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A few years ago, businesses that adopted cryptocurrencies were seen as pioneers. Nowadays, everyone and their dog are finding a way to integrate them into their operations. Due to its influence and popularity, Bitcoin is often the choice of many brands. Despite newer tokens breathing down its neck, BTC’s $708 million market cap makes it the best option.

But where can regular users and investors use BTC? Can you use it ‘in the wild’ nowadays? Well, you most definitely can. To demonstrate how far BTC has come and how you can use it, we will discuss the five best places that accept Bitcoin. Let’s dive in.


The rise of cryptos brought forth various solutions. Aside from commerce and security-related applications, there are many new investment opportunities. Of course, trading and holding are at the forefront, but the new player in town is yield farming. The market is still young, but there’s a clear leader - AQRU.

But before we delve into their ventures and accomplishments, what is yield farming anyway? Well, it’s a novel and easy way to enter the crypto market. It all starts with decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. Because they’re not controlled by governments (hence decentralized), the controlling parties can do whatever they want.

The transaction is finalized using a smart contract and several highly-secure protocols.
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The transaction is finalized using a smart contract and several highly-secure protocols.


However, money is almost always an issue. It’s hard to fund ambitious projects, mainly because there are so many bright ideas in the DeFi business nowadays. So, the developers ask individual investors to lend them money to support these platforms. The transaction is finalized using a smart contract and several highly-secure protocols.


Yield farming is just a fancy term for decentralized investing, in a way. AQRU was one of the first companies to execute the concept properly. So, how does their business model work?

First, you have to sign up and deposit via a bank account, card, or crypto. These funds will be used by AQRU to trade, borrow, and lend to various third parties. Users can get up to 7% interest on their Bitcoin.

Yield farming is just a fancy term for decentralized investing, in a way. AQRU was one of the first companies to execute the concept properly.
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Yield farming is just a fancy term for decentralized investing, in a way. AQRU was one of the first companies to execute the concept properly.


AQRU has become so successful because it found a way to simplify complex concepts. Instead of picking a wallet, opening one, exchanging funds, picking an exchange, and so on, you can deposit and ask for a withdrawal.

While it may not seem like a traditional Bitcoin purchase, this is the most sensible way of handling your BTC. The price moves up and down, so receiving interest is a great way to subvert these fluctuations. AQRU is a project that brought crypto to the average Joe, making them a firm no. 1 in our books.


2. Dallas Mavericks

Wait, what does the NBA have to do with Bitcoin? It all comes down to the fact that Mark Cuban owns the Mavs. Widely known as one of the greatest business minds of the last few decades, he’s always been at the forefront of any technological or financial revolutions.

Ever since Bitcoin became a thing, he’s been an avid proponent and investor. Until just a couple of years ago, everyone laughed at the thought of a digital currency becoming so prominent. But no one seems to be laughing now, as the Mavericks have fully embraced Cuban’s visionary mindset.

Since 2019, Mavs fans have been able to buy merchandise and tickets using BTC. And with the NBA launching their own collection of NFTs, ‘Top Shot’, it seems that Mark Cuban left an impression on the sports world as a whole.

3. Microsoft

Some may not associate Microsoft with futurism and ambitious ideas anymore, but that can’t be true. MS was one of the first and probably the biggest company to adopt Bitcoin early on. Like with the Dallas Mavericks, the driving force behind this decision was then-CEO Bill Gates.

Bitcoin is available to all Microsoft account holders. Following a simple process of depositing/transferring, users can purchase any MS services. So whether it’s buying an Office 365 subscription or a new game on XBOX Live, BTC is the way to go.

Experts also believe that this legendary company played a pivotal role in the early successes of Bitcoin. They adopted BTC when it was hovering around the $350 mark, which pales compared to the current ~$33,000 price per token.

4. Overstock

This reputable online retailer from the US is far from the first thing you’d think of when someone mentions Bitcoin. And with good reason, too. They’ve been struggling heavily in the early 2010s, with investors disappointed by their somewhat archaic business model.

To climb out of their financial hole, they opted for a non-traditional way of gaining funds - by accepting Bitcoin. After noticing BTC’s rising popularity cleverly, they started accepting it in 2014. It gave them the title of the first online retailer to make such a move.

But Overstock went a bit further - they started holding Bitcoin and investing in various blockchain-related ventures. It turned out to be a wise move, after all. If you’re thinking of shopping at Overstock, you should also know that any purchase will be ethical. The company appeared on the Forbes List of America's Best Midsized Employers of 2021.

Investors, both big and small, love companies like this. They boost the market by holding BTC and accepting payments, but they’re also an excellent example to the rest of the business world. Moreover, it shows that Bitcoin is a valid currency and that a blockchain-oriented model can succeed, even if the company was previously dabbling in another niche.

5. Newegg

Another early adopter, Newegg made the right move by accepting Bitcoin. Its members urged this legendary computer parts retailer to take the club. And since they’ve been known for having a great relationship with their customers, Newegg obliged.

To pay for their products with Bitcoin, you can choose between QR code, direct wallet access, or wallet website access. Wait for a few seconds, and you should see Paid/Payment Complete on the screen.

As they were the first major tech retailer to do this, others followed suit. Still, BTC payments and other intelligent business decisions made Newegg stable. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we pay homage to them and include them on our list.

Should You Spend Bitcoin?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. You should spend Bitcoin if you want to, but it’s not always good. So, before you make a BTC purchase, think about these factors for a bit:

  • Crypto security is not the same everywhere. Just because AQRU and Microsoft can handle a large influx of transfers doesn’t mean everyone can. These are reputable companies with copious amounts of money to spend on security. Your local eCommerce shop might not have the same resources, resulting in hacks, identity theft, and more. Inform yourself about how the retailer handles payments and their security measures.


  • Price fluctuations. Obvious, one might think. However, many BTC investors still squander their tokens. Even if you choose one of our five best places that accept Bitcoin, you shouldn’t pounce at the first discount. If you’re spending during a dip, be prepared to see your coins increase in value multiple times. Of course, this leads to buyer’s regret, which is never a good thing. If you want to spend your BTC, do it at a high point.
  • Keeping a stash. Making a big Bitcoin purchase is enticing, especially if you’ve mined or acquired a large number of tokens. However, this ties into the previous point - BTC is a volatile commodity and is prone to wild and sudden changes in price. If the market is crashing, be patient. During peaks, always consider leaving at least 30% aside. Entire countries are adopting the currency nowadays, so who knows what might happen.

If you want to spend Bitcoin short-termly, always study the market and its underlying factors. Sure, paying with BTC is easier than ever nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes. Go with a reputable retailer, do a background check, and proceed. Good luck!


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