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Business News/ Brand Stories / 5 Best Twitter Cryptocurrency to Watch in 2022

5 Best Twitter Cryptocurrency to Watch in 2022

These are the best Twitter cryptocurrencies to watch in 2022. 1. Tamadoge 2. Polygon 3. Decentraland 4. Floki Inu 5. Pegaxy

The most trending crypto coin on Twitter now is Tamadoge.Premium
The most trending crypto coin on Twitter now is Tamadoge.

Twitter’s role in the growth of cryptocurrencies over the years can’t be ignored. Successful crypto projects always have strong online communities backing them. Not surprisingly, you will find most of them on Twitter. Community members tweet updates, opinions, and forecasts about trending crypto projects. This not only helps spread awareness around a project but also nurtures a feeling of belongingness among members.

In this article, we take a look at the top Twitter cryptocurrencies and why you should keep a watch on them in 2022.

Which are the best Twitter cryptocurrencies in 2022

These are the best Twitter cryptocurrencies of 2022:

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) - Most trending meme coin on Twitter
  • Polygon (MATIC) - Most popular crypto coin on Twitter
  • Decentraland (MANA) - Best cryptocurrency for long-term holding
  • Floki Inu (FLOKI) - Top cryptocurrency with a large Twitter community
  • Pegaxy (PGX) - Trending gaming token on Twitter

A closer look at the top trending cryptocurrencies on Twitter

Here’s a deep dive into the projects listed above. The detailed review looks at the key features of the projects and how they contribute to their popularity.

Tamadoge (TAMA) - Most trending meme coin on Twitter

Tamadoge takes the meme coin concept up a notch using NFT, metaverse, and play-to-earn integrations.
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Tamadoge takes the meme coin concept up a notch using NFT, metaverse, and play-to-earn integrations.

The most trending crypto coin on Twitter now is Tamadoge. The project, referred to as the next Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, has 37.2K followers at the time of writing.

What’s the big deal?

Well, the meme coin project was launched less than a month back! Tamadoge must be doing something different to build a vase community on social media platforms in a short space of time. Let’s find out what.


For starters, Tamadoge takes the meme coin concept up a notch using NFT, metaverse, and play-to-earn integrations. We know how meme coins ruled the crypto market last year, lucratively rewarding early-stage investors. However, most of these projects have failed to sustain long-term growth due to the lack of focus on utility. Tamadoge stands out with a long-term growth plan. It combines the brand recognition of Dogecoin with 100x growth opportunities.

At the core of Tamadoge are TAMA tokens and Tamadoge Pet NFTs. TAMA token is the utility token of the Tamadoge ecosystem. You can use them to mint, breed, and battle Tamadoge Pet NFTs in exchange for exciting rewards.

The more time you put into nurturing your baby Tamadoge, the more points you earn. If you top the leaderboard, exciting rewards await you. The play-to-earn opportunities will shortly integrate augmented reality experiences in Tamaverse, the Tamadoge metaverse. Here, each pet NFT will have its own 3D rendering.

Other features that make Tamadoge the best meme coin to invest in 2022:

  • Deflationary token, unlike Axie and other P2E games. This goes a long way in supporting the price during crypto winters.
  • KYC verified by CoinSniper, bringing down the risk of rug pulls and pump-and-dump schemes.
  • Smart contract audited by Solid Proof, minimizing chances of hacks and vulnerabilities.
  • There is no vesting period for buyers.
  • TAMA will be listed on CEX soon after its presale concludes
  • No tax on TAMA transactions.

Moreover, our sources say that the project is founded and developed by owners of other high-profile meme coins.

Visit Tamadoge

Polygon (MATIC) - Most popular crypto coin on Twitter

There was a time when crypto transactions were so costly that cryptocurrencies and blockchain didn’t make sense to laymen. Layer-2 solutions changed this scenario to a great extent. We can’t talk about Layer-2 without mentioning Polygon. Founded in 2017 by three Indian software engineers, Polygon has emerged to become the leading Ethereum scaling solution.

It addresses the efficiency and scalability issues on the Ethereum blockchain like high gas fees and network congestion without compromising security. The goal is to nurture the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology through cost-effective solutions.

Polygon boasts more than 1.6M followers on Twitter. It is active and engaging on the social media platform, hosting AMAs, interviews, and discussions from time to time. As a result, the community has consistently grown over the years.

The project is listed under the category ‘metaverse,’ revealing its broad vision to build web3 infrastructure for the fast-emerging virtual world. In fact, many popular metaverse projects run on Polygon today. Due to its low energy requirements, Polygon is nearly carbon-neutral. It also has plans to go carbon negative in 2022.

MATIC serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Polygon network. You need MATIC to use the network. MATIC is in high demand today due to its large ecosystem. No wonder, MATIC is the 15th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. It was also one of the biggest gainers in the 2021 bull run. It recorded an all-time high of $2.92 in Dec 2021, down 68.21% from its current price of $0.9299.

Factoring in the active development, integrations, and partnerships, we can rightly say that MATIC is undervalued now. We expect the price to cross a new all-time high in one to two years, giving decent returns to investors.

Decentraland (MANA) - Best cryptocurrency for long-term holding

Although MANA is one of the pioneering projects in the metaverse space, it gained massive momentum in 2021.
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Although MANA is one of the pioneering projects in the metaverse space, it gained massive momentum in 2021.

MANA is the most trending metaverse token on all social media platforms, including Twitter. It is the native token of the popular virtual reality project Decentraland. The project is known for its top-tier partnerships with global brands and celebrities. As a result, the project has grown a significant following on Twitter over the last few years.

Although MANA is one of the pioneering projects in the metaverse space, it gained massive momentum in 2021. Following Facebook’s dive into the metaverse and rebranding to Meta, investors were on the lookout for good metaverse investments. Of course, cryptocurrencies like MANA and SAND offered the best way in. They were cheaper and faster. You could hold them with just a few dollars.

Soon after, the MANA token surged. Brands and celebrities were in a rush to buy land NFTs in crypto metaverses. Decentraland utilized this opportunity to make active collaborations and huge sales. Decentraland LAND is one of the most popular NFTs in the market today.

As the utility currency, you can use MANA to buy and sell digital land, goods, and services in Decentraland. Due to the active integrations going on in the metaverse, the LAND tokens prove to be an excellent virtual real estate investment. You can use them to create galleries, schools, gaming stations, and business centers. Or, you can rent them out to content creators in exchange for rent. Decentraland will also be a great place for advertisements, digital collectibles, and socialization.

Another key utility of MANA tokens is governance. Decentraland is governed by a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). MANA token holders can cast their votes on different policies regarding the platform. This includes land auctions and the type of content allowed on the platform.

As Decentraland expands its infrastructure and onboards more users, we expect MANA to take off in the coming months. Shortly, we can expect the token to serve more utilities like training and professional development, education, therapy, 3D design, and virtual tourism. A price projection of 2X is not far-fetched, given the relevance of the project in the market.

Floki Inu (FLOKI) - Top cryptocurrency for adventurers

Floki Inu was one of the hottest meme tokens of 2021. Floki Inu derives its name from Elon Musk‘s dog that belongs to the Shiba Inu breed. It has successfully earned a cult following across different social platforms in a short space of time. The project’s Twitter hashtags often make it to the top trending lists, thanks to the highly active community that is dedicated to driving speculation.

However, a project can’t rely on speculation for long. The case has been the same for Floki Inu. It has been subject to a major crash since the beginning of this year. It looks like recovery is not in near sight for the project, given its uncertain vision and roadmap. The project fails to stand apart from the rest of the meme coin market.

According to the Floki Inu white paper, it is not just a meme currency. It has larger metaverse and Web3 missions that will unfold in the coming years. Here, Floki Inu serves three key purposes.

Floki Inu will be the primary currency in Floki’s NFT metaverse game.

  • It will be used for purchases on Floki Inu NFT and the merchandise marketplace
  • It can also be used as a payment in the Floki University crypto education programme.

Floki University introduces a relatively unique concept. It will be a place where users and investors can learn about Floki Inu and other cryptocurrencies. It will offer both free and premium courses to users.

If the team succeeds in delivering the promises, Floki Inu’s price can get better in the coming years. It still needs to make its mark in the DeFi and NFT sectors to bring a massive change. Although it has multiple NFT and metaverse plans, Floki Inu’s popularity comes from sudden speculation. Even during the crash, it wouldn’t be wrong to call the token overvalued.

Pegaxy (PGX) - Trending gaming token on Twitter

Pegaxy is one of the most popular horse racing games in the NFT space.
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Pegaxy is one of the most popular horse racing games in the NFT space.

Pegaxy needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular horse racing games in the NFT space. We could say it is more gambling than gaming. Here, you put your money in a virtual horse, list it on a race, and pray it makes the top three. If it does, you get rewards in exchange. The game is fun and has won a significant user base since its launch in May 2021. That explains its large community on Twitter.

Currently, you can play Pegaxy on PC or Mac directly through a browser. It has also released a beta, with limited features. One of the biggest drawbacks of Pegaxy is its lack of focus on skill-based gameplay. However, player-controlled 3D racing may come to the platform soon. The team is also considering the integration of weapons, which can definitely step up the gameplay. The ultimate plan is to remove the dependency on RNG and move to a complete skill-based model.

As a result, the game is limited to crypto gamers. It has little to no elements to bring traditional gamers aboard. Coming to the NFTs, there’s diversity, variation, and rarity. But personality? That depends on your taste. The NFTs are also a decent investment if you believe in the project. If you’re not into gameplay, you can rent them out to players and earn a passive income.

Pegaxy witnessed a sudden spurt in December 2021, touching an all-time high (ATH) of $2.38. Interestingly, the token is currently 99.78% down from the ATH. It stands testimony to how hype and community strength can balloon up a project in the crypto space.

Does that apply to Pegaxy? If the team works on bringing more features into the game and expanding the utility of PGX tokens, it has hope for recovery.

How to buy TAMA meme coins

TAMA is the top meme coin to buy this year. And here is how you can get it at its lowest price.

Step 1: Tamadoge presale supports payments in ETH/USDT. If you don’t already have ETH/USDT in your wallet, buy them from any crypto exchange of your choice. You can also buy ETH directly via credit or debit card from the website.

Step 2: Connect your crypto wallet to the Tamadoge presale page. We recommend using Metamask or Trust Wallet.

Step 3:Fill in the amount of TAMA you want to buy and click [Convert ETH]. Once you’ve verified the info, click [Confirm]. There is no minimum or maximum investment. But we recommend investing a minimum of $150.

Step 4: Claim your TAMA tokens after the presale ends.


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