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Business News/ Budget / Budget 2024 Highlights: Income taxpayers, auto, IT, real estate sectors await FM's economic roadmap

Budget 2024 Highlights: Income taxpayers, auto, IT, real estate sectors await FM's economic roadmap

Budget 2024 Highlights: Interim Budget 2024-2025 is going to be a vote on account tabled by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman ahead of Lok Sabha Elections. With only 1 day left in the budget announcements, all eyes are waiting for announcements 

Budget 2024 Highlights: FM Nirmala Sitharaman is set to table budget on February 1 (PTI)Premium
Budget 2024 Highlights: FM Nirmala Sitharaman is set to table budget on February 1 (PTI)

Budget 2024 Highlights: The Budget Session of Parliament commenced on January 31 with President Droupadi Murmu addressing a joint sitting. In her speech, President Murmu expressed confidence in having a positive discussion within the new Parliament building. Highlighting the achievements of the Centre, she noted that nearly 25 crore people have emerged from poverty during the 10-year tenure of her government. Scheduled to conclude on February 1 the session will feature Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presenting the interim budget. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi outlined the main agenda for the brief session, including the President's Address, the presentation of the interim budget, and the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address, culminating in a reply by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.A day before budget presentation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “...Concluding the inaugural session in this new Parliament building, the Parliament made a dignified decision - the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam. Following that, on January 26th, we witnessed the country's experience of the prowess, courage, and unwavering determination of Nari Shakti. As the budget session commences today under the guidance of President Droupadi Murmu and tomorrow when Nirmala Sitharaman presents the interim budget - in essence, this marks a celebration of Nari Shakti. 

01 Feb 2024, 05:10:33 AM IST

Follow the Budget 2024 LIVE coverage here

Follow the Budget 2024 LIVE coverage here

31 Jan 2024, 08:41:32 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Govt should announce tax breaks to provide nudge in the right direction for fintech sector, says Founder of Recur Club

Mentioning schemes announced in previous budget to boost Indian startups, Eklavya Gupta, Founder of Recur Club, called for tax breaks to be announced by the government for the startup sector.

To attract domestic and foreign investments in the fintech sector tax breaks could provide a nudge in the right direction, noted Gupta.

“We expect that the focus will be on digital infrastructure, allocation of funds to build a robust digital payment ecosystem for wider penetration, development of rural infrastructure, and strengthening cybersecurity measures. Another aspect is to create a regulatory sandbox for fostering innovation to streamline KYC/AML regulations, setting clear guidelines for innovation of technology like blockchain and AI in finance. Lastly, a crucial factor that influences both lenders and borrowers is data protection, so building a robust data protection framework that balances innovation with user privacy will foster responsible data usage within the industry," said Eklavya Gupta, Founder of Recur Club.

31 Jan 2024, 08:18:16 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Upcoming budget presents an opportunity to lay groundwork for flourishing creative economy, says Sanjay Gupta, VC, World University of Design

Budget 2024 Live: “At this pivotal moment in India's economic landscape, we acknowledge the transformative power of design. The digital revolution and the looming threat of AI automation underscore the urgency of nurturing creative thinking. Minister Piyush Goyal's endorsement of "Design in India" and the Culture Ministry's announcement of an "Art, Architecture & Design Biennale" in December 2023 mark a promising shift. As India recognizes the crucial role of design amid digital advancements, I emphasize the need for strong government support in shaping design education. As the demand for designers rises, addressing the shortage of design talent is essential. In anticipation of the upcoming budget, I propose a few key areas of focus. Establishing a National Design Research Fund will support innovation and attract talent, improving faculty development and infrastructure. Addressing the faculty shortage by incentivizing the hiring of foreign faculty members can enhance the quality of design education. Encouraging collaboration between design institutions and industries through tax incentives will provide valuable opportunities for students. Additionally, increasing scholarships and grants is crucial for making design education accessible to diverse backgrounds, ensuring that talent from all walks of life contributes to our creative landscape. Additionally, creating an innovation ecosystem, leveraging cultural heritage, and aligning India's design policy with global trends are vital. However, to harness this momentum, a comprehensive design policy is also imperative. The absence of such a policy is glaring as design emerges as a value-adding activity across sectors. The upcoming union budget is a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for a flourishing creative economy, positioning India as a global design leader," said Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor, World University of Design.

31 Jan 2024, 07:59:32 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Startups seek streamlining of funding processes, enhanced digital infra, skilled development initiatives

"In the wake of the upcoming budget, we are optimistic about further reforms that could catalyze the startup ecosystem in India. Building on the government's ongoing commitment, we anticipate more nuanced measures - such as streamlined funding processes, enhanced digital infrastructure, and targeted skill development initiatives. These steps are vital for fostering an environment where startups not only thrive but also contribute significantly to India's position as a global innovation leader. We're particularly keen on seeing policies that bolster research and development, ease regulatory burdens, and facilitate international collaborations. Such initiatives will empower startups to scale new heights and drive meaningful socio-economic impact," said Akshay Chaturvedi Founder & CEO

31 Jan 2024, 07:40:40 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Expect a surge in investment in railway budget, says Hedonova's Suman Bannerjee

The present government is likely to increase investment in railway infrastructure, manufacturing sector, PLI scheme, according to Suman Bannerjee, CIO, Hedonova a Paris based hedge fund.

“As we eagerly await the Budget 2024 interim, our expectations resonate across key sectors. In railways, we anticipate a surge in investment, unveiling transformative projects and introducing 300-400 Vande Bharat trains. The commitment to new highways holds promise for enhanced connectivity and economic vitality. The manufacturing sector anticipates a visionary PLI scheme, fostering innovation and global competitiveness. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman's budget is poised to be a catalyst, propelling India towards a future of modernized infrastructure, efficient railways, robust highways, and a thriving manufacturing ecosystem," said Suman Bannerjee.

31 Jan 2024, 07:21:35 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Gathr CEO urges govt to set up data hubs and give opportunities to AI companiees

Highlighting the need for data accumulation and its safety, P.C. Kiran Kumar, CEO at Gathr, said  “Digital India has witnessed significant progress, with different agencies and government bodies accumulating vast amounts of data. For the government to leverage the power of AI, the availability of clean, correlated data is of the utmost importance. Once the data is cleansed, fused, and correlated, the data can be a game-changer by providing insights to the government to run its various development programmes effectively, improve inter-departmental synergies, expedite planning and decision-making, and more."

Kiran Kumar urged the government to focus on establishing data hubs and investment for the development of AI companies. 

“Several emerging economies are already adopting this approach, drawing on technology from Indian talent and products. India has the technology, know-how, and competency to do it through innovative startups with many novel and niche products well-positioned to lead in this domain. Urging the government to invest in establishing data hubs and to give opportunities to innovative AI companies to make an impact through AI-driven growth, governance, development, and compliance," said Kumar.

31 Jan 2024, 06:52:24 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: RUloans Distribution Services CEO seeks reduction in home loan interest rates

"As a financial professional deeply engaged in lending, the anticipation for Budget 2024 is significant, especially in the domain of home loans and the affordable housing segment. The focus is on strategic measures that could reshape the financing landscape, making homeownership within this segment more widely accessible and propelling real estate growth.

From a home loans perspective, the key expectation is a measured reduction in interest rates. This adjustment has the potential to redefine affordability within the affordable housing sector, enabling a broader demographic to embrace homeownership. It's not just about transactions; it's about fostering financial inclusivity and stability.

Furthermore, there's a shared aspiration within the financial industry for provisions that specifically fortify affordable home loans. The budget is seen as an opportunity to introduce incentives, subsidies, or revised loan limits for tax rebate and exemption that transcend traditional financing structures, empowering a larger segment to realize their homeownership dreams," said Kaushik Mehta, Founder and CEO of RUloans Distribution Services.

31 Jan 2024, 06:45:48 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: BJP will offer more benefit to very select industrialists in the budget, says Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi

Targetting the BJP government, Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi said that he expects the BJP government to announce policies that would benefit selected industrialists who are close to PM Modi.

"My expectation is what the BJP government has been doing for the past 10 years, which is offering more SOPs to that industrialist who is close to PM Modi. I believe in the budget there would be policy decisions which would benefit those very select industrialists...For the poor & middle class, we will only be treated to sound bytes and well-intentioned words that will change daily life nothing will make a difference. The poor & middle class would get ‘Jumlas’," Congress MP told ANI.

31 Jan 2024, 06:32:31 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: What does the textile industry expect from budget?

“The resilience displayed by the industry in the face of budgetary constraints in 2022 was commendable, and the subsequent year brought about a substantial 22.6% surge in allocated funds as reflected in the Union Budget 2023–24. This uptick marked a pivotal shift, steering away from the challenges encountered in the previous fiscal year and indicating a robust commitment to industry expansion. Notably, the decision to revise the proposed GST rate from 12% to 5%, effective January 1, 2023, instils an additional layer of optimism. As we embark on the new fiscal year, the textile industry remains resilient, fuelled by optimism and strategic investments. The path ahead promises a tapestry of growth and opportunities intricately woven into the fabric of 2024–25," said Sanjay Nigam, the Founder of India Fashion Awards and Fashion Entrepreneur Fund (FEF).

31 Jan 2024, 05:54:35 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: DBS Bank India's Sudarshan Chari anticipates continued emphasis on MSME in the interim budget

Budget 2024 Live: “In the upcoming budget, we anticipate a continued emphasis on supporting MSMEs in India, building upon the momentum initiated last year. Concerted efforts to include all MSMEs on Udyam will be crucial, enabling them to access government schemes, incentives, and formal credit channels. In 2023, the CGTMSE cap saw an upward revision, bringing more businesses into the fold of formal financial services. Additionally, the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has proven instrumental in integrating SMEs from Tier 2 and 3 cities into the digital marketplace. The upcoming budget can strengthen this foundation by introducing new avenues for SMEs to expand and enhance e-commerce integration," said Sudarshan Chari, Executive Director and Head of SME Banking, DBS Bank India.

31 Jan 2024, 05:44:22 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Wibmo-A PayU CEO bats for expansion of UPI for international transactions

Suresh Rajagopalan, CEO of Wibmo-A PayU company has advocated for the government's focus on UPI transaction expansion for international transactions, zero MDR policy challenges, cash less transaction, 

“ Improving the success rate of UPI transactions could be another step to boosting the credibility of UPI transactions in the country. For India to become less cash society, the government may want to implement transformative measures like giving tax benefits to small merchants accepting digital payments using UPI rails. The forthcoming budget presents a crucial opportunity to address these key areas and ensure the continued growth and accessibility of UPI-driven financial solutions," said Suresh Rajagopalan. 

31 Jan 2024, 04:54:59 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Dhruva Advisors seeks to extend the favourable tax rate of 15% for new manufacturing firms beyond initial sunset clause

“The budget expectation focuses on bolstering India's manufacturing sector, positioning the country as an attractive alternative to China. The proposal suggests extending the favourable tax rate of 15% for new manufacturing companies beyond the initial sunset clause, aiming to sustain and enhance the momentum gained, especially in comparison to other successful examples like Apple and Foxconn setting up bases in India," Dhruva Advisors said

"The budget is anticipated to include an extension of the lower tax rate provision for new manufacturing companies for at least 5 more years beyond the current sunset clause, in order to encourage and support the continued shift of global manufacturing to India, the firm said

31 Jan 2024, 04:09:59 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: 1M1B MD seeks robust investments in digital infrastructure

“As we anticipate India's 2024 budget, it's crucial to recognize the transformative potential of digital and immersive technologies," said Manav Subodh- Managing Director, 1M1B.

Artificial Intelligence: In a landscape increasingly shaped by AI, it's imperative to harness its power as an equalizing force; one that can democratize skills and knowledge across different social strata - making quality skilling accessible to all. To realize this vision, I hope that the 2024 budget prioritizes the establishment of AI hubs and centers of excellence, even in Tier 2-3 cities. These platforms will foster innovation and make AI skilling accessible to the youth of our country.

Immersive Technologies: Furthermore, the emergence of Augmented and Virtual Reality infrastructure in schools can revolutionize traditional learning environments. By integrating virtual science labs in every school, we can offer immersive and interactive educational experiences that can prepare our students for a future where STEM proficiency is paramount. These can also be used to create job simulations and shopfloor experiences, and make our young workforce future ready.

“The 2024 budget should emphasize robust investments in digital infrastructure to unlock the untapped potential of our nation's greatest asset – its youth," he added.  

31 Jan 2024, 03:58:02 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: TelioLabs CEO seeks targeted grants for start-ups

“We need to give special attention to the growth of start-ups in the telecom sector. And if we expect innovation in the Telecom sector, this can be achieved through targeted grants for start-ups. Such financial support empowers emerging ventures to do ground-breaking research, giving birth to cutting-edge technologies. These initiatives not only drive technological advancements but also strengthen the country's telecommunications infrastructure. By encouraging startups to explore novel solutions, governments can catalyze progress, enhance connectivity, and ensure the nation stays at the forefront of telecommunications innovation. Ultimately, these grants serve as catalysts, encouraging start-ups towards transformative contributions in telecommunications," said Amit Singh- Founder and CEO of TelioLabs

31 Jan 2024, 03:50:04 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Intrepid Travel India GM seeks accessible entry to every historical site, hospitality-driven infrastructure

"Let this Union Budget 2024–25 re-emphasize the transformative power of tourism and the pivotal role infrastructure plays in shaping our global appeal. The potential of inbound international travel is huge in India and will get a further boost from the support of a budget that prioritizes the necessities, such as hygienic public spaces and increased security awareness, to guarantee that foreign guests have a great time. In addition to being beneficial economically, rewarding the businesses that are bringing in foreign money for the country and including incentives for the inbound tour operators under foreign trade policy demonstrates our dedication to international collaboration," said Rama Mahendru- Country General Manager- India, Intrepid Travel.

“The budget should focus on accessible entry to every historical site or monument, which is another aspect of the infrastructure that makes visiting by wheelchair-bound or elderly visitors easy, he said.

“Let's make hospitality-driven infrastructure our top priority when allocating resources so that it may further strengthen our reputation as a friendly destination while simultaneously promoting economic growth," he added.  

31 Jan 2024, 03:39:56 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: ManipalCigna Health Insurance CEO seeks to cut the GST from 18% to 5% on health insurance premiums 

"The rising cost of healthcare services and overall medical inflation in the country have made health insurance an absolute necessity. Access to health insurance can help more people become part of the healthcare system and get access to quality treatment. Thus, we are hopeful in the upcoming Union budget the government looks at considering 5% GST tax slab on health insurance premium to make it more affordable for the people living in the middle-income group to get access to quality healthcare care they need. GST rate cut from 18% to 5% on the health insurance premiums will be a huge respite especially for senior citizens who are struggling to meet the rising healthcare costs. At present, on most insurance products the GST is 18% which thrusts the premium to 118% for the end-user. The abolition or at least a sizeable reduction in the GST on all personal lines of products – from the existing 18% to 5% will encourage more people to buy health insurance", Prasun Sikdar, MD and CEO, ManipalCigna Health Insurance, said.

“Currently, a policyholder can avail a tax exemption of Rs. 25000 deduction per financial year under 80D for buying a health insurance policy for self, spouse or dependent children. This exemption can increase if the health insurance cover includes parents. To help boost the overall health insurance penetration in the country and help millions of people access quality healthcare at an affordable cost, the increase in the limit of tax deduction in 80D can act as an incentive to ensure health insurance reaches the last mile, and to provide people long term financial security," he added.


31 Jan 2024, 03:29:54 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Govt should relax taxes on LTAs to boost travel and tourism, says Hyatt Centric GM

“The government should relax taxes on LTAs (Leave Travel Allowances) so that travel and tourism are encouraged, which will provide a big boost to the hotel industry," Shilpi Khanna, General Manager at Hyatt Centric, Juhu said

Khanna noted that the hospitality industry was the worst-hit sector during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2023 was a good comeback year for the sector, but it still could not cover the losses.

“Our appeal to the government is to please look after the taxation policy of the country. We are looking for lower income tax for the smoothness of the business," she said.

31 Jan 2024, 03:16:20 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Hospitality industry expects lenient tax structure, more allocation

"This could involve streamlining processes, enhancing infrastructure, and ensuring a consistent and high-quality experience for tourists. Standardization would not only elevate the overall appeal but also position the country as a more enticing destination for travellers, ultimately driving growth and sustainability in the hospitality sector," Amandeep Singh Grover, General Manager, Hilton Goa, said.  

"Outbound tourism is rapidly picking up especially with many countries implementing ‘visa-free’ or ‘visa-on-arrival’ strategies, it is important for us to be competitive and relax taxation and make it lucrative for travellers," he added.

31 Jan 2024, 03:09:05 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Finvasia MD expects progress in establishing AI Centres of Excellence

“As we approach Budget 2024, we anticipate a continued focus on advancing India's digital public infrastructure, a key pillar for realizing the $5 trillion economy dream. I look forward to enhanced government initiatives fostering financial inclusion benefiting Bharat, not just India. On the tech front, I hope to see further progress in establishing AI Centres of Excellence. I also expect more policies to enable public-private partnerships to boost end-use cases of generative and predictive AI and increase its adoption in India. The fintech industry, as usual, will be the flag bearer of innovation. Government support, both in terms of policies and funding, will be instrumental in propelling the fintech sector to new heights of success," said Sarvjeet Virk, Co-founder & MD, Finvasia.

31 Jan 2024, 02:56:51 PM IST

 Budget 2024 Live: Govt should offer liquidity assistance to galvanise the lending ecosystem, says Poonawalla Fincorp MD

“I think the 2024 interim budget will help deepen NBFC's contribution to India’s sustainable economic growth, aligned to become a 5 trillion USD economy. This budget should emphasize offering liquidity assistance to galvanize the lending ecosystem. I hope for more progressive policies to strengthen the Fintech and digital lending ecosystem and enhance digital skills, as well as supporting and ensuring a robust regulatory framework for NBFCs," said Abhay Bhutada- Managing Director- Poonawalla Fincorp.

31 Jan 2024, 02:37:06 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: EV sector seeks FAME scheme subsidy extension in the upcoming interim budget

“Considering the surge in sales of EVs, the industry’s expectation from Union Budget 2024 is extension of FAME II subsidy, which is expiring in March 2024. The industry is also positive regarding support for enhancement of EV charging infrastructure, bearing in mind the government’s target of achieving EVs on the Indian roads in coming years. Supplementing this, stakeholders are hopeful for a substantial reduction in GST rate on lithium-ion batteries from 18% to 5% - such benefit would enable OEMs to offer EVs at more competitive prices, further encouraging consumer adoption. Offering the much-needed boost to EV sector will also align with the government’s target of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and relying on renewable energy. However, considering this Budget will be an interim budget, the announcements are anticipated to be scant," said Vivek Baj, Partner, Economic Laws Practice.

31 Jan 2024, 01:38:15 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: What EV sector seeks?

In the calendar year 2023, the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector has undergone a significant transformation. Notably, two-wheelers (2W) and three-wheelers (3W) have surged ahead, experiencing growth rates of 33% and 63%, respectively, despite reductions in incentives. This surge marks a crucial turning point where these vehicles are shifting from niche to mainstream, reshaping the automotive landscape. Although the four-wheeler (4W) market witnessed a substantial growth of 109 per cent this calendar year, an impending transformation looms on the horizon. While significant investments propel this segment forward, widespread market adoption is yet to fully materialize, with a potential inflection point projected around 2025, Vimal Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder of Ionage Technologies, said. 

31 Jan 2024, 01:30:53 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: What agriculture sector seeks?

Sandeep Sabharwal, CEO of SLCM Group (Sohan Lal Commodity Management Pvt. Ltd.) said, recognising the paramount importance of agriculture to the Indian economy, the previous budget introduced key provisions aimed at benefiting small farmers and promoting agriculture through technology and inclusivity. Looking ahead, the upcoming budget should focus on implementing measures to address post-harvest losses and challenges persisting in India's agrarian economy. To enhance support for the agricultural community, it is crucial to ensure adequate budgetary allocation for providing credit lines to agri-based NBFCs at a discounted rate of interest.

31 Jan 2024, 01:28:01 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live: Dana India's outlook on 2024 Union Budget for automotive sector advancements

“Dana India envisions the 2024 Union Budget as a catalyst for transformative changes in the automotive sector. Advocating for enhanced Ease of Doing Business, Mr. Gajanan Gandhe underscores the importance of streamlined approval processes, minimized administrative obstacles, and the establishment of dedicated industry facilitation bodies," Gajanan Gandhe, Country Head and VP, Dana India, said.

31 Jan 2024, 01:18:05 PM IST

Budget 2024 Live:Will AI take center stage?

The forthcoming budget is poised to propel India forward in its embrace of Artificial Intelligence (AI), marking a significant stride in the nation's technological evolution. The government's upcoming measures are designed to facilitate the integration of AI across diverse sectors, signifying a milestone in India's technological landscape, said, Ibrahim Khatri, CEO and CoFounder, Privezi AI.

The budget is expected to fortify both AI development and data center infrastructure, crucial components supporting AI's data-driven operations. Proposed financial incentives for data centers indicate a promising trajectory for AI expansion in India, he added.

31 Jan 2024, 12:30:45 PM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: Government Introduced the Vibrant Village Program'

We are extending internet access to tribal villages. We have also emphasized the responsibilities of the government. Villages near our borders were considered the country's last villages. My government has transformed them into the country's first villages. The Vibrant Village Program has been initiated for the development of these villages. This marks the first time that such regions, neglected for decades, are being connected to development, said President Droupadi Murmu.

31 Jan 2024, 12:24:23 PM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: Ibrahim Shaheeb, Maldives Envoy arrives at the Parliament on the first day of the Budget session

Ibrahim Shaheeb, Maldives Envoy arrives at the Parliament on the first day of the Budget session.

On India-Maldives relation Ibrahim Shaheeb said, "Everything is good..."

31 Jan 2024, 12:23:06 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: "Over the past decade, my government has made good governance and transparency the cornerstone of every system, says President Murmu 

"Over the past decade, my government has made good governance and transparency the cornerstone of every system," President Murmu told the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

31 Jan 2024, 12:08:13 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Tourism to become important for job creations, says President Droupadi Murmu 

Tourism to become important for job creations, said President Droupadi Murmu

31 Jan 2024, 12:07:24 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Over 19 lakh people visited Kedarnath, says President Droupadi Murmu

Over 19 lakh people visited Kedarnath, said President Droupadi Murmu

31 Jan 2024, 12:06:08 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Agriculture sector benefiting from Namo Drone Didi Scheme, says President


There is a strong emphasis on making agriculture more profitable. Under the PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi, farmers have received a total of 2.8 lakh crores so far. Over the past 10 years, there has been a threefold increase in easy loans from banks for farmers. Presently, approximately 10 crore women are connected to self-help groups. In the Namo Drone Didi Scheme, groups are set to receive 15,000 drones, further enhancing their agricultural practices, said President Droupadi Murmu.

31 Jan 2024, 12:03:07 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Soon we will achieve target of blending 20% ethanol, says President Droupadi Murmu

Soon we will achieve the target of blending 20% ethanol, said President Droupadi Murmu. The government is encouraging a circular economy.

31 Jan 2024, 12:01:36 PM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Backward Class Commission has been accorded constitutional status, says President Droupadi Murmu

A 27% reservation has been ensured for OBCs under the central quota for admissions in medical graduation and post-graduation. The National Backward Class Commission has been constitutionally recognized. The construction of 11 crore toilets and the eradication of open defecation have prevented various diseases. This has resulted in an annual healthcare savings of up to 60,000 rupees for every poor urban family. Additionally, the availability of clean drinking water through pipes is saving the lives of millions of children each year, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31

31 Jan 2024, 11:59:51 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Green energy in focus, says President Droupadi Murmu

Green energy is in focus, said President Droupadi Murmu. Wind power capacity has doubled.

31 Jan 2024, 11:58:57 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Government is supporting green mobility, says President Murmu

Government is supporting green mobility, said President Murmu.

31 Jan 2024, 11:58:17 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: World has faith in India to empower global supply chain, says President Droupadi Murmu

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: The World has faith in India to empower global supply chain, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31. Around 14 sectors have dedicated PLIs.

31 Jan 2024, 11:55:42 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Government is working on a vision that has roadmap for next 25 years, says President Droupadi Murmu

Government is working on vision that has roadmap for next 25 years, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31.

31 Jan 2024, 11:50:47 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: India's inflation rate is now within 4% which was in double digits earlier, says President Murmu


Earlier, the country's rate of inflation was in double digits which is now within 4 per cent, said President Murmu in Parliament on January 31.

31 Jan 2024, 11:48:42 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Government made laws to give equal rights to trans gender, says President Droupadi Murmu

Government made laws to give equal rights to trans gender, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31

31 Jan 2024, 11:44:42 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Government gave rs 18 lakh crore in MSP to farmers, Says President Droupadi Murmu

18 lakh crore given to farmers in India as MSP, farmers are getting 2.5 times more MSP now, said, President Droupadi Murmu.

31 Jan 2024, 11:42:37 AM IST

Parliament Budget Session Live: Government allocated ₹2.5 lakh crore for Ujjwala Scheme, says President Droupadi Murmu 

The President mentioned that the government has allocated 2.5 lakh crore rupees for the Ujjwala scheme. An expenditure of 20 lakh crore rupees has been made to provide affordable ration to the poor. The Ayushman scheme offers free healthcare. The initiative to connect 11 crore households to piped water supply for the first time has been undertaken. Facilities for dialysis have been provided for kidney patients. Efforts have been made to save on electricity bills by promoting LED bulbs. The aim is to swiftly implement these schemes. Despite global crises, inflation has not risen in the country. Affordable air tickets are available for the poor and the middle class. Last year, the world witnessed two major wars.

31 Jan 2024, 11:37:15 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: The Government's focus remained on empowering women, says President Droupadi Murmu

The Government's focus remained on empowering women, even the Republic Day Parade's theme was women-centric, said President Droupadi Murmu.

31 Jan 2024, 11:35:16 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: Free kidney dialysis for Indians

Around 21 lakh Indians have taken advantage of free kidney dialysis treatment annually, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31. 

31 Jan 2024, 11:33:37 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: Despite two global geo-political conflicts, Central Government managed inflation well, says President Droupadi Murmu

Despite two global geo-political conflicts, the Central Government managed inflation well, said President Droupadi Murmu on January 31.

31 Jan 2024, 11:31:48 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live:  India recorded 1200 crore UPI transaction, President Droupadi Murmu announces

India recorded 1200 crore UPI transaction, President Droupadi Murmu announces

31 Jan 2024, 11:25:15 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: President Droupadi Murmu hails Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam

"I hail the members for the passage of the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam (women's reservation bill)," says President Droupadi Murmu addressing Parliament Budget Session.

31 Jan 2024, 11:23:00 AM IST

Budget 2024 Parliament Session Live: Space sector opens gate for Startups, says President Droupadi Murmu

The space sector has opened a gate for young startups, said President Droupadi Murmu during her address at Parliament on January 31.

31 Jan 2024, 11:17:47 AM IST

Budget Session Live: President Droupadi Murmu speaks at Parliament

31 Jan 2024, 11:13:33 AM IST

Budget Session Live: President Droupadi Murmu starts her Parliament Budget Session address

President Murmu begins addressing Parliament Budget Session.

31 Jan 2024, 11:12:20 AM IST

Budget Session Live: President Droupadi Murmu arrives at Parliament to address both houses

President Droupadi Murmu arrived on January 31, at the Parliament for her address to the joint session of both Houses. Sengol was carried and installed in her presence.

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