MUMBAI : State-run Bank of Maharashtra (BoM) Monday reported a net profit of 72.38 crore in the quarter to March as against a net loss of 113.51 crore in the year-ago period.

The bank, however, reported a net loss of 4,783.88 crore for full year to March 2019, more than four times the loss it had reported in FY18 at 1,145.65 crore.

Total income rose to 3,160.79 crore in the reporting quarter from 3,094.46 crore in the same period last fiscal year, the lender said in a statement.

Gross non-performing assets improved to 16.40% from 19.48%, while net NPA more than halved to 5.52% from a high 11.24%.

The lender restructured 7,556 MSME accounts amounting to 411.69 crore during the year and treated them as standard assets.

In the reporting quarter, the bank classified loans worth 410.62 crore as fraud as per the RBI guidelines and holds 100% provisions for them. For the entire year, it had classified 1,448 crore as fraud.

Of the 17 accounts referred by the RBI to bankruptcy tribunals, the bank sees uncertainty in recovery and has made 100% provisions worth 4,857 crore.

During the year, the bank made 387.53 crore in provisions for all performing and non-performing accounts of the bankrupt IL&FS, the bank said.