BENGALURU : Infosys Ltd on Thursday said that the company is “deeply concerned" with an “inappropriate" post being attributed to a company employee. The post was trending on Twitter and gathered several comments and retweets.

“We strongly reaffirm our commitment to responsible social-sharing. Our preliminary enquiry, and discussions with our employee suggest that this could be a case of a mistaken identity."

This is in response to a tweet by the alleged employee named Mujeeb Mohammad who posted, “Let’s join hands, go out and sneeze with open mouth in public. Spread the virus."

Infosys stated that given the seriousness with which it takes such matters, the company is investigating this further and will also assist with any independent investigation. “The company would take appropriate action based on its investigation," Infosys said in a tweet from its official handle.

Infosys BPM, in association with Nasscom, is working with the government of Karnataka, to facilitate outreach to people in the state returning from overseas travel, about self-quarantining practices and testing facilities. Infosys Foundation is partnering with the state government in Karnataka to help set up a medical facility to address the healthcare needs of citizens affected by the coronavirus.

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