When it comes to millennials and Gen Z, brand communication can be tricky. The new-age consumer wants to associate itself with names that speak their language, hold their values and respect their opinions. The status-quo has shifted with consumer preferences changing rapidly. In such a scenario, how can brands keep up?

In order to instill a surprise factor in their offerings, brands need to move out of their comfort zones and dabble in the unknown. Gone are the days when commodification defined communication; for long-term market success, a strategic plan brewing with fresh ideas is essential.

To know more, tune in to the eighth episode of HT Brand Studio Live, Season 2. The show will be webcast from the Mint Facebook page at 10 am on November 19.

Leaders such as Dilen Gandhi (PepsiCo India), Virginia Sharma (LinkedIn), Shashank Srivastava (Maruti Suzuki), Priyanka Gill (POPxo), Nitesh Tiwari (writer and director), Mandar Natekar (KidZania) and Amit Ramani (Awfis) will be sharing their views on this topic.

From the changing relationship bet.ween millennials and brands to how companies can create relevant yet innovative content, the themes will include these and more. HT Brand Studio Live is hosted jointly by HT Brand Studio and DMAasia, and is a part of the HT Brand Leadership Series, an annual property hosted under the domain of HT.com that has content around breakthroughs in marketing. It is anchored by Rameet Arora, COO, HT Digital Streams.

The previous episode saw brand masters such as Vishal Gondal (GOQii), Anika Agarwal (Max Bupa health Insurance), Manuj Garg (MyUpchar), Mohan Menon (Max Healthcare) and Sanjeev Chopra (McCann Health) talking about India’s wellness generation.

The sixth episode was also about the emergence of the health-conscious India, with top leaders such as Sameer Maheshwari (Healthkart), Pankaj Duhan (Reckitt Benckiser), Trupti Bhandari (GSK Consumer Healthcare) and Marut Setia (GE Healthcare) sharing their thoughts on the same.

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