New Delhi: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) plans to ask the manufacturers of CFM engines to carry out a precautionary check on IndiGo’s CFM-powered A320ceo aircraft that faced engine snags last week. Subsequently, all other airlines will be ‘sounded out’ and precautionary checks could be carried out on some of these aircraft, a DGCA said, requesting anonymity.

This comes just a few days after an IndiGo A320ceo aircraft powered by a CFM engine developed a glitch mid-air between Goa and New Delhi.

“This glitch with a CFM engine is a rare event, unheard in the Indian context," said the DGCA official.

CFM International is a joint venture between GE Aviation, a division of General Electric of the US, and Safran Aircraft Engines, a division of Safran of France.

At present, airlines such as IndiGo, Air India and AirAsia India operate Airbus A320ceo planes powered by CFM engines. Another airline, Vistara, operates A320neo (new engine option) aircraft, which are powered by CFM engines. The A320ceo aircraft of Vistara are powered by IAE engines.

IndiGo has 12 A320ceo aircraft on its fleet that are powered by CFM engines, while the entire fleet of AirAsia India’s 22 Airbus A320ceo aircraft are powered by CFM engines, spokespersons of these airlines confirmed.

GoAir has 16 A320ceo planes powered by CFM engines, a spokesperson said. The Air India spokesperson was not available for comment.

On 29 September, an IndiGo A320ceo aircraft operated by CFM engines, flight 6E 336 carrying 171 passengers, had to return to Goa airport for engine replacement.

“During the climb, while passing flight level 200, a loud bang was heard from engine 1, situated on the left of the aircraft. On ECAM (electronic centralised aircraft monitor) engine 1 stall caution was displayed," the official mentioned above said, adding that the situation prompted pilots to declare PAN-PAN, the international standard urgency signal, and return to Goa airport.

An engineering inspection found that turbine blades on engine 1 was damaged and metal debris was observed in the exhaust, the official said.