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Penny cryptos are an exciting sector in the cryptocurrency space. They are typically cryptocurrencies priced very low, making them highly accessible to a wide range of investors to buy.

They often provide a great entry point for users just looking to start investing but have also offered very hefty returns for some lucky investors over the past few years.

Under most circumstances, penny cryptos are coins priced at just a few pennies. However, the standard definition refers to any cryptocurrency priced under $1.

The problem with penny cryptos is that there are thousands, making it extremely difficult for investors to decide which assets are worth the investment. Fortunately, we’ve done some digging for you and found ten of the best penny cryptos under $1 to buy in 2023.

10 Penny Cryptos Under $1 to Buy in 2023

1. FightOut - A move-to-earn lifestyle fitness application.

2. Dash 2 Trade - A world-class intelligence trading platform.

3. C+Charge - A universal payment solution for charging electric vehicles.

4. RobotEra - A fun P2E planet-rebuilding game.

5. Calvaria - An NFT-based strategy card battling game.

6. IMPT - A carbon credit platform to reduce carbon footprints.

7. Tamadoge - A fun P2E memecoin ecosystem.

8. Battle Infinity - An NFT-based fantasy sports league ecosystem.

9. The Sandbox - One of the original OG metaverses.

10. Basic Attention Token - An advertising and tipping token on the Brave browser.

A Closer Look at 10 Penny Cryptos Under $1 to Buy in 2023

1. FightOut -


  • Earn rewards for completing a wide range of exercises
  • Mint a non-transferrable Soulbound Avatar NFT to develop alongside your progress
  • Have a personal trainer in your pocket.

FightOut is the latest addition to the move-to-earn sector that seeks to take the industry to new heights. It's a move-to-earn platform that rewards users for completing workouts at the gym or home. It's also aspiring to create a chain of gyms that will be the first to integrate Web3 technology at all its workout stations.

The native token for FightOut, FGHT, is one of the best penny cryptos to purchase under $1 in 2023 due to its utility that will help it surge. The token is needed to pay for the membership to access the FightOut ecosystem, the personal training in the FightOut app, and the FightOut gyms. The FGHT token can currently be purchased through its presale for $0.016.

FightOut stands apart from its move-to-earn (M2E) predecessors as it intends to reward users for a wide range of exercises. Previous successful M2E projects struggled to retain a user base as they could only reward users by tracking steps through walking, jogging, or running. Furthermore, the previous M2E apps, such as STEPN, required users to purchase expensive NFTs before they could start participating in the ecosystem and earning.

FightOut seeks to revolutionize the M2E sector by rewarding users for various exercises. Furthermore, there is no need to purchase an NFT to start earning rewards in the ecosystem. Instead, users are rewarded for completing workouts and challenges, earning badges in the ecosystem, and growing the community.

The central platform for the ecosystem is the FightOut Companion application, which tracks a user's workouts, provides in-depth analysis, and calculates rewards. The great thing about FightOut is that all the exercises are personalized for the user. When they sign up for the app, they are required to insert the following personal information;

  • Workout goals
  • Fitness background
  • Available equipment
  • Desired workout types
  • Time availability
  • Location

The application will generate a personalized workout routine and schedule for the user. The app provides everything a user would require to get into fighting fit shape, and it features personal exercise routines and on-demand workout classes. In addition, each exercise is explained through a high-quality instructional video led by the head coaches at FightOut, so the user knows how to practice the exercises.

Some of the exercises included in the workout routine include;

  • Strength and conditioning training
  • High-intensity interval training
  • Mobility
  • Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

FightOut has included mental health workouts in their software because mental toughness is vital to getting into fighting shape. This feature allows users to earn rewards for practicing yoga and meditation, taking the entire move-to-earn concept much further.

Another unique feature of FightOut is its use of NFTs. When users sign up to FightOut, they must mint a Soulbound Avatar NFT. This NFT is non-transferable and cannot be sold. Instead, it's tied to the individual for life and serves as a digital representation of the user. The Soulbound avatar developers directly with the owner's effort and progress in the ecosystem.

Data collected from the workouts go directly into the stat points of the NFT avatar, and users will see the digital avatar improve alongside their progress.

The presale for FGHT is still ongoing but is quickly selling out. It managed to raise over $2 million in a short period since launching, and it will see an increasing price each time it enters a new presale phase. You can currently purchase FGHT for pennies at $0.016, which is likely one of the lowest prices we will see for the token.

Visit FightOut Presale Today

2. Dash 2 Trade -

Dash 2 Trade
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Dash 2 Trade


  • World-class crypto analytics and intelligence platform.
  • Receive actionable insights and buy/sell trading signals.
  • D2T utility token set to surge in 2023.

Dash 2 Trade’s native token, D2T, is another top-choice penny cryptocurrency to buy under $1 in 2023. The utility token behind the crypto-based trading analytics and intelligence platform is required to pay for the subscription-based service to access the flagship features of the trading dashboard.

The D2T token is still on presale, but it will likely change soon as it approaches the final days of the offering. You can still purchase the token at presale prices of $0.0533. Once the presale is over, the D2T token will be listed on its first centralized exchange on January 11th, 2023. From then, you will be able to purchase the penny crypto publicly on centralized exchanges.

Dash 2 Trade is creating a world-class analytics and crypto signals platform to help traders become consistently profitable while trading crypto. By providing actionable insights, Dash 2 Trade believes its dashboard can help traders make more informed decisions and become better traders.

The dashboard offers the following features;

  • Trading Signals with buy/sell opportunities
  • Bespoke presale and ICO scoring system
  • Social sentiment and on-chain analysis
  • Strategy builder
  • New Crypto listings
  • Trading competitions

The trading signals are likely to be one of the widely used features of the system. Dash 2 Trade states that they will provide accurate buy and sell signals to allow traders to make actionable trades based on their insights.

Alongside the signals, Dash 2 Trade also offers a bespoke presale and ICO scoring system to assess the legitimacy of presale projects. The presale sector often provides the highest returns for early investors, but it’s also full of projects that go nowhere. The bespoke scoring system will help traders avoid scams and rug pulls and find crypto gems worth investing in.

Another fantastic feature of the trading dashboard is the social sentiment and on-chain analysis provided by Dash 2 Trade.

This system is designed to help traders find what cryptos they should be trading before it becomes popular and expensive. Dash 2 Trade understands that socio-cultural trends in the space dictate major market movements. Value is driven by perception first, which is why social metrics are essential.

The Dash 2 Trade platform will automatically gather all the essential social metrics and on-chain analysis and present it on the dashboard for traders to analyze.

As mentioned, the D2T token must be used to pay for the subscription-based membership to access the platform. The membership tiers are broken down into the following categories;

  • Free - Serves as a basic access to the platform for on-chain data.
  • Starter (400 D2T monthly) - Provides foundational access to most of the Dash 2 Trade flagship features.
  • Premium (1,000 D2T monthly) - Provides complete access to every feature and professional-level data stream.

Overall, Dash 2 Trade is ready to shock the trading world in 2023 when it launches its dashboard - making its native D2T token a perfect penny crypto to buy under $1 in 2023.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Today

3. C+Charge -


  • A universal payment system for charging electric vehicles.
  • EV drivers earn carbon credits for charging.

C+Charge is a penny crypto under $1 worth buying in 2023 as it seeks to revolutionize the electronic vehicle charging infrastructure and bring carbon credits to drivers for charging their cars.

The presale for its native token, CCHG, is currently underway, and you can purchase the token for $0.013. The presale will occur over four stages, with increasing prices at the end of each stage until the final cost of $0.0235.

The token itself will be the utility token for the universal charging payment solution and will be required by drivers to start earning carbon credits for charging their vehicles.

C+Charge is the first on-chain and off-chain platform allowing EV owners to earn carbon credits by simply driving and charging their vehicles. In addition, the platform has a real-life use case for Web3 technology with real-world utility.

The team behind C+Charge recognizes that the current charging infrastructure isn’t suitable for the rising number of EVs on the road. Furthermore, the fragmented payment system results in drivers not knowing how much they will pay for each charge. Their solution is to create a universal charging solution that rewards drivers for charging.

The entire platform is centered around the C+Charge application, which provides users with the following;

  • An electronic wallet to pay for charging.
  • The ability to track carbon credits accumulated.
  • The ability to find the nearest charging station.
  • Keeping updated with the latest charging prices.
  • Real-time waiting estimates for charge time.
  • Charging station technical diagnosis.

The project is working with established companies in the EV space to create a network of charging stations. One partner is Phihong, the largest charging manufacturer, to provide the charging equipment for stations. They have also partnered with Flowcarbon to provide on-chain carbon credits for its users.

Overall, C+Charge is ready to revolutionize the EV charging industry in 2023, and its CCHG penny crypto provides a perfect opportunity to get into a project with great potential.

Visit C+Charge Today

4. RobotEra -


  • A fun P2E planet-rebuilding game.
  • A multiverse connected with other worlds and NFT communities.

RobotEra is an exciting addition to the play-to-earn metaverse sector. It is a planet-rebuilding game, fashioned in a similar theme to Sandbox, in which players are tasked with rebuilding Planet Taro and establishing it to its former glory.

The native penny token behind the project, TARO, is currently on presale for $0.02. TARO will be used as in-game currency and is required to purchase NFTs, such as Robots and Land in the game, to get started.

RobotEra stands out from the crowd as it is a shared multiverse connected with other worlds and NFT communities. It combines P2E gaming, NFT ownership, building, and monetization in one shared ecosystem.

The team behind RobotEra wanted to create a frictionless P2E experience. Therefore, users can earn through various functions in the game, such as;

  • Cultivating sacred trees
  • Selling NFTs
  • Advertising on land
  • Organizing events
  • Running communities
  • Staking tokens
  • Participating in quests and challenges in Central City.

Players need to purchase a Robot NFT to get started in the game. The Robot NFT serves as the player’s avatar and allows them to buy land. Players can then build structures on their land using the RobotEra Editor, which provides all the editing and creation tools to let players build.

Players can build anything they can imagine on their land, including theme parks, museums, social clubs, schools, and businesses. There are no limits to the type of construction players can build.

Overall, RobotEra has enough unique characteristics to help it stand out amongst the highly populated P2E metaverse sector. Additionally, the penny TARO token provides an excellent opportunity to invest early before the price heads toward $1 during 2023.

Visit RobotEra Today

5. Calvaria -


  • An NFT-based strategy card battling game.
  • Focused on attracting a non-crypto native audience.

Calvaria is an in-depth NFT-based strategy card battling game that is making strong traction in its ongoing presale. The native token behind the project, RIA, can currently be purchased for $0.032, but this will increase as the presale progresses.

The Calvaria game is set in the afterlife, beyond the veil of death. Their flagship game, Duels of Eternity, requires users to duel their deck of cards against each other to earn and upgrade their NFTs. The players with the strongest decks become the ultimate force on the battlefield and earn the highest rewards.

The penny RIA token is required to purchase NFT decks and is used as an in-game transaction token.

The great thing about Calvaria is that it is attempting to attract a user base of non-crypto native gamers. They offer a free-to-play and play-to-earn version of the game, which can be downloaded across all mobile app stores. The team believes that they can attract non-crypto native players who will eventually be convinced to switch over to the play-to-earn (crypto-based) version of the app.

Overall, Calvaria believes that crypto gaming can rival today’s mainstream AAA-rated games without using typical crypto buzzwords to attract attention.

The game is already gaining serious traction due to its in-depth battle mechanics, in-game staking system, and scholarship opportunities for players.

Get involved in RIA today at presale prices and reap the rewards once the game is launched in 2023.

Visit Calvaria Today

6. IMPT -

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  • A carbon credit marketplace and shopping platform.
  • Buy, sell and earn carbon credits to offset your carbon footprint.

IMPT is another penny crypto worth buying in 2023. The presale for IMPT gained widespread attention during 2022, making it the fastest-growing presale in 2022. The token is now live on exchanges and can be purchased for pennies. At the time of writing, IMPT is priced at $0.016.

The platform became highly popular in 2022 due to its unique concept of pushing the world into a more environmentally sustainable direction. The platform helps individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by providing them access to buy and earn NFT-based carbon credits.

Today’s convoluted carbon credit market makes it almost impossible for individuals to enter the space and positively contribute to the environment. With limited pricing data, prevalent scams, and fraudulent carbon credits - individuals and small businesses have hesitated from entering the carbon credit sector since its inception.

This is what IMPT seeks to revolutionize.

They want to create a platform that makes it straightforward for users to purchase and earn carbon credits. The great thing about the platform is that all the carbon credits are hosted as NFTs on the blockchain, making them entirely transparent. This means buyers are confident their purchase is genuine.

The carbon marketplace is expected to be released in February 2023.

Another feature that made the IMPT presale highly popular in 2022 was its shopping platform, which lets shoppers earn carbon credits as cash back from shopping at their favorite stores. IMPT announced a series of high-profile affiliates to the shopping platform, including the following world-famous brands;

  • Nike
  • Amazon
  • Puma
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung
  • Netflix
  • Dyson
  • Dominos
  • The North Face
  • River Island
  • Macy’s

These brands have allocated a percentage of sales margin for environmentally promising projects, such as IMPT. When a user purchases a product on the platform, the sales margin is held as IMPT tokens until they have accumulated enough to buy a carbon credit.

The shopping platform allows users to earn carbon credits and positively contribute to the environment without changing their habits. It’s expected to be released in April 2023.

Overall, IMPT is one of the best penny cryptos under $1 to buy in 2023 and has many fundamental driving features lined up to push it toward $1 in 2023.

Visit IMPT Today

7. Tamadoge -


  • A fun P2E ecosystem
  • Providing utility for memecoin holders.

Tamadoge is a fun P2E memecoin game that is one of the only memecoins to provide utility to holders. The native token, TAMA, is used in the P2E ecosystem and allows users to start earning on the fun and friendly game.

TAMA launched on tier-1 exchanges in 2022 and produced over 1800% returns for early presale investors. The cryptocurrency is still priced at pennies - worth $0.014 at the time of writing - and many investors believe it might be the first memecoin to hit $1 in 2023.

The highly-anticipated Tamadoge P2E game is expected to be released in 2023. The game allows users to breed, train, and battle little NFT pets to earn points and climb a leaderboard. The player with the most points at the end of each season can claim the rewards in the prize pool to earn.

The flagship game isn’t the only feature investors look forward to in 2023. Tamadoge has an entire ecosystem lined up for release, which includes;

  • The Tamaverse
  • A full P2E arcade
  • Tamadoge Store
  • Augmented Reality application.

The AR application is one of the most sought-after products for 2023, and it’s expected to be released in Q4 of 2023. The application will revolutionize the future of P2E gaming and NFTs in 2023 - similar to what Pokemon Go did to mobile gaming in 2016. It will allow users to train and interact with their NFT pets as if they were sitting in the same room.

Overall, the entire Tamadoge ecosystem is ready to change the whole memecoin sector in 2023, and the best thing is that the token is still only worth pennies!

Visit Tamadoge Today

8. Battle Infinity -


  • An NFT-based fantasy sports league.
  • Build your favorite teams to battle and earn rewards.

Battle Infinity is another one of the top contenders for being the perfect penny crypto under $1 to buy in 2023. Battle Infinity’s flagship product, the IBAT Premier League, is the world’s first NFT-based fantasy sports premier league P2E ecosystem integrated with the metaverse.

Battle Infinity hosted one of the most successful presales in mid-2022 after hitting its 16,500 BNB market cap just 24 days from going live. The native utility token, IBAT, is now live on exchanges and can be purchased for $0.0016 at the time of writing. IBAT will be used for in-game transactions, purchasing NFTs, and rewarding users in the P2E game.

The IBAT Premier League allows users to build strategic fantasy sports teams to battle and earn rewards. Users must purchase an NFT Pass to participate in the game, which gives holders their first budget to build a team filled with their favorite sports stars.

Once a team is formed, players go head-to-head, and the team with the most points wins the rewards. The Battle Infinity team has created an in-depth scoring system for popular sports such as Cricket, Football, and Basketball. As real-world matches occur, players in fantasy sports teams are scored according to their individual performances. At the end of a game, the fantasy team with the most points wins.

Alongside the IBAT Premier League, Battle Infinity will launch a metaverse, a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and a staking system.

The flagship product is scheduled to be released in 2023 and will likely positively impact the penny IBAT token.

Visit Battle Infinity Today

9. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is one of the original OG-metaverse building games. Launched in early 2011, The Sandbox went head-to-head with Decentraland and likely came out on top regarding the number of active users.

The Sandbox allows users to build a metaverse of their choosing. It uses a unique lego-like architecture and provides all of the editing tools, such as the Game Maker and Voxel Editor, required for users to start creating their constructions on land.

It is a virtual world where players can build and monetize their gaming experiences in The Sandbox metaverse. As everything is NFT-based, all the businesses in The Sandbox are wholly owned by their creators.

SAND, the native token behind The Sandbox, is priced below $0.5 - making it a penny crypto by definition. This current price is a long drop from the November 2021 all-time high price of over $7, making it the perfect penny crypto under $1 to buy in 2023.

If The Sandbox continues to grow and secure similar high-profile partnerships in 2023, the token will likely surge above $1 in 2023.

10. Basic Attention Token

The last penny crypto under $1 worth buying in 2023 is Basic Attention Token (BAT) - a decentralized digital advertising token. At the time of writing, BAT is priced at $0.18, making it one of the perfect well-established projects in the industry under $1, with a strong future ahead of itself.

Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, created the cryptocurrency. It is a utility token for the Brave Browser, one of the internet's fastest-growing and most secure privacy-focused browsers. The brave browser automatically blocks all trackers and cookies and removes advertisements from all websites. Over 20 million daily users use the browser.

The BAT token is used to reward users for viewing advertisements sent out by Brave. Users can earn a supplementary income by simply activating advertisements on the Brave browser.

BAT has further utility because advertisers who want to use the Brave Network for marketing must pay using the token. Furthermore, it is a substantial tipping token that users can send to their favorite content creators that are signed up.

Brave will continue to strike high-profile advertising deals in 2023, giving growth to the penny crypto BAT.


All of the penny cryptos on this list are worth purchasing in 2023. In addition, each project is priced well below $1, providing the perfect opportunity to load up on position sizes before the tokens surge in 2023.

The projects also have great fundamental products ready to be released in 2023 that will drive adoption and, hopefully, result in higher token prices for owners. Each project possesses a unique concept with characteristics to elevate its corresponding sector.

FightOut is the outstanding penny crypto under $1 to buy in 2023. The project is still in the presale phases, providing the perfect entry opportunity at what could likely be the lowest price. The concept of the project is to elevate the entire move-to-earn sector and bring it to new heights by letting everybody earn from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Overall, this project's scope gives it the number one spot of being the best crypto under $1 to buy in 2023.

Visit FightOut Presale Today

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