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Have you invested in cryptocurrency yet?

PNP Coin offers the gains of cryptocurrency with the safety and security of investments bound by regulatory frameworks, making it a lucrative investment option. The right time to invest is now!

Launched by Helios Group, PNP Coin is a regulated cryptocurrency, making it fundamentally safer than other non-regulated cryptocurrencies.Premium
Launched by Helios Group, PNP Coin is a regulated cryptocurrency, making it fundamentally safer than other non-regulated cryptocurrencies.

The future of money is electronic. As we all find comfort in digital transactions in today’s disruptive world in the aftermath of a pandemic, our assets and investments are not left far behind in this mass wave of digital transformation that we are all witness to.

Discerning investors looking to diversify their wealth are finding new avenues for investments and a one asset class catching everyone’s fancy is cryptocurrency. Ever since its inception in 2009, cryptocurrency has taken the digital world by storm and India is no exception to this growing global trend.

But, while capturing a slice of the potential upside of this new asset class is on the agenda of every discerning investor, there are concerns over regulatory guidelines and volatility that are holding back many from taking the plunge.

Why invest in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies offer a flexible and independent trading option, where as an investor, you have complete control over your assets. The model of investment is quintessentially decentralised, which means that those trading in crypto currencies have full control to own and store their assets without the involvement of a middleman or third party.

The investment itself is transparent, offering you full visibility over your money. The technology used at the backend is publicly verifiable and the 24X7 accessibility of crypto currency allows you to trade at any time of the day or night, without being bound by the timing limitations of a particular marketplace and trading platform.

The gains over the long term are promising. Moreover, cryptocurrency investments have also been used for real-world transactions lately, blurring the line between the digital and real money worlds.

Drawbacks of investing in cryptocurrency

Many investors have stayed away from cryptocurrency investments owing to concerns over volatility and regulatory guidelines. The regulations of this digital asset keep evolving at a global level and one needs to keep abreast with crypto regulations and ensure that the service provider you are using is compliant with Indian laws.

Countries around the world are looking to formulate and implement regulations around investments in cryptocurrencies to monitor all transactions happening in this space and bring down instances of illegal transactions. In fact, regulation is going to be the next big revolution in the crypto industry.

One also needs to have a strong understanding of the play of demand and supply in liquidity and stability of cryptocurrencies. The higher the demand, the more lucrative it is for investors, making such investments highly volatile in some geographies.

The PNP Coin advantage

The new wave in the Indian cryptocurrency domain – PNP Coin – seeks out the best of both worlds in many ways. For long terms investors looking for new ‘stores of value’, PNP coins come with the safety and security of an asset class like gold with all the advantages that an investment in cryptocurrency has to offer.

Much like stocks or equity securities, an investment in PNP coins over the long term can help mitigate the risks of volatility and, at the same time, offer an excellent avenue to build wealth.

Launched by Helios Group, PNP Coin is a regulated cryptocurrency, making it fundamentally safer than other non-regulated cryptocurrencies. It is a crypto asset that offers investors with clarity on all aspects of regulation.

How it works

PNP Coin comes with a physical coin and wallet, which no other cryptocurrencies provide. One physical coin equals 1000 PNP tokens and the value of the tokens you purchase will be stored in the wallet, which you have access to at all times.

All investors need to submit necessary KYC information before they are assigned wallet details. This includes their PAN Card and Aadhaar Card details and banking details, along with information on nominees. So, if an illegal transaction occurs, users can be monitored and regulators can track down the transactions they made and the purpose for which it was utilised.

This makes the entire process regulated and introduces an element of answerability and tracking in case of any fraudulent transactions.

What is the right time to start

The answer is now! PNP currency is expected to be listed on major international markets, with an aim to achieve 1 percent of all bitcoin growth in the near future. You should consider an investment in PNP coins before the token sales closes as it offers you the first mover advantage and a chance to win greater returns.

To elucidate, take the case of an investor who invested 1,000 tokens in the first stage of PNP Coin, when the price of one token was Rs.10. The bonus tokens the investor acquired in that stage is 1,000 taking the total number of tokens in the wallet to 2,000. This is an advantage of 1,000 tokens right at the onset. Today, the price of 2,000 tokens stands at 40,000, offering the investor a 300 percent profit in just 5 months.

In conclusion, PNP Coin offers long-term stability with safety and security and serves as a stack model with the prospect of substantial returns in the long term. In addition to being a lucrative avenue for investment, Helios group also has plans to mandate its use for all kinds of transactions, both in India and internationally in the near future.

What more could you ask for from an investment. Evaluate your options now and diversify your portfolio with an investment in PNP Coin!

For more details, check out their website:


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Published: 18 Oct 2021, 01:38 PM IST
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