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Business News/ Brand Stories / CSGO Gambling Sites - The Best Sites To Gamble On CSGO 2023
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CSGO Gambling Sites - The Best Sites To Gamble On CSGO 2023

Check out these recommended sites and choose your favorite one to start playing and winning new CSGO skins

CSGO Gambling SitesPremium
CSGO Gambling Sites

After 300+ hours of hard work and analysis, the 10 best CSGO gambling sites for 2023 have been found. If you want to play the best games, claim the biggest welcome and daily bonuses, enjoy a smooth banking experience, take advantage of the best prices for your skins and items and have a blast playing from mobile, then these selected sites will bring you all of this and more.

Check out the ranking so you can start playing your favorite CSGO gambling games today.

The 10 Best CS:GO Gambling Sites in 2023

Check out these recommended sites and choose your favorite one to start playing and winning new CSGO skins. And because you deserve to claim all of the bonuses and promotions that the selected sites offer, here you have all the promo codes you can enter:

1. CSGOLuck: Best CSGO Gambling Site - Code CSGOMAX

2. CSGORoll: Best CSGO Gambling Bonuses - Code CSGOMAX

3. Insane.GG: Best for CSGO Crash - Code CSGOMAX

4. CSGOFast: Best Selection of CSGO Gambling Games - Code CSGOMAX

5. Best for Daily Rewards - Code CSGOMAX

6. CSGO500:Best Crypto CSGO Gambling Site - Code CSGO500MAX

7. CSGOEmpire:Best for Playing CSGO Roulette - Code CSMAX

8. Hell Case: Best for CSGO Case Opening - Code MAXSKINS

9. Dat Drop: CSGO Case Battle Royale Game Mode - Code MAXSKINS

10. KeyDrop:Best for CSGO Case Battles - Code CSGOMAX

You’ll be able to claim free money, free skins and free CSGO cases so you can get started at these selected sites the right way, by having free funds to use as you please on your favorite games.

1. CSGOLuck: Best CSGO Gambling Site

Rating 4.9

View Full Image

CSGOLuck is the best CSGO gambling site for 2023 because it’s the intersection between excellent game variety, top game quality, generous bonuses, superb prices for skins, fast KYC and a smooth mobile gambling experience. It checks all the boxes to provide you an outstanding gambling experience.

You can play all the main CSGO games, such as Case Battles, Case Opening, Crash, Coinflip and Roulette (Wheel), as well as innovative games, such as Towers, Mines, and CSGO Slots. And you can claim lots of generous bonuses for all of these games.

And another reason why it’s ranked as the #1 CSGO casino in 2023 is that it includes an innovative case-opening game mode: Supercharged Cases. Just by leveling up your CSGOLuck account, you’ll get the chance to open valuable cases for FREE.

2. CSGORoll: Best CSGO Gambling Bonuses

Rating 4.8

View Full Image

When it comes to bonuses, CSGORoll has been killing this category since 2016. Thanks to its massive giveaways, daily rewards, generous welcome bonuses and random promotions for existing users, CSGORoll is the best CSGO gambling site when it comes to bonuses.

It also offers a complete series of CSGO gambling games such as Roulette (Roll), Crash, Case Battles, CSGO Dice, Coin Flip, Plinko and Unboxing (Case Opening). Bringing you a complete and entertaining CSGO gambling experience.

3. Insane.GG: Best for CSGO Crash

Rating 4.8

View Full Image

If you want to go straight to the point and just wager your skins at CSGO Crash, then Insane. GG is the best site for doing so because it offers the best Crash gamemode in the industry. It hosts rounds every 10 seconds, you can verify all the records and Insane. GG will bring you exclusive bonuses for playing Crash.

And you can also play the Crash+ gamemode, which guarantees that only 2 out of 100 rounds will crash, bringing you much better odds. This is why it’s rated as the best CSGO crash site in 2023.

4. CSGOFast: Best Selection of CSGO Gambling Games

Rating 4.7

View Full Image

If you want to have access to a wide variety of CSGO gambling games ranging from Roulette to CSGO Fortune Wheel, then CSGOFast is the way to go. It offers 10+ games to keep you hooked and entertained with the sweet spot between variety and quality.

CSGOFast is also famous for bringing generous bonuses for all the games it offers. From free skins to free coins, this platform will make sure to add extra love to your bankroll, so you can keep the fun going.

5. Best for Daily Rewards

Rating 4.6
View Full Image

Are you looking forward to claiming lots of daily rewards ranging from free coins to free skins? is the ideal CSGO gambling site for you because it offers all sorts of daily rewards such as chat rains for winning free coins, free skins giveaways and also free CSGO cases. also offers a solid catalog of games CSGO Roulette, Mines, Case Battles and Crash (with a crazy gamemode that features a burning chicken!). On top of having the chance to claim top-notch daily bonuses, you’ll have enough options for using your free funds.

6. CSGO500: Best Crypto CSGO Gambling Site

Rating 4.6

View Full Image

If you want to manage your gambling with cryptocurrencies, be it for deposits, wagers or payouts, then CSGO500 is the best site for doing so. Because it supports all the major cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin to USDT, you’ll get discreet, cheap and fast transactions every single time, in addition to exclusive crypto bonuses and promotions.

CSGO500 is also one of the best sites when it comes to game variety, especially if you want to go beyond CSGO gambling sites, because it will also bring you access to traditional casino games such as blackjack, poker, slots, roulette, amongst others.

7. CSGOEmpire: Best for Playing CSGO Roulette

Rating 4.5

View Full Image

Are you a fan of CSGO Roulette? CSGOEmpire is the site for you because it focuses only on CSGO Roulette and CSGO Coinflip, in addition to CSGO match betting. Despite being severely limited in terms of variety, it’s managed to bring the best Roulette gaming experience because it runs rounds every 10 seconds, you can check thousands of records on its blockchain, and you can claim exclusive bonuses for playing this game.

8. Hell Case: Best for CSGO Case Opening

Rating 4.5

Hell Case
View Full Image
Hell Case

Do you love opening CSGO cases? Hell Case is the site for you because it features the largest marketplace of CSGO cases ready for you to unbox. Until now it has registered over 311M opened cases on its platform, which is enough to prove that CSGO punters love this site when it comes to case opening thanks to its large variety and great prices.

9. Dat Drop: CSGO Case Battle Royale Game Mode

Rating 4.5

Dat Drop
View Full Image
Dat Drop

If you’re tired of the classic CSGO case battles, and you want to try a new and exciting gamemode, then Dat Drop is the right site for you. Because it features an exclusive game mode known as CSGO Case Battle Royale. This unique system allows up to 72 players to join the battle, allowing you to raise a massive pool of CSGO skins that you can win if you’re lucky enough.

CSGO gamblers clearly love the Battle Royale game mode because it’s been played over 1.6M times, because it’s an excellent version of the classic case battles and with a higher profit potential.

10. KeyDrop: Best for CSGO Case Battles

Rating 4.4

View Full Image

If you’re looking for the highest level of liquidity and the best selection of cases for CSGO Case Battles, then KeyDrop is the perfect site for you. It has registered over 27M case battles until now, and considering it started operations in November 2021, which means that KeyDrop hosts over 42,000 case battles per day. So you’ll always find someone willing to play with you at any time of the day.

How to Join the Recommended CSGO Gambling Sites in 5 Steps

If you’re ready to start playing the best CS:GO gambling games, such as Roll, Plinko, and Case Opening, amongst others, then here’s how you can join any of these recommended sites in only 5 steps:

1. Choose a CSGO gambling site from this ranking

2. Visit its official website

3. Click on “Join" or “Sign Up"

4. Fill out the register form

5. Verify your account

6. Start playing!

Don’t forget to join these recommended sites by clicking on their name so that you can activate a special welcome bonus. Be it free skins, free CSGO cases or free money - now you have more reasons to use these links.

Why Trust These Recommended CSGO Gambling Sites?

Over 300 hours has been invested in building this ranking, because a team of iGaming and CS:GO specialists have taken into account over 50 data points to make sure that all recommended sites meet the following standards:

  • Highly rated sites with a clean record
  • 100% Provably Fair for random and verifiable results
  • Best pricing for CSGO skins and items
  • Top quality selection of games
  • Best bonuses, promotions and giveaways in the industry
  • Smooth deposit and withdrawal experience
  • Fast and reliable customer support service

By joining the selected sites, you’ll enjoy a fun, safe and highly rewarding CSGO gambling experience.

How to Choose the Ideal CS:GO Gambling Site For You

It might be hard for you to choose your first CS:GO casino, so here you have a short quiz that will help you to select the ideal option for you.

Do you already know what games you’d like to play?

If you already know the games you’d like to play, then you can choose them based on this criteria. The platforms that are best at CSGO Roulette and Crash, for example, have been highlighted so you can easily pick the best site for you.

What kind of bonuses would you like to claim?

Because there are different bonuses you can claim such as free skins, free credits, cashback, free cases or loyalty rewards, you can choose your ideal site based on the kind of promotion you’d like to claim. Details about this have already been included in this ranking, to make your decision-making much easier.

Are you going to use crypto?

If you’d like to deposit or withdraw using cryptocurrencies, then you should gamble at sites that support your preferred coins. Information about this has been included in the ranking, so you can choose a CSGO gambling site that will bring you a satisfactory banking experience.

Do you want to have access to other casino games besides CSGO gambling games?

Some of the recommended sites strictly focus on CSGO gambling games, but if you’d like to have access to traditional casino games as well, then you should consider this factor when choosing your CSGO casino. Details about this have been provided in the ranking, to make it easier for you to choose.

Are you interested in having access to CS:GO betting?

If you’d also like to bet on CSGO matches within the same platform, then you should also consider this. Information about the CSGO gambling sites that support this option have been included as well, so you can use the best platform for you.

An Introductory Guide to CS:GO Gambling: Definition and How to Play

To leave you primed for playing at the recommended sites and scoring your first wins, here you have a guide that will introduce you to the basics of CSGO gambling.

What is CS:GO Gambling?

CS:GO gambling is a type of gambling that uses CS:GO skins for wagering and betting on games specially designed for wagering and winning these in-game items. Instead of using regular cash for wagers, here you can use all sorts of CSGO cosmetics such as an AWP Hyper Beast or a Desert Eagle Printstream, and you can also win them.

These sites are also different from other gambling platforms because here you can exchange your CSGO skins for coins or cash, especially at the hour of cashing out your winnings. They have their own internal trading system, so you can manage your funds as you wish.

What are CS:GO Gambling Sites?

These are sites specialized on offering CS:GO gambling games, and as such, they bring these exclusive services:

  • Support for all CSGO skins and items
  • Deposits and payouts in CSGO skins and items
  • Implementation of Provably Fair for all games
  • Internal economics for wagering CSGO skins and items

As you can easily see, they’re very different from a traditional online casino, as they’ve been exclusively engineered towards punters who wish to wager and win CS:GO skins and other in-game items.

How to Play at CS:GO Gambling Sites?

Here’s how you can wager and play at the recommended CS:GO gambling sites:

1. Log into your preferred CSGO gambling site

2. Make a deposit in case you haven’t done it already or,

3. Claim a no deposit bonus to get free skins or free credits

4. Select your preferred game, for example CS:GO Crash

5. Place your wager, for example an AWP Hyper Beast (Battle Tested)

6. Press “Bet", “Play" or “Start"

7. Wait for the outcome of the game to discover if you’ve won a prize.

Because all the games are automatic and straightforward, you’ll know the outcome within a few seconds after placing your wager. This is another aspect that makes CS:GO gambling so popular nowadays: it’s fast-faced, dynamic and exciting.

Methodology for Choosing the Top CS:GO Gambling Sites for 2023

Because the goal has been to select the absolute best CSGO gambling sites from the entire industry, over 300 hours has been invested into building this ranking. Here you have the methodology followed to make it possible.

1. Reputation and History

The first filter is to ensure that the CSGO gambling site is reputable and has a clean record in the industry. Sites such as, Steam Community, Reddit, TrustPilot and online gambling forums were consulted to gauge feedback and ratings. If everything looks solid, as in a majority of positive reviews and ratings versus negative ones, then the selection process begins.

2. Provably Fair and Audits

Because you deserve a fair and transparent gambling experience, a site is added to the ranking only if it uses a fully working and audited Provably Fair system. This way it is ensured that all the results from the games are random, transparent and verifiable, and in turn it makes them 100% fair.

3. CSGO Skins Pricing

You also deserve to get the best pricing for your CSGO skins at the hour of making deposits, placing wagers or requesting a payout. This is why the site is added only if it offers a fair value for all the CSGO skins and items, closely following the prices of the Steam Community Market, with a maximum price deviation of -5%.

4. CSGO Gambling Games

All the games that the site offers are tested in order to rate its selection of CSGO gambling games. They don’t need to add hundreds of different titles, as long as the games are easy to play and an entertaining and exciting gaming experience, they will be added to the ranking. And then, their best games will be highlighted, such as with Crash and CSGOEmpire with CSGO Roulette.

5. Selection of Bonuses and Promotions

Generous bonuses and promotions with fair terms and conditions will add lots of value to your online gambling experience, and this is why only a site that can bring you this will be added. Be it in the form of free skins, free CSGO cases, free daily rewards, cashback or a matched deposit bonuses, you can rest assured that the recommended sites will bring you the best bonuses and rewards in the industry.

6. Banking Experience

The site must be capable of bringing you a satisfactory banking experience by offering you fast deposits and payouts, be it via CSGO skins, crypto, PayPal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard or any other payment method. All of the sites have been tested to make sure that they can bring you a top-class banking experience when playing CSGO gambling games.

7. KYC

Most CSGO gambling sites are obligated by law to perform KYC procedures on their customers, but they need to do their best to make it as fluid and pleasant as possible. This is why only sites with fast and easy KYC procedures are included, so you can fully verify your account in record time to keep playing your favorite CSGO casino games.

8. Mobile Experience

It is ensured that the recommended sites can bring you an excellent mobile CSGO gambling experience. This is why their mobile websites on iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, and on different browsers ranging from Chrome to Opera are tested, to make sure that they can bring you a fully responsive, entertaining and satisfactory mobile gaming experience.

9. Customer Support

Because you’ll need assistance sooner or later, you deserve a site that will sort out your questions and issues in a timely manner. This is why only sites with a superb customer support service are added, be it via live chat, email or over the phone.

Best Games You Can Play at our Selected CS:GO Gambling Sites

It’s a good idea to get a proper overview of the most popular games you’ll find at the selected CS:GO casinos. Here you have all the information you need to start playing today.

CSGO Roulette or Roll

This is the most popular game at CSGO gambling sites, and it works the same way as the traditional casino roulette, but here you have fewer wagering options such as betting on black, red or green. The payouts for red and black are 2x, and for green it is x14. Some sites also allow you to place a wager on a symbol, which typically pays out 2x.

CSGO Crash

The most exciting game at CSGO gambling site, this variation of Crash allows you to wager and win CS:GO skins. All you need to do is to place your bet, wait for the round to start and cash out before the multiplicator crashes. Dead simple and risky but also fun and highly rewarding if you get out in time!

CSGO Case Battles

If you’re in the mood for battling another user instead of the house, then you can opt for the most popular PvP CS:GO gambling game, CS:GO Case Battles. All you need to do is to select the type and number of CS:GO cases you’d like to wager, create the duel and wait for another user to join it. Whoever unlocks the most valuable skins will win the entire lot.

CSGO Dice Duel

If you want a faster-faced PvP gambling game, then CSGO Dice is the way to go. All you need to do is to select the skins you’d like to wager, wait for another user to join the duel and then throw the dice. Whoever gets the highest score will win the entire lot, dead simple.

CSGO Coinflip

Another popular PvP game at CSGO gambling sites, this version of Coinflip will require you to select the CSGO skins and items you’d like to wager, create a duel and wait for another user to join it. Then you’ll have to choose a side of the coin and then toss it, and if it lands on the side you chose, then you’ll win the entire lot.

CSGO Case Opening

Instead of playing against other users or trying to defeat the house, you can opt for a simple yet fun game: CSGO Case Opening. Here all you will have to do is to select and buy CSGO cases from the site’s marketplace, and then you can open them to find out what skins and items you’ve just won.

CSGO Upgrader

If you’re in the mood of gambling and you want to upgrade your skins, then you can try out the CSGO Upgrader that many of these recommended sites offer. Here you will have to select a skin, place a wager and then wait for the site to upgrade your skin. If it’s successful, then you’ll receive a much more valuable skin, but if it fails, then you’ll lose the skin you wanted to upgrade.

CSGO Mines

If you have played Minesweeper, then you’ll like this new CSGO gambling game. All you need to do is to place your wager and hit “Start". Then, you need to click on the tiles of the field to start cleaning it, and the more tiles you clear out, the higher your payout will be. You can cash out at any stage of the game. Keep in mind that if you hit a mine, then it’s game over and you’ll lose your wager.

Types of Bonuses You Can Claim at CS:GO Gambling Casinos

You will have the opportunity to claim different types of bonuses and promotions to take your CSGO gambling experience to the next level. Here you have a proper overview on them, so you know what offers you should claim.

Deposit Bonus

These recommended CSGO gambling sites offer a deposit bonus that will reward you with an extra percentage on your deposits. It can range from 5% to 100% extra, allowing you to increase your bankroll. This offer is valid for real money, crypto and CS:GO skins deposits.

Free CSGO Skins

This is perhaps the most popular bonus at these gambling sites because you’ll get free CSGO skins that you can wager at CSGO gambling games, or you can send them to your Steam inventory. The site will randomly wear you with CSGO skins, so their value can range from a few dollars to over $1,000.

Free CSGO Cases

Instead of free skins, this bonus will reward you with free CSGO cases that you can open to win CSGO skins and items. This adds even more excitement and randomness to the skins you can win, being this a gamble itself but with nothing to lose because the platform will bring it to you for free.

Free Credits and Funds

Just like traditional online casinos, CSGO gambling sites can also reward you with free credits or money that you can use to play your favorite games. Be it Plinko, CSGO Roulette, Crash, amongst others, you can use these free funds to score your first winnings.

Cashback and Rakeback

This bonus will pay you back a specific percentage of the money or skins you’ve wagered at a CSGO gambling site. This percentage can vary from 5% to 60%, and it’s a good choice if you want to reduce the risk of your gambling.

About Deposits and Withdrawals at CSGO Gambling Sites

Let’s learn more about the deposit and withdrawal options you’ll find at these selected sites, so you can be ready to use them.

CSGO Skins

The most popular deposit and withdrawal method at CSGO gambling sites, CSGO skins and items. You can deposit them directly from your Steam inventory, and you can also cash them out directly into your inventory.

credit cards

You can also use Visa and MasterCard cards for deposits and withdrawals at CSGO gambling sites. This is a safe, fast and practical payment method because the transactions are credited instantly.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Tether (USDT), Ethereum, DOGE and Ripple are also popular deposit and withdrawal methods at CSGO gambling sites. Because the transactions are very cheap, fast and discreet, thousands of CSGO gamblers prefer this payment method over credit cards and eWallets.

PayPal and eWallets

These gambling sites also support PayPal amongst other eWallets such as MuchBetter, Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney. You can use them for deposits and withdrawals, and since the transactions are instantaneous and cheap, it’s the favorite payment method for thousands of CSGO punters.

Gift Cards

You can also use gift cards and vouchers to make deposits at CSGO gambling sites. The most popular options in this category are Kinguin and Neosurf. This way you don’t have to enter your card details, and you can get more control over your spending on these gambling sites.

About Provably Fair and Audits: Do They Make CS:GO Gambling 100% Fair?

CSGO gambling sites use Provably Fair technology to guarantee fair and random outcomes… but is it really true? Here, it was put to the test, so you can find out if this technology can guarantee you a safe and fair CSGO gambling experience.

The Truth about Provably Fair for CS:GO Gambling

Provably Fair is 100% reliable and trustable because it runs on a blockchain, which makes all the results verifiable and unalterable. If you want to check the last 1,000,000 rounds of Crash at CSGOLuck, then you can do it, and the same if you want to check out the last round you’ve just played.

This technology doesn’t allow any party to know the result beforehand, therefore it guarantees a fair, transparent and random outcome every single time.

Can You Trust Third Party Audits?

Yes, because only sites that have been audited by a reputable third-party auditor have been added. This way it is ensured that the platform, the games and the Provably Fair system works properly, to ensure accurate, random, fair and verifiable results every single time.

Expert’s Guide on CS:GO Gambling: Best Tips for Building a Massive Bankroll

Here you have an expert guide on how to win at CSGO gambling sites. If you want to join the privileged percentage of players that use these sites for winning more money, crypto and CSGO skins, then keep reading.

Start Easy

Even though CS:GO gambling is relatively simple, it’s harder to master than it seems because you need to deal with your emotions. It's easy to lose control and start chasing a falling knife when you’re in a bad luck streak, or to keep playing despite having won good prizes during a session, just to end up losing it all.

This is why you should start easy. For example, consider depositing $10 worth of skins, crypto or via Visa or MasterCard, so you can learn your way around the CS:GO casinos and its games before going big. And you don’t even need to deposit funds at first, because these recommended sites can reward you with no deposit bonuses, so you can play all of their games without risk thanks to the free credits you can claim.

This will also allow you to identify the games you enjoy playing the most, because there are several options you need to explore such as CSGO Roulette, Crash, Plinko, Case Battles, amongst others.

Create Your First Bankroll

Be it dollars, cryptocurrencies or CSGO skins, you need to create a bankroll before gambling at these recommended sites. This will be your starting point, because it will dictate how much you will bet per round or session. Make sure that you’re comfortable losing this much money, crypto or skins, because your initial bankroll should be money you can afford to lose if things go south.

Set Up Your Bankroll Management Rules

Now that you know how much you’re going to use for CS:GO gambling, let’s say $500 worth of CSGO skins, then here you have the list of rules you need to set up:

  • Bet Size:
  • Profit Goal:
  • Loss Limit:
  • Session Length:

Completing this step will put you ahead of the curve, because the majority of gamblers won’t bother to manage their bankroll with such precision and dedication. Set yourself apart from the rest by managing your CSGO gambling bankroll like a pro - because this is what will help you to grow it into a massive bankroll.

Don’t Miss Out On Claiming New Bonuses

By feeding your bankroll with new bonuses and promotions, you’ll be able to take higher risks without damaging your finances. Be it free skins, free credits or free plays, they all count because they can help you to get your hands on new winnings that will take the profitability of your gambling sessions to the next level.

These recommended sites such as CSGOLuck, CSGORoll and CSGO500 will frequently reward you with free cases and free skins, as well as massive giveaways that can turn your bankroll into a small fortune.

Learn the Rules Before You Break Them

Games like Crash and Plinko are dead-simple at first glance, but you still need to learn the rules before breaking them. This means implementing your own strategies based on the data you can gather from the Provably Fair blockchain (more on this in the next section) or methods you’ve extrapolated from similar games from brick and mortar or traditional online casinos.

Play the games with a small deposit or free funds by claiming a welcome offer for a while, read the rules and don’t skip on any detail, and then you can start testing your own strategies to see if they actually work or not.

Stick to a Couple of Games

You should pick a high-risk, high-reward game and a low-risk game. For example, you can stick to playing CSGO Crash and CSGO Coinflip, bringing you a nice mixture of high-risk and low-risk gambling. Because the odds won’t differ much, it’s better to stick to only 2 games for the long run, so you can let your strategy and bankroll management bring the desired results.

Take Advantage of Provably Fair’s Records

Because Provably Fair makes CSGO gambling games transparent, random and verifiable, you can check the data stored on the blockchain to create your own strategies. For example, with the help of a Python mini-program or a basic script, you can analyze the last 1,000,000 rounds from CSGO Crash at CSGORoll. Here you’ll be able to spot the following:

  • What is the highest multiplicator the game has ever reached?
  • What is the most frequent crash multiplicator?
  • How often does the multiplicator go beyond 2.00x?
  • And so on…

You can do the same for Plinko and other CSGO gambling games, and then you can use this data to create your own strategy based on real and verifiable information.

How Popular Is CS:GO Gambling in 2023: Stats and Growth

CS:GO gambling sites have become a lot more popular in 2023 versus the previous year, and there’s no sign of slowing down for this new industry. Here you have the stats that prove that CS:GO gambling is on fire in 2023 and likely to remain this way for the upcoming years.

All the Major CS:GO Gambling Sites Receive More Traffic

The top CSGO casinos have exploded in traffic in 2023 versus 2022, and here you have the stats that prove it:

All the Major CS:GO Gambling Sites Receive More Traffic
View Full Image
All the Major CS:GO Gambling Sites Receive More Traffic

All of the main CSGO gambling sites are hitting new highs in terms of traffic, new users and deposits. The industry is booming and the main players clearly show it. Also, consider the surprising number of new platforms that are joining the CSGO gambling industry, be it as a stand-alone CSGO gambling site or by implementing games that accept CSGO skins for wagering.

Thousands of Punters Search for CSGO Gambling Keywords on Google

Another factor that helps to measure the popularity of CSGO gambling is the number of people searching for related terms and queries on Google. Here you have the results of the research:

Thousands of Punters Search for CSGO Gambling Keywords on Google
View Full Image
Thousands of Punters Search for CSGO Gambling Keywords on Google

Just based on these queries, there are a total of 71,400 searches per month, and this is without considering all the variations for each one of these keywords, and all the other ones not included that target CSGO gambling games such as Roulette and Crash.

Therefore, it can be concluded that there are over 200,000 monthly queries (including all the other variations) related to CSGO gambling and the sites that offer these games, making it a booming industry with no sign of slowing down.

Is CS:GO Betting The Same As CS:GO Gambling?

No, they’re different things. CSGO betting refers to betting on CSGO matches such as Heroic vs. Rooster (ESL Pro League Season 18), where you can bet on the final outcome, first kill, amongst other markets. This is the same as betting in soccer or NBA, but instead, here you can bet on hundreds of CSGO matches from different tournaments and organizations such as the ESL Pro League, IEM, and ESL Impact League.

On the other hand, CSGO gambling refers to playing gambling games designed for wagering and winning CS:GO skins. As you can see, they’re two completely different things, and it’s worth it to make a distinction so you can get access to the actual product you want to try out.

Responsible Gambling when Playing at CSGO Gambling Sites

It’s also important to talk about responsible gambling before playing at CSGO gambling sites, so you can enjoy a fun and safe experience.

Treat CSGO Gambling as Entertainment

CSGO gambling is not different from other types of gambling, be it playing online blackjack, slots or betting on sports events. And in all of these cases, you need to view it as entertainment only, and this will lead you to only spend money you’d spend on other forms of entertainment such as going to the club, going to the movies, karting, etc. 

Be Aware of the Signs of a Possible CSGO Gambling Addiction

If you are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms or signs, then you might be developing a CSGO gambling addiction:

  • Spending too much time playing CSGO gambling games (4+ hours)
  • Feeling uneasy when not playing at CSGO casinos
  • Always chasing down bad luck streaks
  • Selling personal stuff to fund your CSGO gambling sessions
  • Quitting activities you previously enjoyed to spend more time and money at CSGO gambling sites

Simply put, if you feel like CSGO gambling is taking control of your life, then you might in front of a developing CSGO gambling addiction.

Seek Out Help If You Need It

Here you have the most important institutions that can bring you professional help and guidance in case you’re struggling with compulsive CSGO gambling:

Don’t hesitate to request help from these institutions and resources if you’re struggling with a possible addiction to CSGO gambling games. The sooner you take action, the faster you’ll be able to defeat compulsive wagering.

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Published: 22 Aug 2023, 06:46 PM IST
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