Since teenage years, Himansh Verma, who is presently the chairman of Navrattan Group of Companies, had sharp business acumen and always aspired to do something for the people of his country. He took the first step into the business world by assisting his father at the age of 13 in his jewellery business. While working with him, he gained experience and expertise and soon set up his first independent firm, Navrattan Consultancy in Patiala. Since then, there has been no looking back for Himansh Verma.

Today he has set a benchmark for novice entrepreneurs in the world of eco-friendly innovations. Hailing from a small city of Punjab, Himansh is a globally renowned entrepreneur today. An old dictum says, "Hard work always pays off," and this has specifically come true in Himansh’s case. His firm, Navrattan Group, presently owns more than 60 IPRs of innovative environment-friendly science and technological projects.

Under Himansh’s stewardship, Navrattan Group diversified and today, effectively has six distinctive eco-accommodating verticals. He has worked with over 100 researchers and scientists from all across the world to produce and commercialise sustainable technologies in India. Few of his business group’s innovations include SUNSUL Technology, Navrattan Green Crete, Navrattan Thermo Chemical Gasification Technology, Composite E – Bus, Cholesterol Immunization, Basalt Rebar, and many more.

Following his business vision in a righteous manner, Himansh Verma has developed innovative projects, which go beyond the deceptive business schemes ruining the economic resources.

Himansh Verma has effectively taken on the responsibility to create alternatives for non-renewable resources and save renewable sources for our future generations. He is committed to bringing green technologies to India. The verticals under the banner of “Navrattan" function explicitly in India, USA, and Europe.

One of the companies under the banner, called the Navrattan Holdings Limited, is the Science and Technology venture of Navrattan Group of Companies. The organisation has set up a state-of-the-art research & development laboratory to generate 'Cleaner & Greener' technologies.

As of now, there is an increasing requirement for sustainable transportation alternatives to reduce the ever-growing carbon emission rate. The idea is to switch to green electric transportation. The company’s Composite Electric Bus is the answer to increasing air pollution from public vehicles. The composite fiber technology is lightweight, and the bus is fully equipped with innovative interiors. The futuristic E-Bus is here to stay and will change the face of the E-Transport industry.

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