Udaan co-founder Vaibhav Gupta. (Digpu)
Udaan co-founder Vaibhav Gupta. (Digpu)

Lightspeed announces training program for Extreme Entrepreneurs 2019 finalists

Ten startups will get the chance to meet the top honchos of the global startup industry and learn their best practices.

The second edition of the startup training module, Extreme Entrepreneurs (EE2019), is back, thanks to Lightspeed India. Ten startups will get the chance to meet the top honchos of the global startup industry and learn their best practices.

The Extreme Entrepreneurs program will be held in three sessions. It is scheduled to be held between September 3 and October 8 in Delhi. The program will be live on Tuesdays (Testy Tuesdays), where the mornings will include a masterclass by a top CEO. The afternoon will see the participation of specific startups, in an interactive session with a Lightspeed Partner. The evening will be a mix of cocktails and fun to usher the startups into the startup community.

Vaibhav Agarwal, a Lightspeed Partner, said, “For a curious mind, exposure is like a bomb. A founder can find his mind opening up to possibilities in ways not imaginable."

On EE2019, he quipped, “All the partners at Lightspeed were beginners in the startup ecosystem initially. In fact, I started as a doctor fixing bodies before moving on to start my first business. Then some people guided us, inspired us to dream big and showed the way. EE is us paying it back."

EE2019 will have leaders such as Sriharsha Majety (Swiggy co-founder), Vaibhav Gupta (Udaan co-founder), Ankush Sachdeva (Sharechat co-founder), Merci Victoria Grace (Slack, Growth & Product), Ritesh Agarwal (Oyo Rooms founder) and Dheeraj Pandey (Nutanix Co-founder). These eminent personalities will share their lessons and learnings of building companies with impact.

The finalists of Extreme Entrepreneur 2019 are –

1. GroMo – A platform where one can sell financial products.

2. EazyPG – An app for PG operators that automats rent collection, complaints, and tenant verification.

3. Blackboard Radio – A platform to brush up on English conversational skills.

4. Bakbuck – A network to support Indian housewives with shopping.

5. Gratitude – Meditation and tools for self-help.

6. Deepsync – A platform to enhance the audio experience through voice cloning technology.

7. Ithaka – A platform to plan trips for DIY travelers.

8. Xeno – A marketing platform to increase sales for retailers.

9. Openapp – Integrated access control and security platform.

10. Womaniya – A support community for India women.

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