Maruti Suzuki is approaching the new Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) emission norms with a simple strategy. The company is gradually discontinuing diesel variants of even the most popular cars. With just one month to the deadline of selling BSIV engines, Maruti Suzuki has quietly discontinued the diesel variant of the Ciaz.

The company has not only stopped the production but is also not taking any bookings. The diesel variant has been pulled down from the official website. The company was selling the Ciaz with two separate diesel engines. The older and more popular version was the Fiat-sourced, 1.3-litre engine that has stood the test of time with multiple car manufacturers. The second engine was a 1.5-litre engine that was made in house. Contrary to the 1.3-litre engine, the newer 1.5-litre engine just lasted for a year after its launch.

There is no word about re-launching the diesel variant with BSVI emission norms. However, if the company realizes there is a demand, it may re-introduce a tweaked version of the newer 1.5-litre diesel engine. For now, buyers interested in purchasing a diesel variant of the Ciaz will have to keep their fingers crossed or look for alternatives in the market.

While Maruti Suzuki is taking a strong step in favour of stopping the production of diesel engines, there will be a vacuum in supply that other major competitors are planning to fill. Buyers, who are not willing to compromise on the fuel, can opt for the upcoming Hyundai Verna and the Honda City which will run on the new BSVI diesel engines.

Honda City is expected to get the upgraded 1.5-litre BSVI diesel engine in April. The company recently revealed a teaser for the car. The power output of diesel engine may change but the dampness in performance isn’t expected to be deal-breaker.

Hyundai is also expected to launch a facelift of the Verna in April and the company will fit the new Verna with the same BSVI 1.5-litre diesel engine that can be found on the hot favourite in the SUV segment, Kia Seltos.

Skoda will be following Maruti Suzuki’s path and will discontinue the BSIV version of Rapid. The company is still selling the 1.5-litre TDI engine but the sales will come to an end before the April deadline.

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