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Tesla recently started rolling out the new and updated Model S Plaid to its new owners. The new Tesla car has been updated with a few major changes which include an entirely new steering wheel, better acceleration figures and some other cosmetic changes to the dashboard, interior and exterior.

A YouTuber, Marques Keith Brownlee or popularly known as MKBHD, shared his impressions about the refreshed version of the Plaid model. The first impressions for the Model S Plaid were gathered after a long drive (almost 1000 km).

In the video, he mentions many praiseworthy things such as the incredibly fast acceleration, the new dashboard and even the changes in the exterior. However, there were some major cons that were also pointed out in the 20-minute long video.

MKBHD pointed out that one of the biggest changes in the new version of the car is the steering wheel or as Tesla would like to call it a 'Yoke'. The Yoke is a steering wheel that seems to be out of a plane's cockpit. While the Yoke can be a great conversation starter, it can be problematic for long-term drivers who rely a lot on muscle memory to handle a car. MKBHD claimed that the absence of a top and bottom of the steering wheel could need a lot of re-caliberation.

Additionally, he also explained how the lack of physical buttons on the steering wheel makes it tough to find the controls immediately. He also pointed that the sensitivity of these buttons leads to accidental touches.

Elon Musk, who has been interviewed by MKBHD, responded to the inputs from the YouTuber in a positive light calling it "Good review & fair critique."

To address the problem of touch-sensitive buttons that get pressed accidentally, Musk reasoned that the car's intuition will get better in time, needing less and less interactions with these buttons on the Yoke. In a tweet he stated, "In general with interfaces, all input is error. With each software update, the car’s intuition will get better. You will need to press buttons less & less & it will know when to ignore accidental button presses."

In order to defend the choice to go with a futuristic looking Yoke was that it provides a better view of the screen behind the wheel. In a tweet he stated, "Also, the full self-driving interface renders across the whole display & it is incredible. The yoke enables an unobstructed view of the screen."

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