We profile two enterprise tech startups that are using new-age technologies to solve diverse issues.

Worxogo: Driving business performance

Bengaluru-based Worxogo is an enterprise startup offering a personal artificial intelligence (AI) coach to employees to drive performance. The cognitive AI engine called Mia, learns and predicts every employee’s unique behaviour and then coaches them to achieve their maximum potential.

Says Ramesh Srinivas, CEO and co-founder Worxogo: “Mia is a personal AI coach for employees and helps them improve their productivity through actionable nudges (a call-to-action) using principles of neuro-economics,behavioural science and predictive analysis." Built on proprietary machine learning algorithms, which assess each employee’s unique behaviour preference, along with performance data, Mia sends customized nudges to employees regularly to help drive business performance. It enables employees to improve at their own pace by constantly learning and recalibrating based on real-time data.

This provides Mia with a unique picture of the employee, and using behaviour shaping nudges, it builds sustainable improvement in performance.

Worxogo currently has more than 35 enterprise clients and 100,000 users from across industries in sales, supply chain, and innovation. “Over the next few years, we are building out on three fronts—entering newer markets in the US by increasing our footprint with newer industries, enhancing abilities of the AI engine and deepening our behaviour labs," says Srinivas.

FarEye: Enabling digital logistics

Noida-based FarEye gives organizations real-time visibility and predictive intelligence through its SaaS platform, which enables quick and reliable movement of goods using mobility, data analytics and automation.

“Logistics is the most important link between consumers and retailers and we help enterprises overcome last mile challenges by leveraging advanced technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and automation," says Kushal Nahata, CEO and co-founder, FarEye.

He says the e-commerce logistics intelligence platform helps optimize parcel movement for retailers, while the transportation platform is a predictive visibility platform for shippers to achieve on-time delivery.

The startup’s vehicle routing and scheduling (VRS) solution is specialized in the postal, third-party logistics (3PL), retail and e-commerce industries.

FarEye is creating algorithms that will help supply chain and logistics businesses solve very specific business challenges.