Inc founder and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos on Wednesday said the company will use its global footprint to export $10 billion worth of goods manufactured under the government’s Make In India initiative. Amazon aims to achieve this target by 2025, Bezos added.

Speaking on the first day of the two-day summit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) organised by Amazon in New Delhi, Bezos also said the global online retailer will invest $1 billion in digitising India’s small and medium businesses.

Bezos went down the memory lane, saying that his company had started as a small business 25 years ago. He not only delivered goods to customers but also “wrapped" the packages himself, Bezos said.

Blue Origin, an aerospace and sub-orbital spaceflight services company founded by Bezos, aims to reduce the cost of access to space so that anyone can start a business outside the earth, he said. This is in line with Bezos’ vision to save and preserve the earth from climate change.

“There are no other good planets in the solar system. We have to take care of this one… We need to use the resources in the solar system and have a dynamic entrepreneurial network in space," he added.

Bezos also emphasised the need to acknowledge climate change that is affecting the earth. “We need to take collective action all over the world… Big and small companies will have to come together and take collective action. I am using my network and working with other CEOs around the world," he said.

In a chat with Amazon India country head Amit Agarwal, Bezos said “Amazon is the best place in the world to fail". Bezos spoke of the formula for success and the reasons that lead to failures.

Bezos explained the two types of failures – experimental and operational. While one should fail at experiments, where the result is unknown, one should avoid operational failures, he said

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