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India, 24th November 2021: To provide businesses with a holistic approach for meeting their goals, India’s top Business Coach Ameet Parekh is conducting a Zoom webinar where apart from the importance of right hiring, he will also talk about setting up a system-centric organisation and share how business owners can get away from daily firefighting by shifting from being an operator to a real business owner. In this online workshop, one would learn the importance of employing appropriate people for businesses. People who understand the business aims and know how to get the job done appropriately are the ones who can contribute in the best way possible. It will be shared the in-depth reasons as to why no business person should ever take the task of hiring the right people for granted.

Having the right team of people is one of the most underrated and not often talked about factors of running a successful enterprise. It can be overlooked among all the other parameters like financial success. But, when talking about running and expanding a business in the real world, one realises how big a difference the right kind of team will make.

Customer Satisfaction And Seeing Employees As Assets

As the world becomes more and more competitive every day, it gets harder for businesses to survive. The factors that were huge challenges at a point in time aren't that big anymore because of everything going digital. But, that has given rise to other factors that are now extremely crucial to a business. Access to multiple sellers across the country and world is one such factor. The workshop will teach about how to put customer's satisfaction before anyone and anything else.

This is especially relevant in the current world because each customer has access to sellers and deals/offers from around the country and can decide whether the product or services are worth their money or not. If taken for granted, not caring about customer satisfaction can have dire consequences in the global village that the world has become. But the real question is, how does having good employees factor into customer satisfaction. Well, simply put, the two are practically tied together.

Business owners cannot engage with every customer on a personal level, no matter how much they wish to. That means the people hired would be the ones doing that. Even if the owner manages to engage with them at times, the employees would still be the first and last people the customer engages with. So in the workshop Coach, Ameet Parekh will lay down all the tools to be used in today’s times to create big opportunities for a business to make a good impression on a customer so that they return for the services again and again.

Finding The Right Kind Of People

The workshop lists down every single global methodology for right hiring. Every employee has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working. So it is impossible to expect every individual employee to contribute towards growing a business in the same way. Having said that, there are certain things that are expected from an employee regardless of what their strengths and weaknesses are. First and foremost, is getting the job done. If an employee can't get their responsibilities done in a timely fashion, then there's really no point in retaining them.

This workshop teaches how to create a Job Role Clarity Document for each role, where every individual employee’s job role is defined, the key result areas are detailed, step by step processes to accomplish their assignments are shared and expected outcomes/results are also explicitly laid out. In the workshop, one would also learn how to create a standard procedure for getting any job done and even one job messing up will not be detrimental to the overall result.

The workshop will teach in-depth about right recruitment, development of human resources and even how to keep engaged and happy. This will certainly lead to a massive upward shift in your business.


To register in Ameet Parekh’s “Business Freedom Challenge" program and turn around businesses, click the link below or scan the QR code.

To register in Ameet Parekh’s “Business Freedom Challenge” program and turn around businesses scan this QR code.
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To register in Ameet Parekh’s “Business Freedom Challenge” program and turn around businesses scan this QR code.

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