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Business News/ Brand Stories / CSGORoll Promo Codes 2023: «HELLSKINS» - Get 3 Free Cases and 5% Deposit Bonus

CSGORoll Promo Codes 2023: «HELLSKINS» - Get 3 Free Cases and 5% Deposit Bonus

CSGORoll is an excellent platform with active players that stands out from its counterparts, offering a game selection, unique referral codes, and the most enticing chances to score legendary skins.

CSGORoll Promo Codes 2023: «HELLSKINS» - Get 3 Free Cases and 5% Deposit BonusPremium
CSGORoll Promo Codes 2023: «HELLSKINS» - Get 3 Free Cases and 5% Deposit Bonus

Discover the renowned CSGO gambling site CSGORoll, offering thrilling gaming experiences with CS:GO skins alongside unique bonuses. We present several exclusive latest CSGORoll promo codes for those searching for extra bonuses, unlocking a path to win an array of skins, free cases and other valuable loot.

List of CSGORoll Promo Codes in 2023:

  • HELLSKINS: Use this CSGORoll promo code to open a number of bonuses, including 3 free cases and a 5 percentage deposit bonus.
  • CATCHBONUS: Utilize the promo code to get 3 free cases filled.
  • FACTORYNEW: Elevate your skin collection to a new level with CSGORoll free code, offering a 5% boost to your deposit.
  • GETBONUS: Activate this promo code for bonus on cash deposit to get your hands on rare loot, encompassing knife and rifle skins available through 3 free cases and free coins.

Embark on your enhanced journey with these CSGORoll promo codes, gearing up for a spree of winnings filled with exclusive skins and precious loot. Take advantage of one coin these opportunities; use the CSGORoll codes on today!

Best CSGO Gambling Alternatives Sites with Free Coins

Explore the top alternatives to CSGORoll, where you can enjoy a plethora of bonuses and a rich array promo bonuses of skins for your weapons:

1. CSGOFast.com - Best alternative site! Promo code "SPINWHEEL" for a free case with a rare skin and 10% deposit bonus.

2. Insane.gg -Use the promo code "GETITEM" on this platform to adorn your weaponry with simple, classic embellishments.

3. Gamdom.com - Experience the thrilling CS:GO gambling world with free coins using the promo code "PROFITSKIN" at Gamdom

4. CSGOEmpire.com: Use code "HELLSKINS" on the CSGOEmpire platform to win legendary and unique skins for various weapons, along with a bonus 5% added to your deposit as an additional reward.

5. PLG.bet - Dive into the gambling experience at CSGOPolygon with the promo code "CATCHBONUS", giving you a shot at snagging legendary loot and free coins.

CSGORoll Bonus Types

The CSGORoll offers a variety of bonuses, including a welcome CSGORoll gift for new users and a referral program (to attract new players). They also feature a gaming point accumulation system to enhance player levels.

How to Use the CSGORoll Promo Code?

Follow these steps to activate your codes onCSGORoll page:

1. Open the code activation page by clicking on the "Rewards" button.

Click on the Rewards button.
View Full Image
Click on the Rewards button.

2. Enter the promo code “HELLSKINS" in the designated field and click "Claim".

Enter the promo code and click Claim.
View Full Image
Enter the promo code and click Claim.

3. Receive 3 free cases + 5% casino bonus

If performed correctly, the rewards will be credited to your account.

What Do You Need to Use a Promo Code on CSGORoll?

To utilize a promo code on the CSGORoll site, ensure you have the following:

1. Link your Steam account: Registration on the site is essential to access the various CSGO rewards.

2. The code itself: Ensure the promo code you found is current and correctly input during activation.

3. Familiarity with the terms of use: Be sure to read the game rules and the terms for using the bonus codes on the CSGORoll website.

4. As many new referrals as possible: Copy the link below the code input field and share it with friends and acquaintances. You can also use forums and social networks to attract a larger audience.

Important! For every new user registering through your referral link, you will receive 5 bonus on cash or free cases and a one-time bonus of 5% added to the deposit amount.

Advantages of CSGORoll Referral Codes Over Other Sites

Official CSGORoll codes endow players with a series of advantages that stand a notch above those offered by other platforms:

  • Skins Bonuses: Regardless of where you play or which case you open, one thing is sure — no one leaves without a reward. Every entertainment option on the CSGORoll's platform grants different skins, and the available gifts effectively increase their quantity or significance.
  • Legendary Loot: Every CS:GO player is hunting for legendary skins to stand out amidst the vast sea of gamers. CSGORoll is one of thebest CSGO gambling websites, that offers the highest chances to land a legendary skin compared to other alternative services.
  • Increased Chances: The multi-level referral program is designed such that attracting a large number of new users amplifies your XP profile level. This, in turn, allows you to unlock cases with augmented chances for legendary skins, giving you a leg up in the fierce competition for rare loot.

By choosing CSGORoll, players enhance their gambling experience and significantly boost their chances of securing legendary and valuable in-game assets, setting them apart in the vibrant CS:GO community.

CSGORoll Deposit Bonuses

CSGORoll consistently delights its players with various bonuses, daily free cases, events, and tournaments. New users of the platform can take advantage of a lucrative welcome pack.

Immediately after registration, you can receive a 5% deposit bonus by activating the code "HELLSKINS". Additionally, you can win a daily prize in gaming coins on the "Rewards" page.

Stay tuned for updates on CSGORoll to get new rewards and offers.

How to Get 3 Free Cases with CSGORoll Bonus Code?

CSGORoll offers free cases and bonuses, but as a rule these codes give less bonuses than exclusive legitimate promo codes such as “HELLSKINS" fromauthorized partners.Use this promo code to get 3 Free Cases, 5% Deposit Bonus and other unique rewards.

CSGORoll’s Daily Rewards System

CSGORoll provides free cases to players, which appears to be a mechanism for user retention and engagement.

CSGORoll provides free cases to players
View Full Image
CSGORoll provides free cases to players

Unlocking Free Cases

Users interacting with CSGORoll have the option to unlock free cases every 24 hours, providing them with various rewards as they climb the levels. Each case has a unique timer, initiating a countdown once it’s unlocked. The journey for users begins at level 2, where the first case becomes available.

As users navigate through the platform, new cases become accessible at predetermined levels, with the opportunity to unlock every case once level 100 is reached. This feature enables users to potentially accumulate up to 150 free coins daily.

The Dynamic Nature of Rewards

CSGORoll is seen to be continually adjusting its user interface and reward structures, ostensibly to enhance user experience and satisfaction. However, it’s crucial for users to be aware that the rewards system could see future alterations as the platform evolves and adapts its strategies and offerings.

Participation in the CSGORoll community allows users access to various offers, free cases, and the chance to earn csgoroll free coins.

CSGORoll Website Review

CSGORoll stands out as a prominent CSGO gambling site focused on delivering optimal experiences for CS:GO gambling enthusiasts. Initially launched in 2016, the platform has undergone substantial transformations to present a futuristic and user-friendly interface tailored to the gambling community's evolving needs.

Foundation & Transformation

CSGORoll's initial journey was short-lived due to a lack of user engagement and multiple system glitches leading to a temporary downfall. However, its resurgence in 2020 marked the beginning of a new era, characterized by refined functionality and an improved design.

License & Operations

CSGORoll operates under the management of Feral Holdings Limited, a company registered in Belize City, Belize. Payments and other transactions are facilitated by Feral Entertainment (Cyprus) Limited, ensuring a seamless user experience.


While the platform invites players globally, stricter gambling policies in regions such as Australia, Germany, and Washington state in the U.S.A restrict access to CSGORoll. This limitation underscores the regional disparities in gambling regulations and their impact on global csgo gamble communities.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options

The service offers a plethora of deposit methods, including bank cards, e-wallets like PayPal, GPay, and cryptocurrencies like BTC and ADA. The availability of diverse options, including fiat currency, enhances user flexibility. However, winnings can only be withdrawn through your Steam inventory, in the form of skins, keys, or through p2p exchange, ensuring that gamers' needs are prioritized.

Registration Process

Registering on CSGORoll is exclusively facilitated through your Steam account, simplifying the overall process and allowing users to link their email for alternative login methods.

CSGORoll Pros & Cons

Our experts meticulously scrutinized the CSGORoll gambling platform through various criteria, including its aesthetics, website interface, range of its gambling games and entertainment options, account replenishment methods, methods of withdrawing money or skins, promotion strategies, licensing, and much more. Through this, we have distilled the following pros and cons:


  • Variety of Fair Games on CSGORoll: Platform offers a broad spectrum of gambling game modes, including CSGO Roulette, Crash (support high multiplier), Dice duel, Case Battle and Plinko. All gambling games use hash encryption methods for provably fair play.
  • User-friendly interface: The site's user interface is logical and understandable, even to newcomers.
  • Rewards: CSGORoll frequently organizes events with valuable prizes, offering players additional chances to win and sustaining their interest in the game.
  • Skins as Currency: CS:GO skins can be utilized to replenish accounts and place bets on the site, making the gaming experience even more thrilling for dedicated gamers.
  • Unique Referral Codes: The CSGORoll gives players affiliate codes, attracting new users for additional bonuses.
  • Social Interaction: CSGORoll encourages player communication through chats and comments, fostering a favorable atmosphere of camaraderie among like-minded individuals.
  • P2P Exchange Capability: Skins won on CSGORoll can be exchanged for other items through the P2P system.
  • Regular Tournaments and Competitions: The gaming platform regularly holds tournaments with substantial giveaways.CSGORoll is also the G2 eSports Team official partner.
  • Good Customer Support: The competence of the support service representatives is at a high level. They quickly helped us with the output of skins to steam.


  • Risk of Losing Funds: As with any gambling game, there exists a risk of losing money. You need to approach this type of entertainment cautiously and gamble responsibly.
  • Unavailable in Several Countries: The CSGORoll service is unavailable in some Asian and European countries.
  • Lack of Other Bonus Types: When writing the review, no other types of promo bonuses, such as cashback or no-deposit bonuses, were found.
  • Only Skin Withdrawals: Winnings can only be withdrawn as CS:GO skins.

CSGORoll Gaming Modes

CSGORoll may not boast a vast array of gaming titles, but it offers ample provably fair games to satiate the gaming and gambling cravings of CS:GO enthusiasts.

Roll (CSGO Roulette)

A classic game mode where players bet in one of three sectors: black, red or green. The bets are made in coins. At the end of the round, the color of the winning sector is determined. If the result of the draw is a red or black sector, the player gets back his bet in double the amount.

The green sector brings the player a win of 14 times the amount of his bet.

CSGORoll may not boast a vast array of gaming titles, but it offers ample provably fair games.
View Full Image
CSGORoll may not boast a vast array of gaming titles, but it offers ample provably fair games.


Users bet on multiplier levels and must cash out before a ‘crash’ occurs to win.

View Full Image


Virtual dice are rolled, with winnings dependent on the outcome, creating an exciting gamble.

Virtual dice
View Full Image
Virtual dice


A game of chance where users bet on coin sides, with the result determined randomly.

View Full Image

Case Battles

Engage in thrilling case battles, where the higher bet takes all, necessitating cautious resource assessment.

Case Battles
View Full Image
Case Battles

Coin Flip

This mode brings the simplicity and the 50/50 odds of a classic coin flip to the platform, allowing players to bet on either side of a coin, adding an element of pure chance to the gaming experience.

Coin Flip
View Full Image
Coin Flip

Dice Duel

In this mode, players can go head-to-head, rolling the dice in a duel format, where the highest roll wins, offering a competitive twist to the classic dice game.

Dice Duel
View Full Image
Dice Duel

Case Unboxing

This mode allows players to open CS:GO cases to unveil and win the concealed items, bringing an element of surprise and anticipation to the gaming experience.

Case Unboxing
View Full Image
Case Unboxing

Design & Interface

Post-2020, CSGORoll's design aesthetic is more aligned with futuristic gaming themes, emphasizing user convenience. Its top-notch usability allows users to navigate effortlessly, accessing top skins and sorting products with ease from the homepage. The main menu's strategic placement at the top ensures that desired sections are just a click away.

Mobile Accessibility

Surprisingly, a dedicated mobile app is yet to be developed for CSGORoll. However, a mobile-adapted version is available, providing a compatible experience for various screen sizes. It's noteworthy that users might experience some lag on budget smartphones due to the extensive on-screen elements, which could impact the user experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

How to Deposit on CSGORoll

Replenishing your gaming account on the CSGORoll platform is straightforward if you follow this simple algorithm:

1. Click on the "Deposit" button on the website's right side.

Click on the Deposit button
View Full Image
Click on the Deposit button

2. On the deposit page, select one of the available payment methods.

Select payment option
View Full Image
Select payment option

3. Press "Apply" to activate the "HELLSKINS" code to receive a welcome deposit. Specify the deposit amount and click "BUY FOR…". Confirm the payment on the merchant's website.

 Press Apply to activate the HELLSKINS code
View Full Image
Press Apply to activate the HELLSKINS code

Funds Withdrawal

Withdrawing funds is also a quick process when you follow this guide:

1. Click the gray "Withdraw" button located next to the deposit button.

Click the Withdraw button
View Full Image
Click the Withdraw button

2. Select a skin(s) that does not exceed the amount in your gaming account.

Select a skin(s)
View Full Image
Select a skin(s)

3. Confirm the action and wait for the designated item to be credited to your Steam account.


  • Ensure you accurately enter all the necessary details during the deposit and withdrawal to avoid complications.
  • Use the welcome deposit code to make the most of your initial deposit.
  • Be patient, as the withdrawal process might take some time to reflect in your Steam, depending on various factors such as the server load and the value of the skins you are withdrawing.
  • Always adhere to the terms and conditions of the platform to maintain good standing and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Remember, successful transactions are often a result of following the outlined steps accurately and patiently, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.

Is CSGORoll Legit?

CSGORoll is managed by Feral Holdings Limited (registration number 171519), registered at 9 Barrack Road, Belize City, Belize. Payments are processed on behalf of Feral Holdings Limited by Feral Entertainment (Cyprus) Limited (registration number HE388908).

Holding a Curacao license, one of the most popular and widespread in the gaming world, speaks to the security measures and trustworthiness of CSGORoll. Rest assured, your funds and personal information are securely protected.

Can You Play CSGORoll in the USA?

The CSGORoll gaming platform is available in the USA, adhering to the gambling laws of the USA and almost all European countries except for Lithuania.

CSGORoll Affiliate Program

CSGORoll offers an affiliate program allowing players to earn even more bonuses by inviting friends to the site.

You may post your CSGORoll promo code on your personal affiliate website or promote it as content hosted on third-party websites. However, remember that you cannot publish the code directly on any third-party website that you do not own.

Referring to the promo code or CSGORoll in any paid advertising is prohibited. In case of rule violations, the service reserves the right to demand the removal of the referral code from the affiliate website.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSGORoll

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and offer answers to help avoid various issues while playing on CSGORoll.

Is CSGORoll Promo Code Legit?

Yes, CSGORoll promo codes are typically legit, as they are part of promotional strategies employed by the platform to attract new users and reward existing ones.

Will the bonus be added to my account quickly?

Within 24 hours of registration, the player's profile will be updated, and you must meet all the requirements to receive the bonus. You can familiarize yourself with the CSGORoll promo bonuses and rules on the partner's dashboard.

How quickly can I withdraw my winnings?

Withdrawing your winnings will take only a few minutes. Keep in mind that withdrawals are only available in Steam.

How long is the code valid?

The validity period of a referral code is unlimited.

How to get the best bonus on CSGORoll?

To get the best bonuses on CSGORoll, enter the code "HELLSKINS" to get 3 free cases + 5% on cash deposits.

Is CSGORoll legit?

Yes, the CSGORoll gaming platform operates under the authoritative Curacao license.

Can I cash out money on CSGORoll?

No, withdrawals are only available in CS:GO skins.

What are coins in CSGORoll?

On CSGORoll, users win coins that can be used to withdraw skins from the internal p2p market.


CSGORoll is an excellent platform with active players that stands out from its counterparts, offering a game selection, unique referral codes, and the most enticing chances to score legendary skins. Available deposit and withdrawal methods are limited, but understandable and accessible to gambling players. To ensure that our promo codes are legit, head over to the CSGORoll website and scrutinize their details. Despite the few disadvantages, such as risk of losing funds and unavailability in some regions, the overall impression of CSGORoll remains markedly positive. Its compatibility with the CS:GO skins as currency enhances the gaming experience, making it a preferred choice for many gamers.


Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/ editorial involvement of Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/ subscribe to the contents of the article/advertisement and/or views expressed herein. Before proceeding further and clicking the links provided in the article, the readers are advised to be well versed with the extant laws dealing with gambling. Further, online gambling is also a banned offence in many states/countries. The readers are also advised that gambling is addictive and involves an element of financial risk and reader’s discretion is advisable. The article is intended for information only and nothing contained herein constitutes an advice or guarantee of winning, nor is there an intention to induce anyone into violating any law(s). Hindustan Times shall not in any manner, be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever for all that is stated in the article and/or also with regard to the views, opinions, announcements, declarations, affirmations etc., stated/featured in same. The decision to read hereinafter is purely a matter of choice and shall be construed as an express undertaking/guarantee in favour of Hindustan Times of being absolved from any/ all potential legal action, or enforceable claims.


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