File photo of Rishad Premji (Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint)
File photo of Rishad Premji (Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint)

Full text of Rishad Premji's letter to Wipro employees as he takes over

  • Rishad will also continue to be the company's whole-time director for the next five years, from 31 July, 2019 to 30 July, 2024
  • Rishad said his father reshaped the world of Indian business, demonstrating that success can be achieved with unflinching commitment to integrity

Wipro founder, Chairman and Managing Director Azim H. Premji will retire on July 30 and his eldest son and Chief Strategy Officer Rishad A. Premji will succeed him as the Executive Chairman on July 31, said the global software major said here on Thursday.

"I am confident that the future of Wipro will far outshine anything that we have done before," Azim Premji said adding that Rishad brought to the role new ways of thinking, experience, and competence that would lead Wipro to greater heights.

Here's the complete text of Rishad Premji's letters to Wipro employees as he prepares to take over next month.

Dear Wiproites,

I feel a deep sense of humility and a surge of energy as I take over the role of Executive Chairman of Wipro Limited with effect from July 31, 2019. Humility, because I am acutely conscious that the legacy of Wipro is now my responsibility. Energy, because the future shines bright for our great company.

The greatest strength of Wipro is our people. I know this since I have been an intrinsic part of our team for the last twelve years and have had a chance to work and engage with many of you. Our commitment and continued focus on our clients powered by deep technology prowess is at the heart of our success. Humble in success and resilient in adversity is our character. Unflinching commitment to our values, always unyielding on integrity, is at our core. It is my privilege to be part of such a team.

I congratulate Abid on taking over as the Managing Director of Wipro Ltd, along with his role as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Over the past four years, Abid and I have worked closely together, and I have a lot of respect for his strong strategic and operational depth and his sincerity in leading our company. I believe that our very strong working relationship, along with the leadership team will be a great asset for our company.

Mr. Premji will continue to serve on our Board of Directors. He will invest his time and energy for the philanthropic causes of the Azim Premji Foundation but will always be available for counsel.

Over the past 53 years, Mr. Premji has led and built Wipro from a tiny business in Amalner to this globally successful and admired organization that we are today. But his contribution and achievements go beyond the success of Wipro. He is among the global pioneers of the IT industry. He has reshaped the world of Indian business, demonstrating that success can be achieved with unflinching commitment to integrity. Wipro’s inordinate success deeply touched his social conscience, inspiring him to dedicate the major part of his personal wealth to philanthropy, in the hope of serving and touching the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in India.

Mr. Premji has demonstrated that a successful business can be built on an ethical foundation and driven by social purpose. As he retires, leaving this great legacy in our hands – there is only one way to thank him and express our gratitude – we must continually take Wipro to newer heights. We must chart new paths and win new frontiers, while consolidating our strongholds, and do all this with a continuing and absolute commitment to our values – to the Spirit of Wipro.

I look forward to this exciting journey with you – the future is brighter than ever before.

With gratitude,