Supria Dhanda, country manager at Western Digital India, took over the role nearly four years ago. Dhanda has two decades of experience and has worked with General Electric, Alcatel-Lucent and SanDisk. She’s inspired by Bill and Melinda Gates, and follows Bill Gates’ blog and book recommendations. The 44-year-old executive is based out of Bengaluru.

Morning boost

I wake up around 7am and have a cup of Darjeeling tea. On a weekday, I have eight to 10 soaked almonds in the morning, followed by black tea and wheat rusk. My power breakfast includes smoothies with banana or fresh berries, yoghurt, nuts and milk. On weekends, I like to indulge in south Indian cuisines.

Fitness files

I go for a morning walk for about 5km daily, and do yoga twice a week. I combine this with three-four months of intense workout regimen with a trainer, which includes cardio, abs and strength training. One fitness fad I dislike is the constantly emerging diet regimes, as these make you keep counting calories and deprive you of the joy of eating hearty meals.

Sleep log

Earlier, I could manage eight hours of sleep but since taking on the country manager role, I get about five odd hours of sleep. I am getting better at taking short power naps and sleeping on long international flights.

Food for fuel

I love fresh berries and nuts and I binge on them. In order to stay healthy, I turned vegetarian four years ago and have reduced intake of wheat.

How I find my zen

Occasionally, I find playing golf quite relaxing. At work, I take quick breaks in between meetings to take a stroll and to chat with my team about things beyond work. Reading before bedtime is a childhood habit, and some of my recent reads include Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella and Sapiens—a brief history of mankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

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