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There is nothing more critical than financial independence, especially in the world of today. With increased proliferation of technology, the desire to meet a range of lifestyle needs has only grown. Moreover, it has also brought with it a slew of tools that do not just offer great benefits, but at the same time, take you a step closer to being financially sound and independent.

Unfortunately, certain payment methods like a credit card have received a bad rap for a long time. That’s largely because of the misconception that the user will unnecessarily spend much more than required. Anything that is not used in moderation can be harmful. But if you use your credit card with care, it can turn out to be your most trusted companion, especially in case of emergencies.

Let’s just make it even simpler for you - if you’re tired of handling various credit cards simultaneously, let’s introduce you to the CRED app - the credit card payment app. The member-only and fully digital platform keeps your finances on track by alerting you about timely payments. That’s not all - you also get access to rewards from exclusive brands as you clear your bills.

Why should you go for CRED?

While various service providers highlight benefits of credit cards, the most important one gets lost. Yes, we are speaking about the financial independence a credit card gives you. Let’s just say you have a close friend’s birthday but you’ve spent your entire salary. Now you really want to make their birthday special, but don’t know what to do. A credit card will come to your rescue. Oh, and you could also make a rent payment through the credit card. Yes, that’s where a credit card helps you. You can stay rest assured because the credit card bill can be paid, once your next salary gets credited.

CRED makes it even simpler for you to choose a credit card by protecting you from various risks. Moreover, it provides you the opportunity to receive credit card payment offers that are too good to be true!

That means pay your credit card bill on the CRED app and earn a CRED coin for every rupee that goes as part of your bill. Once you accumulate these CRED coins, you can elevate your lifestyle with some of the most exclusive deals by the best brands in the country. What’s more, there are 1,800 brands such as Starbucks, Boat, Noise, TMC, Mamaearth, Lifelong, Beardo, Ustraa, Bombay Trooper, Neemans, Jimmy's Cocktails, Elementary, Whole Truth, Sleepycat and others to choose from.

Last but not the least, you can also enjoy the fastest way to get credit, without any application or verification processes, only with CRED cash. And all this, at an interest rate of one-third of typical credit card interest charges.

CRED makes it even simpler for you to choose a credit card by protecting you from various risks.
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CRED makes it even simpler for you to choose a credit card by protecting you from various risks.

How can you become financially independent with CRED?

Before you enter into a relationship with a credit card, follow these tips. It will make it easier for you to embark on the journey to financial independence:

1. Ask yourself some questions

Before you get a credit card, make sure to ask yourself the reason behind getting it. Are you aware of savings? Will you get any rewards on this credit card? These are some important questions that will help you in a big way.

2. Plan a budget

It is essential to have a monthly budget, so that you can prioritize your spendings, based on necessity and luxury. This will not just help you keep your finances on track, but will also help you gain visibility into your credit card. An app like CRED is always there to help you in this regard - it reminds you of your expenses, and aids you in re-evaluating your spendings.

3. Get a credit card that fits your lifestyle

It’s all about picking the right credit card that suits your budget and lifestyle needs. With CRED, you can plan your budget and allocate your spending wisely. Once done, you can always have a fixed amount for your purchases, so that it helps you stay on track.

4. Pay your bills on time

This is absolutely critical! Becoming financially independent doesn’t mean you do not pay bills. This is where credit card payment apps such as CRED can come to your rescue with timely prompts to clear your dues. The payment reminder feature ensures that you never miss a due date of payment, instant settlements help in ensuring that you never have to wait for payments to go through and statement analysis helps in understanding where your money is going, always. Just in May, CRED members were able to save 70 crore owing to these reminders.

5. Reward yourself with big purchases

Have you ever thought of this? Imagine spending money on big purchases, so that you can use your cash reserve for everything else! Enjoy rewards, purchase benefits, or even promotional rates, every single time you spend. In case of an unforeseen emergency, a credit card may be a viable option if you’re unable to pay for all at once.

6. Expense management is key

Credit cards can be a great tool, when it comes to your ‘expense management’. Just spend whatever you have without worrying about making payments right then. Make all your payments towards the end of the month! This removes the clutter from your bank statement as well as helps you earn reward points on your spendings. Apps like CRED help you categorize your expenses automatically, further providing insights into your spending habits.

7.Maintain a good credit score

We all know the importance of a good credit score. It is what reflects a user’s creditworthiness. When you practise good financial habits and pay on time, you can have a good credit score over time. This is much easier with CRED!

Having a credit card can empower you in more ways than one - make sure to use it judiciously, and you will only enjoy the ride!

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