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Business News/ Ai / Gemini-powered Google Bard vs ChatGPT vs Copilot vs Grok vs Ernie: Here's how AI chatbots outperform each other

Gemini-powered Google Bard vs ChatGPT vs Copilot vs Grok vs Ernie: Here's how AI chatbots outperform each other

Here is how chatbots like Google Bard, Copilot, Ernie, Grok and ChatGPT outperforms each other.

Google Gemini AI models (Representative Photo) (HT_PRINT)Premium
Google Gemini AI models (Representative Photo) (HT_PRINT)

Google has entered the competitive arena of AI chatbots, intensifying the race with major companies like Meta, Microsoft, Snap, and xAI. Despite ChatGPT's widespread use globally, Google Bard has recently undergone significant enhancements, equipping it to compete effectively in the AI chatbot landscape. 

As per HT Tech, in a recent update, Google introduced Gemini AI, a new model that boasts the capability to generate outputs in various formats, including images, video, and audio, particularly in its most powerful version. This advanced model now serves as the driving force behind Google Bard. To assess its performance relative to other chatbots like ChatGPT, BingAI, Grok, and others, an evaluation is needed.

Google Bard 

The Gemini Pro AI model is now the driving force behind Google Bard, representing a substantial and superior upgrade, particularly renowned for its proficiency in mathematics and physics, according to the company. Google conducted benchmark tests, comparing its AI model to GPT-4, and asserts that it outperformed OpenAI's LLM in 30 out of 32 benchmarks. These benchmarks encompass various domains, including reasoning, math, reading comprehension, and Python code generation.

Reportedly, in the coming year, Google plans to unveil "Bard Advanced," featuring multi-modal capabilities that enable the generation of outputs in images, video, and audio formats. Additionally, this enhanced version integrates seamlessly with various Google products, including Drive, Location, and YouTube, enabling it to address queries related to these platforms to some extent. Powered by Gemini AI, Google Bard retains and improves upon all its previous functionalities.


ChatGPT has become an iconic name in the realm of AI chatbots and stands as one of the globally renowned options. Regarded as a trailblazer among conversational chatbots, it operates on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture. This generative AI model is trained using extensive text data, facilitating the learning of intricate aspects of human language.

The free iteration of ChatGPT utilizes the GPT-3.5 architecture, while the subscription-based ChatGPT Plus chatbot operates on the more advanced GPT-4, providing enhanced capabilities such as faster response times and compatibility with internet plugins. ChatGPT, irrespective of the version, excels in responding to a wide range of questions, tailoring its answers to the specifics of each query. Its GPT-based training equips it with the ability to comprehend the subtleties of questions even when presented in straightforward human language. Moreover, over extended sessions, ChatGPT retains memory of previous prompts, adapting to the user's interactions.

Microsoft Copilot 

Formerly recognized as Bing AI, Copilot stands as a substantial language model chatbot created by Microsoft. Presently accessible on the Bing search engine and Bing app, it possesses the capability to address various user inquiries, generate text, compose emails, and more. Beyond conventional responses, Copilot exhibits versatility by generating creative text formats such as poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, letters, and performs specific tasks like scheduling appointments, organizing travel plans, and facilitating online shopping.


Grok, an AI chatbot developed by Elon Musk's xAI, distinguishes itself by addressing unconventional and bold questions that other AI systems might typically reject. Elon Musk highlights that Grok infuses humor and wit into its responses. Notably, Grok facilitates branched conversations where users can navigate between different topics. Additionally, users have the unique capability to modify any part of Grok's output as if it were the original response. Unlike the majority of AI chatbots utilizing OpenAI's GPT, Grok is constructed upon xAI's proprietary LLM known as Grok-1. According to the company, Grok-1 surpasses the performance of GPT-3.5 and comparable AI models, coupled with a touch of humor.


Ernie, an acronym for Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration, is a conversational AI chatbot created by the Chinese firm Baidu, serving as China's equivalent to OpenAI's ChatGPT. It relies on Baidu's proprietary in-house Large Model (LLM) called Ernie 3.0-Totan and Pre-trained Dialogue Generation Model (PLATO). Ernie boasts multi-modal capabilities, allowing users to engage with the AI service through both text and images in prompts and responses.






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Published: 07 Dec 2023, 06:00 PM IST
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