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Business News/ Brand Stories / Best Indian SEO Packages WhereQuality Meets Affordability from our Research
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Best Indian SEO Packages WhereQuality Meets Affordability from our Research

Discover the most affordable SEO packages (only at $125/m) offered by the leading SEO company in India to drive organic traffic and generate sales like never before

Most affordable SEO packagesPremium
Most affordable SEO packages

You definitely have heard of SEO and you may also have noticed that many businesses hire SEO services. But somehow you are not convinced of how hiring SEO services can help your business thrive. Or, you have even visited the websites of top SEO service providers but seeing their high package rates has poured water into your desire to hire a professional SEO service for your website.

If this is the case, we believe you are in the right place. We are an independent research organization and our motto is to conduct extensive and unbiased research to find the best companies for various types of services in this era.

See, we can’t guarantee your website will rank higher on the search result or you will generate 2X or 3X revenue. But we can guarantee that by the time you finish reading this blog, we will find a professional SEO company by your side without burning your pocket.

This time our independent research organization conducted thorough research on top SEO companies in India (especially the top 20 SEO companies in India). What was the motto? It was to discover their SEO package rates, their deliverables in those packages and how much revenues these companies have generated for their clients so far.

We believe our findings will help you hire professional SEO services from India at the most affordable rates.

Without wasting any time, we are showcasing the Outcome of Our research

We have checked the websites, online ratings, reviews, and accolades of more than 20 SEO companies in India that have been dealing with both local and global clients for over a decade. We wanted to find out the SEO company that has the most affordable package rates and the deliverables included in the packages. Based on our extensive research, we came to know about an Indian SEO agency, Zebra Techies Solution (ZTS). This is a top-rated affordable SEO agency in India that offers high-quality and result-driven SEO services at the most affordable packages.

In 2023, the SEO industry is predicted to be worth more than $50 billion. And, as per the available information on the internet, we found out that Zebra Techies Solution has generated more than $5 million in revenue for businesses all across the globe.

However, the statistics also show that approximately 88.28% of SEOs charge $150 or less per hour for their services. From the business point of view, we understood that small or medium size companies that are willing to target customers organically through SEO, could not afford such high prices. For them, Zebra Techies Solution could be the right fit because their SEO package starts only at $125/month.

Before we dig deeper, let's see how SEO can benefit your business.

How Does SEO Help Your Business to Grow?

Win Online Visibility- As mentioned earlier, SEO helps websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). When any potential customer searches for products, services, or information related to your business, they are more likely to find your website if it's well optimized for search engines. And, improved visibility increases your chances of attracting organic (non-paid) traffic.

High Website Traffic - What is the benefit of getting higher search engine rankings? The simple answer is website traffic(it refers to the number of web users who visit a website). SEO ensures that your site is more accessible to search engines which in turn makes it easier for them to index your content and display it to relevant users. This in turn helps in receiving a consistent stream of visitors who are actively searching for what you offer.

Targeted Traffic - SEO is a process where you choose specific keywords and phrases relevant to your business. This means that you will receive attention from the customers who are actually looking for the products or services you offer. If they find your website, this will lead to higher conversion rates.

Building Trust - We already mentioned above that websites that appear at the top of search results are often considered as trustworthy by users. And effective SEO strategies can help your business rank at the top and become a trustworthy brand among people.

Cost-Effective Marketing- SEO is a type of digital marketing service. If we compare SEO with paid Ads, SEO is more cost-effective. You definitely need an initial investment, but you can enjoy long-term benefits. Once yourwebsite ranks well for relevant keywords, you can attract more and more organic traffic without other expenses.

Enhanced UX - SEO involves optimizing yourwebsite's structure & UX, navigation, content and so many other things to provide a better user experience. This may include improving page load times, making your site mobile-friendly, and also organizing content practically. A well-structured and user-friendly website satisfies visitors and also complies with search engines.

Trackable Results - SEO gives valuable data and insights to measure your website's performance. This way you can track traffic, rankings, conversion rates and other key metrics and make informed decisions to refine your SEO strategy over time.

Competitive Advantage - SEO can give you an edge. If your competitors are investing in SEO, you definitely need to invest in SEO too. Effective SEO strategies can help you outperform competitors and win more and more customers with time.

Now that you have an idea of the importance of SEO, we are moving forward with our detailed findings. While researching further, our research team tried to understand how this Zebra Techies Solution is offering SEO service at such a low cost while others are charging so high. So, we carefully analyze each of their packages and deliverables first.

Here’s an Easy Breakdown Of Their SEO Packages for You

BRONZE Package -$125

For businesses taking their first steps into SEO, this Bronze package is the perfect launchpad. This package is priced at just $125. This package covers a 5-page website, optimizing them for 10 keywords, with a focus on 5 diversified keywords. Within a reasonable 6-month timeframe, the SEO experts will fine-tune your website to climb the search engine rankings. With Bronze, you'll establish a solid online footprint, making your business more discoverable to potential customers.

SILVER Package - $299

Stepping up a notch, this Silver package is priced at $299 and it offers an expanded scope for businesses aiming for growth. This package caters to a 15-page website, optimizing content for 15 keywords, including 8 diversified ones. In the same 6-month window, you can expect enhanced visibility and improved search engine rankings. Silver is ideal for businesses looking to reach a broader audience and boost their online credibility.

GOLD Package - $449

For those with grand aspirations and larger websites, this Gold package is perfect to pick and this is priced at $449. With a 50-page website, this package optimizes content for a whopping 50 keywords, including 15 diversified ones. In just 6 months, your website will soar through search results, attracting more organic traffic and potential customers. Gold is designed for businesses seeking substantial online expansion and authority.

PROFESSIONAL Package - $699

Professional package is priced at $699 and designed for businesses with boundless ambitions. This package allows for an unlimited website size, empowering you to scale as your business grows. The SEO experts here optimize your content for 100 keywords, including 25 diversified ones, in a 6-month timeframe. The Professional package opens doors to unparalleled online visibility and influence.

The delivery period of each package is 6 months.

We also discovered these things that differentiate this agency from its competitors.

Perfect Take-off & Touch-down - They have social proof of helping businesses achieve remarkable results. We also also checked their website and all of their social media channels where we found positive reviews from customers.

Top Rated Paid Tools - The answer to how this company is driving the expected outcomes of its SEO efforts, is its access to more than 24+ Leading Tools. They are using tools like SEMrush, SpyFu, etc worth up to $200 per year. Moreover, they also use paid tools to generate unique images and high-quality videos as per the requirements of clients. It was quite impressive to find out that a company is offering such a high-quality SEO service while subscribing to such high-paying tools. We researched further and we came to know from the reviews and feedback from numerous clients that they never compromise with the quality of service and that is why this company is making customers happy. They have a 91% client retention rate and their deliverables at such a low package are their USP.

Moreover, they have a team of 90+ full-time digital marketing professionals who are also making this possible for this company.

Comprehensive Analysis - Another thing we found out is that they conduct detailed on-page and off-page analyses. And using their expertise and various tools, they put valuable insights and outcomes of their SEO efforts in Weekly and Monthly SEO Performance Reports.

Maybe these are the things that are why they are able to serve clients in over 109 Countries Worldwide. We even found that they have won numerous accolades from platforms like Upwork( they have a top-rated plus badge on this biggest freelancing platform), Good Firms, Clutch, and many more!

We did our research based on all the information we’ve got on the internet, the websites of the top SEO companies, other platforms where these companies are mentioned, and also the reviews and feedback from clients.

Here’s an Easy Breakdown Of The SEO Packages for You
View Full Image
Here’s an Easy Breakdown Of The SEO Packages for You


How much does a full SEO service cost?

See, if you are looking for a really affordable SEO service, you can find that the packages may range in between $500 to $3,000 per month. However, it depends on what quality of SEO service you want, how many keywords you want to include in your package and your long-term objectives.

Are SEO packages worth it in 2023-2024?

As the statistics have shown, SEO is still an excellent way to boost brand awareness, drive more site traffic, and increase sales revenue if you want to stick to a cost-effective digital marketing service. Choosing an affordable SEO package is definitely worth it.

Is SEO a monthly fee?

Yes, many companies offer SEO packages at a monthly rate. You can also find an SEO agency that offers SEO fees based on a fixed contract, one-time project, or hourly basis.

How much is SEO in India per month?

If you want to outsource your SEO services to an Indian SEO company, you can find their SEO package rate between 125$/Pm or Rs.10000/- and 5000$/Month or Rs.400000/- per month. But it may vary from one company to another.

Can I do SEO on my own?

You can surely learn SEO yourself using the available resources for other marketing channels. But, doing your own SEO requires more of your time, and you will need access to paid tools to get the valuable insights to take the right steps and plan the best strategies. That’s why most businesses decide to hire SEO experts. 

Can You request a bespoke SEO package?

Yes. Companies like Zebra Techies Solution offer bespoke packages based on the unique requirements of the clients.

Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/editorial involvement of Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/subscribe to the content(s) of the article/advertisement and/or view(s) expressed herein. Hindustan Times shall not in any manner, be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever for all that is stated in the article and/or also with regard to the view(s), opinion(s), announcement(s), declaration(s), affirmation(s) etc., stated/featured in the same.

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