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There’s no doubt we are living in a digital era. Starting from hospitality, banking, medical to law, the widespread use of AI and AI-related equipment or tools can’t be ignored. But how do you perceive the concept of integrating AI into the legal spectrum? Will it get us better results or lead to massive unrest?

How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact our lives when it comes to legal use or interactions? Can it help legal authorities to pronounce fair decisions and expedite the entire legal process, including legal scrutiny, trials, and judgments?

Electronic Judicial Process (PJE)

Joilson Melo, a Brazilian legal eagle, feels, if the legal system takes the help of AI, it could provide equity and fairness. In case you don’t know, Joilson was the architect of a historic legal judgment that allowed people of Brazil to file their petitions through digital format or PJE (Electronic Judicial Process).

Melo’s petition cited rules that allowed for an electronic judicial process across Brazil. The landmark judgment helped several people reach the courts for legal remedy electronically, without any need to hire lawyers and pay hefty fees.

Melo advocated for maintaining a balance between AI and law. If we use elements of law and AI judiciously, it could be helpful for the overall wellbeing and betterment of society.

“Artificial Intelligence is slightly biased. It works on the basis of data fed into its system. That is why lawyers and legal experts have to exercise thorough care and judgment before utilizing AI in the legal space. Law is a crucial aspect of governance. The entire nation is closely linked to the legal system of the country. So governments and legal professionals have to be very careful about any such disruptions," Melo opined.

How Can AI Impact Court Decisions

Judges can declare their sentences based on various factors like the convict’s conduct, recidivism rates prevalent in the country, the overall crime rates, and other factors. AI can help judges pronounce the right judgment based on data-driven facts and statistics.

Melo, however, cautioned that judges should not follow all data-driven statistics given by AI. In various countries, law enforcement agencies have been often accused of blindly following data and records, which led to greater conviction rates among the minorities and people belonging to the weaker section of society.

The idea is not to blindly believe whatever AI is telling. Everything has to be judged based on merit, evidence, and a holistic frame of mind. Judges and lawyers have to be watchful that using AI shouldn’t lead to a situation when an innocent is persecuted while the powerful escape the legal scrutiny using legal loopholes.

At present, most of the large law firms take help from AI and AI tools for their legal drafting process. The trend is clear, within a few years, AI will become indispensable to the legal system. Especially, owing to the rise in population and legal cases, it will be overwhelming for the judges and legal personnel to deal with so many cases. AI will not only expedite the legal delivery system but also helps the poor get justice served on time.

The Conclusion

“We need stringent laws for data protection across the world. Using AI in the legal delivery system means the storage of a huge amount of sensitive data over a particular server. It requires greater protection. If any hacker gets into the server, it could be a catastrophe for the country. We need something like GDPR-type rules." Melo explained.

Adding further, Melo stated, “AI has to be adopted but not at the cost of unfair judgment. We have to move forward with a step-by-step approach. AI can be crucial to automated drafting and document reviews, administration, and making people aware of their rights and duties. AI comes with limitless possibilities in the legal arena, but legal professionals have to tread cautiously while adopting it for their day-to-day purposes."

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No LM journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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