NEW DELHI : Studying M.Tech from an Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) would soon become costlier as the HRD Ministry has decided to increase the fees gradually over the next few years. Currently, IITs charge anywhere between 20,000 and 50,000 as M.Tech tuition fee. This figure would go up to 2 lakh gradually.

The IIT Council had also recommended that all IITs should charge a uniform fee structure for M.Tech programmes and that the fees for M Tech should be the same as in B Tech programmes.

5 things to know about IIT's M.Tech course fee hike:

1) The fee hike for M.Tech courses will be implemented gradually over the next few years. It means that the IITs will not suddenly hike the fee by 10 times. Each IIT will take a call as to how much the fees should be increased in each year. IIT Council wants M.Tech students to pay as much as B.Tech students.

2) Current students who are already enrolled into an M.Tech programme at any of the IITs have been spared from the fee hike. The will continue to pay fees as per the existing structure. The decision was taken on recommendations of a three-member committee on reforms on M.Tech programme in IITs.

3) IIT Madras said the fees for M.Tech programmes has not been revised for many years. "The limited number of scholarships currently being given to meritorious M.Tech students will also continue," the IIT said. Needy students would be supported directly by the government through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) or arranging educational loans.

4) The HRD ministry said that the fee hike will discourage non-serious students, who after a few months of stay in IITs, leave the programme midway to take up employment or to prepare for competitive exams.

"This drop out in the middle of the programme leads to wastage of coveted seats on the one hand and denies the opportunity to other serious and meritorious students, on the other. IITs will offer only those programmes that have demand in the market. This will ensure immediate placement after completion of the course. Good and deserving students will be provided Teaching Assistantship/Scholarship," read the release.

5) IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao said M.Tech programmes at IITs record a dropout rate of over 50% as students treat the courses as a stopgap arrangement till they land a job or crack a competitive exam.

IIT Madras too tweeted that the fee increase is being done particularly to deter students who discontinue the course mid-way.