Enterprises are increasingly waking up to the need to be smarter with the use of their resources. Companies from sectors with heavy paper dependency in operations can benefit and reduce carbon footprint by cutting back on wasteful printouts. Printing companies like Xerox are taking the lead and helping them achieve this with cloud-enabled management solutions.

In a telephonic interaction with Mint, Ritesh Gandotra, director, Xerox Business Services, sheds more light on these intelligent solutions and why organisations need to embrace them.

With the emphasis on digitisation many companies are moving their operations from paper to cloud. What is the future of printing companies in this changing world?

In any organisation there are people from different age groups who have different preferences. So there will always be a group that prefers paper. But there is also a new and growing workforce, which doesn't. Also, organisations are looking at reducing the print volume and we have cloud enabled management services which can help them achieve that goal. Even though we are talking about digitisation we are still far away from completely moving away from paper.

There is a lot of interest in workflow and print management solutions. How can enterprises benefit from Xerox’s intelligent workplace services (IWS)?

With solutions like IWS, we help organisations identify who is doing what in their company by providing them with more insights on the activities of various individuals which includes their printing activity and activities around the workflow. For example in banks, hospitals, legal firms, government or manufacturing there is a lot of printing involved. IWS can help them identify the individuals along with the content that they are printing. The idea is not to encourage them to print more just because we are a printing company. We want to ensure they print less and more intelligently. Products like IWS help them improve productivity and optimise costs.

In addition to that, we can help them evaluate how much of carbon footprint they have managed to reduce by identifying and avoiding unnecessary printing activity.

How can organisations reduce cost of ownership through IWS?

IWS is provided as service and there are various models in the industry with which organisations can pay. We either charge them on a per print basis. So every time a print out is taken, the sensors in the printer will record them and then they are charged accordingly.

What are Xerox’s plans for India market? How has the company been doing here?

India is one of the key growing markets across the world for us. We have grown in last two years with double digit growth last year. We have signed many important logos here. Our focus is to grow fast in this area. There is enough opportunity for us to talk about sustainability and help organisations achieve those targets.

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