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Business News/ Economy / Cost of Living LIVE Updates Nov 21: Fuel prices steady. Check petrol and diesel prices in your city today

Cost of Living LIVE Updates Nov 21: Fuel prices steady. Check petrol and diesel prices in your city today

Cost of Living LIVE November 21: The high rate of inflation has pushed up the cost of living across the globe, burning a hole in the common man's pocket. In some relief, India's retail inflation witnessed a notable decline in September, dropping to a three-month low.

File image of a petrol pump (AFP)Premium
File image of a petrol pump (AFP)

Cost of Living LIVE November 21: The cost of living is basically the amount of money one needs to survive in a given place - and one's most essential needs such as food, water, housing, taxes, cost of commute, healthcare, etc. The high rate of inflation has pushed up the cost of living across the globe, burning a hole in the common man's pocket. Since the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, the cost of raw materials and commodities has gone up. This has increased India's payments outgo for oil, gold, and other commodities.

Fuelled by rising food inflation, the retail inflation for agricultural labourers and rural workers increased marginally to 7.08 per cent and 6.92 per cent in October, respectively, from 6.70 per cent and 6.55 per cent respectively in September 2023, said the labour ministry in a statement on Monday.

Food inflation stood at 8.42 per cent and 8.18 per cent for the Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourer (CPI-AL) and Consumer Price Index for Rural Labourer (CPI-RL) in October 2023 compared to 8.06 per cent and 7.73 per cent respectively in September 2023. The values of CPI-AL and CPI-RL came in at 7.05 per cent and 7.00 per cent respectively during the corresponding month of the previous year.

21 Nov 2023, 11:16:02 PM IST

Tata CLiQ Black Friday Sale: Exciting offers across all segments

Tata CLiQ on Tuesday said it is offering exciting deals to customers on the much-anticipated annual Black Friday Sale.

“The sale is live on Tata CLiQ and Tata CLiQ Luxury from November 22nd to November 27th and on Tata CLiQ Palette from November 17th to November 27th," said the company in a statement.

The Black Friday Sale will feature exciting offers across a spectrum of categories, including apparel, beauty, accessories, footwear, home, jewellery, watches, and more, Tata CLiQ said. 

21 Nov 2023, 10:37:45 PM IST

Samsung Electronics ranked in ‘global top 5’ brands for fourth consecutive year

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday said it was recognized by Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, as a “Global Top 5" brand for the fourth year in a row. Samsung has achieved $91.4 billion in brand value and is highly recognized for promoting a consistent customer experience strategy and leading future technologies such as 6G and AI.

According to Interbrand, Samsung Electronics’ evaluation was positively influenced by the company-wide improvement of the customer experience, the increased level of connectivity and enhanced gaming experiences through the wide-ranging product portfolio and SmartThings. 

21 Nov 2023, 09:52:03 PM IST

Tata Power ramps up EV charging infra on Chandigarh-Shimla route

Tata Power on Tuesday said it has ramped up electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on the Chandigarh-Shimla route to facilitate eco-friendly travel.

The strategically positioned charging stations at Hotel Falcon Crest on the Chandigarh-Shimla Highway around Kandaghat and The Oberoi Cecil, Chaura Maidan Road near Shimla, enhance the feasibility of EV travel on the route.

The first charging point is 83 km from Chandigarh to Hotel Falcon Crest, and the other is 26 km from Hotel Falcon Crest to The Oberoi Cecil.

21 Nov 2023, 09:08:56 PM IST

Why converting purchases to EMIs may no longer get you a discount

Last week, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued two important directives that will have far-reaching consequences for the personal loan segment. One, it asked the country’s largest consumer goods financier Bajaj Finance Ltd to stop lending through two of its loan products. Two, it increased the risk weights— the money set aside by banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) for loans to cover credit risk—in the personal and retail loan categories to 125% from the earlier 100%. Read more here

21 Nov 2023, 05:40:11 PM IST

Mi smart TVs offer features in a budget for everyone: Check out top 8 options

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart TVs, Xiaomi's Mi line-up has emerged as a beacon of affordability without compromising on features. The Mi Smart TVs cater to diverse consumer needs, providing a range of options that blend technological innovations with budget-friendly price points. This article explores the top 8 Mi Smart TVs that deliver a feature-rich experience without breaking the bank. Read more here

21 Nov 2023, 04:13:23 PM IST

55-inch smart TV for immersive viewing: Top 8 picks to choose from

In the ever-evolving landscape of home entertainment, the centrepiece of immersive viewing experiences is undeniably the 55-inch smart TV. This size strikes a perfect balance, offering a spacious canvas without overwhelming smaller living spaces. The market is teeming with options, each vying for your attention, promising unparalleled visuals, smart functionality, and a cinematic escapade right in your living room. In this article, we go on a journey to explore the top 8 picks for 55-inch smart TVs, carefully curated to cater to various preferences and budgets. Read more here

21 Nov 2023, 02:46:28 PM IST

How India is building self-reliance in pulses

The Union government is crafting a scheme to boost domestic production of pulses with a focus on select states, at a time when erratic weather and more remunerative crops have prompted many farmers to shift away from kitchen staples. Nafed is set to encourage the farming of pulses and assure purchases in the scheme. Read more here

21 Nov 2023, 01:52:39 PM IST

Sebi chair Buch cautions retail investors against heavy F&O bets

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch on Monday cautioned retail traders against heavy betting in the derivatives market.

Investors should instead concentrate on long-term prospects offered by equity markets, Buch said, speaking at the launch of the Investor Risk Reduction Access (IRRA) platform.

Buch recalled a study carried out by Sebi last year which showed nine out of ten investors lost money in the derivatives market. Trading on a short-term basis could lead to situations where the investors incur losses on a weekly basis, she added.

The Sebi chairperson said if investors take a long-term view, the possibility of investment calls going wrong would be lower.

“(In long-term investments) there is a very good chance that you would be creating wealth over a sustained period of time which will exceed the inflation rate in the economy and you would get a real rate of return on your investment over a long-term," she added. Read details here

21 Nov 2023, 01:05:50 PM IST

Tale of Two Halves: Goldman sees GDP powered by govt, private sector

Investment bank and financial services major Goldman Sachs predicted a higher 6.5% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in FY25, compared to a more sedate 6.2% in FY24. That is more or less in line with the trend that other agencies have also predicted.

While government spending will drive growth in the first half, private investment will accelerate after the general election to become the key driver of growth, it feels. Read full here

21 Nov 2023, 12:02:20 PM IST

Canada housing inflation: Half-a-bed is up for rent at ₹54,000 per month in Toronto. Know details

Skyrocketing house rents and unrealistic conditions to own a rented space in metro cities like Bangalore reflected rising inflation of real estate sectors in these cities. However, housing inflation rose to new heights in Canada where rent of half of a bed shoots to 54,000 per month.

In Canada's Toronto, individuals are offered to rent out half of their bed for a whopping 900 Canadian dollars (over 54,000) per month, reported Business Insider citing a TikTok video.

The TikTok video was uploaded by a Toronto-based realtor Anya Ettinger, who brought attention to a now-deleted Facebook post in which an individual was offering half of their bed for rent for 900 Canadian dollars (over 54,000) per month, reported the news website.

Anya Ettinger's video highlighting the problem of skyrocketing house rents in Toronto has gone viral on social media. The city is known as one of the most expensive housing markets in Canada. Read here

21 Nov 2023, 11:02:24 AM IST

Think before bandying a baseless GDP figure about

A social media post with a GDP tracker that shows India's economy having attained $4 trillion in size has found its way to the political arena, with ruling party leaders, including a Union minister, holding it up as evidence of economic success, even as the opposition questions the data's veracity.

With that size. India is shown to have narrowed the gap with Germany and Japan, which India is poised to overtake and become the world's third-largest economy. Their GDP is pegged at $4.3 trillion and $4.4 trillion, respectively. However, the figure's source is unclear.

Has our economy exceeded $4 trillion? Let's hold our horses and wait for official GDP estimates, which will take time to ascertain. Meanwhile, it's unclear what tom-tomming such a figure achieves. Read details

21 Nov 2023, 10:02:29 AM IST

Fuel price in metro cities on November 21, 2023 | Tuesday

Fuel rates are revised at 06:00 A.M every day. Since June 2017, fuel prices in India have been revised daily, and this is called the dynamic fuel price method.


PETROL (Rs/L) - 101.94

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 87.94


PETROL (Rs/L) - 96.2

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 84.26


PETROL (Rs/L) - 102.63

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 94.33


PETROL (Rs/L) - 106.03

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 92.76

Mumbai City

PETROL (Rs/L) - 106.31

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 94.27

New Delhi

PETROL (Rs/L) - 96.72

DIESEL (Rs/L) - 89.62

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