Wear OS will automatically turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connection when users are not wearing the smartwatch. This doesn’t come into effect immediately but only after the smartwatch is detected to be off the body for an extended period of time. Google hasn’t specified the exact time lapse before the feature kicks in, yet.

Also, the Wear OS will restrict smartwatches from immediately switching on WiFi connection after Bluetooth is switched off by users. It will connect to WiFi only if users want to or when it is being charged. This will come in handy for users who are not very attentive to these little details and are too lazy to turn them off manually when they don’t need.