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Decode Age is the first Longevity Research Company in India with a mission to decode the equation of biological age, and tailor precision and personalised nutrition and medicine recommendations with state-of-the-art Big Data Health Tests. The company aims to increase the health span, and therefore, lifespan. Pioneering the Longevity research in India, Decode Age introduces the country to a new lifestyle that talks about Longevity, healthy ageing, and health span, rather than shallow non-scientific concepts like anti-ageing.

There are two aspects to ageing: the process itself, and the damage caused during the process. To counter the 9 underlying reasons why the body ages and the damage created by those processes, the company has introduced a range of nutritional supplements with unique, patented, and clinically trialled ingredients focused to target these reasons for ageing. Darshit Patel, Chief Scientific Officer, said “There is definitely not a bigger problem to solve in biology than decoding ageing, as it is the only detrimental process that targets the entire body leading to time-dependent decline, disease and mortality. At Decode Age, we develop technologies to look into various OMICs based biomarkers of the body to predict how healthily a person is ageing. We cannot stress more on the fact that, when people start measuring age in biological terms, rather than chronological, they will have a much better understanding of their health."

Decode Age’s Decode Biome test based on advanced third-generation technology is the first comprehensive analysis of the gut microbiome to identify all the bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in gut, and also reveal information on their role in ageing, metabolism, inflammation, disease formation, and many other health markers. By getting the Decode Biome test, one can also get ML/AI-based nutritional and probiotic recommendations. The brand has several products in the pipeline such as - Vaginal Microbiome test, and Oral Microbiome Test, in order to get deeper insights into how body ages.

India is seeing a recent revolution in clinical medicine by fueling the Functional Medicine approach to counter various diseases, by dealing with their root cause. This is important as a lot of research indicates that there is no universal medicine and nutrition for everyone. Even, food for some is poison to others. This calls for precision and a personalized approach. Decode Age envisions a world where ageing is no more associated with diseases and frailty but rather celebrated. Focused on Science, innovation, R&D, and futuristic technology, the company offers highly specialised products and tests to slow down the ageing process and decode the health biomarkers. Speaking further on this, CEO, Parth Amin says, “It’s amazing to see the scientific advancements that are happening in the Longevity and ageing field. Never in history, have we looked at Ageing as a disease. Our target is to bring the best of these advancements to the people of India and make it accessible and affordable for all. We really envision India as a major contributor where the best minds in the world work and deliver something outstanding."

The curative approach of medicine so far has led us to a point where chronic diseases like the Big 4 (Cancer, T2D, Neurodegenerative, and Cardiac Diseases) are manageable, rather than curable. 

This clarity is now driving Medical Sciences toward the Preventive, Precision, Predictive, and Participatory or the P4 approach. Decode Age uses the same approach to target the root cause of age-associated chronic diseases that claim 51% of the total mortality, i.e., Age. Taking a P4 (Predictive, Preventive, Participatory, and Personalized) approach towards Ageing. Decode Age innovates novel microbiome and other big data-based health tests that makes ML/AI-based predictions of various ageing biomarkers, along with precision and personalized nutritional and medicinal recommendations. Having a deep understanding of the underlying reasons for ageing, Decode Age also develops preventive nutritional blends with unique and patented ingredients. They soon aim to launch a tech platform to keep real-time track of ageing process and how everyone is optimizing it, hence, involving user participation.

Speaking on the future of the Longevity and Healthy Ageing Industry, CFO, Rakesh Somani reminds us of the famous quote by Dmitry Kaminsky: “Healthy Longevity will reshape the global financial system and disrupt the business models of pension funds, insurance companies, banks, investment firms, and entire national economies."

Decode Age’s key offerings are:

Longevity Supplements:

Decode Age offers a range of four formulations (Longevit, Resvit, Senevit, and Sportvit) and 10 stand-alone clinically trialled ingredients (NMN, Fisetin, AKG, Quercetin, Trans-resveratrol, etc.) products that are available for the first time in India on various e-com platforms and decodeage.com. These supplements are scientifically supported to counter the process of ageing, slow it down, and reverse the damage caused. 

Decode Biome Test:

Decode Biome test based on advanced third-generation technology is the first comprehensive analysis of the gut microbiome to identify all the bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in gut, and also reveal information on their role in ageing, and metabolism, inflammation, disease formation, and many other health markers. By getting the Decode Biome test, one can also get ML/AI-based nutritional and probiotic recommendations.

About Decode Age

Decode Age is a far-sighted, futuristic, and revolutionary company that looks to change how people look at ageing and associated diseases. By Decoding Age through their advanced health tests, and offering preventive, personalized, and precision nutritional and medicinal recommendations, Decode Age envisions to make 100 years of healthy living a reality.

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