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Business News/ Auto News / Beat the heat: Tips and tricks on how to keep your car's cabin cooler this summer!

Beat the heat: Tips and tricks on how to keep your car's cabin cooler this summer!

India is experiencing heat waves, making it challenging to maintain a cool car cabin. Suggestions include using reflective tinted glass, covering the dashboard with a towel, parking under a shade, slightly opening windows, and more.

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Numerous regions in India are currently experiencing heat waves, with temperatures surpassing 40 degrees Celsius. The high temperatures are causing significant discomfort among the population. While air conditioners in indoor spaces help maintain a cooler environment, coping with the heat becomes challenging when driving. Car air conditioners perform their function effectively, but the intense heat places extra strain on them.

Maintaining a cool car cabin becomes quite challenging in such circumstances. Nevertheless, by adhering to a few guidelines, it is possible to keep the car's interior cooler even in extreme summer temperatures. Here are some suggestions on how to ensure a cooler car cabin during this season. Implementing these tips and techniques will also contribute to faster cooling when you activate the air conditioning.

Use reflective tinted glass 

Tinted glass with reflective properties serves a dual purpose in cars: it provides privacy and offers some degree of sun ray reflection, which aids in maintaining a slightly lower temperature inside the cabin. However, it may not be fully effective during extremely high temperatures. It is important to note that the commonly available mesh sunray protectors in the market are ineffective in shielding the cabin from heat.

Cover the dashboard with a towel 

If you find yourself compelled to park your car under intense sunlight, it can be beneficial to cover the dashboard with a thick towel. The plastic and ABS components of the dashboard tend to heat up rapidly, as they are directly exposed to the sun's rays entering through the windshield. This heat is then transferred to the cabin, causing the interior temperature to rise. Placing a towel on the dashboard acts as an insulator, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the plastic parts.

Park your car under a shade 

Considered as the initial line of defense, avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight is crucial. Parking the vehicle under a shaded area, such as beneath a tree, prevents direct contact between the sun's rays and the car's surface. Consequently, this reduces the amount of heat generated on the car's metal and plastic components, consequently limiting the transmission of heat to the cabin.

Keep windows slightly open

Allowing for a slight opening of the windows ensures sufficient airflow within the cabin, preventing the buildup of heat. However, it is important to ensure that the gaps are not wide enough for someone to reach their hand inside, as this could pose a potential inconvenience. A gap that can accommodate only a finger is adequate for facilitating air circulation and expelling hot air from the interior.

Using aftermarket accessories 

A considerable number of car owners choose to utilize aftermarket accessories to enhance their driving experience. For instance, solar-powered mini exhaust fans are installed on the window glasses to extract hot air from the cabin. Another alternative to consider is a cooling pad for the seats, which provides additional comfort and support to the back while driving.

Use door as a pump and window as exhaust 

Another commonly employed technique is using a side door or the tailgate as a pump, with a window serving as the exhaust to expel hot air from the car's interior. By keeping the window of the driver-side door or any other door open, the opposite side's door or the tailgate can be utilized as a pump to push out the air. Opening the door fully and swiftly closing it creates a rush of air, effectively blowing out the accumulated hot air within the cabin.

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Updated: 07 Jun 2023, 04:56 PM IST
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