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Business News/ Elections / Assembly Elections/  Exit Polls predict big majority for BJP in Gujarat, cliffhanger in Himachal Pradesh

Exit Polls predict big majority for BJP in Gujarat, cliffhanger in Himachal Pradesh

Exit Poll Election Results: Results of assembly elections held in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will be declared on 8 December 

The BJP is incumbent in both Gujarat and Himachal, but AAP is hoping to give a tough fight in the state assembly election.Premium
The BJP is incumbent in both Gujarat and Himachal, but AAP is hoping to give a tough fight in the state assembly election.

Exit Poll Election Results: The exit poll results on Monday predicted a big majority for the BJP in Gujarat while most of them gave an edge to it in Himachal Pradesh, indicating re-election of the ruling party in both states. However, two exit polls showed a dead heat between the BJP and the Congress in Himachal where results could go either way. The exit polls have also indicated the probable winner for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls.

06 Dec 2022, 08:28:34 PM IST

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06 Dec 2022, 08:16:47 PM IST

Exit polls will be proven wrong, will return to rule MCD: BJP

Ahead of the counting of votes for the MCD polls, the BJP on Tuesday exuded hope that the tide will turn in its favour even as the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) claimed a "landslide" victory as predicted by exit polls.

The exit polls on Monday showed that the AAP was going to sweep the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls by winning more than 150 of the 250 municipal wards with the BJP emerging a distant second.

06 Dec 2022, 03:28:08 PM IST

Kejriwal congratulates Delhi after exit polls show big win for AAP in MCD

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday congratulated Delhiites after exit polls show a landslide victory for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the MCD election 2022 and called the prediction for Gujarat a 'positive sign' for the party. The exit polls result on Monday predicted a clean sweep for the AAP in the municipal corporation of Delhi. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has ruled the Delhi civic bodies for a long time, is predicted to emerge as the runner up.

06 Dec 2022, 12:57:12 PM IST

Congress to form govt in Himachal: HPCC President Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee President Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has exuded confidence in the Congress party that it will win the assembly elections in Himachal Pradesh and said that BJP ideologies are not working.

"Congress party is going to form government in a place which is a Hindu majority state, people have rejected BJP's ideology," Sukhu told ANI.

06 Dec 2022, 09:07:47 AM IST

'Wait till Dec 8': Outgoing Himachal CM on exit-poll projections

Jai Ram Thakur on Monday said that though many pollsters have predicted a return of the BJP in the state, the people should wait for the final outcome on December 8.

"Many exit polls are showing that the BJP is forming government again in Himachal while some others are predicting a neck-to-neck fight in a few segments. We should wait till December 8 for the final outcome. According to our analysis, there is a very good possibility of the BJP forming the government with a comfortable majority," Thakur added.

06 Dec 2022, 07:13:41 AM IST

Congress hopeful to win with full majority in Himachal Pradesh

Even after the exit-poll projections for Himachal Pradesh that have predicted a return of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the state, Congress is still hopeful that the party would form the government with a full majority in the hill state.

"People have voted for the change in state and Congress will form the government. We shall have to see the sample and sample size. Exit polls are sometimes correct but during the last few elections, it has been questioned. We have our internal survey too, we will get over 40 seats," said Naresh Chauhan vice-president of the Congress state unit.

06 Dec 2022, 05:22:33 AM IST

Exit polls predict big majority for BJP in Gujarat, cliffhanger in Himachal

All exit polls predicted a big mandate for the BJP in Gujarat in the range of 117-151 seats in the 182-member assembly, while the Congress was predicted to bag seats in the range of 16-51. The Aam Aadmi Party was projected to bag anything between two and 13 seats. The majority mark in Gujarat is 92.

In Himachal Pradesh, the exit polls projected a range of 24-41 seats for the BJP and 20-40 seats for the Congress. The majority mark is 35 seats.

05 Dec 2022, 10:19:49 PM IST

'Exit polls will be proved wrong'

It's difficult to predict results through exit polls, says AAP Gujarat CM candidate Isudan Gadhvi. He also said, "BJP won't form govt, we'll win over 51 seats in phase 1 while over 52 seats in phase 2. Exit polls will be proved wrong. BJP is declining in the state."

05 Dec 2022, 10:06:46 PM IST

Congress will form govt with majority: SS Sukhu on Himachal polls

Congress will be forming government with majority in Himachal Pradesh and will move towards a landslide victory on 8 December, says senior Congress party leader Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu. "BJP will gate less than 20 seats. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's strategy mobilised our cadre. All BJP ministers losing election," he said.

05 Dec 2022, 10:03:14 PM IST

Counting of votes

The counting of votes in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh will take place on 8 December. Elections for the Himachal Pradesh assembly took place on 12 November, while polling in Gujarat happened in two phases on 1 and 5 December.

05 Dec 2022, 08:41:15 PM IST

Times Now Navbharat ETG exit poll on Gujarat election

BJP: 135-145 seats

Congress: 24-34 seats

AAP: 6-16 seats

05 Dec 2022, 08:37:56 PM IST

Exit polls 2022: Key takeaways

- Aaj Tak-Axis My India predicted a close contest between the Congress and the BJP in Himachal Pradesh. The exit poll said the BJP would get 24-34 seats and the Congress 30-40 seats.

- As per News X-Jan Ki Baat exit poll on Gujarat elections, the BJP was likely to get 117-140 seats, Congress-NCP 34-51, AAP 6-13 and others 1-2.

- Republic TV's P-MARQ predicted 128-148 seats for the BJP, 30-42 for the Congress-NCP, 2-10 for the AAP and 0-3 for others.

- TV9 Gujarati predicted the BJP to get 125-130 seats, Congress-NCP 40-50, AAP 3-5 and others 3-7.

- India TV said the BJP would bag 35-40 seats, Congress 26-31 and AAP zero.

- News X-Jan Ki Baat survey said the BJP was likely to get 32-40 seats in the hill state, Congress 27-34 and AAP zero.

05 Dec 2022, 08:18:23 PM IST

ABP - CVoter exit poll results are here

BJP: 128-140 seats

Congress: 31-43 seats

AAP: 3-11 seats

05 Dec 2022, 08:16:00 PM IST

Vote share: India Today Axis My India exit poll

BJP: 46%

Congress: 26%

AAP: 20%

Others: 8%

05 Dec 2022, 08:08:37 PM IST

India Today Axis My India predicts massive win for BJP in Gujarat

The BJP is all set to get 46% vote share, with 129-151 seats in 182-member assembly, predited India Today Axis My India.

05 Dec 2022, 08:07:18 PM IST

A BJP sweep in Gujarat, predict exit polls

A look at what exit polls have predicted:

- P Marq exit polls said that the BJP will win 128 to 148 seats. The Congress and the BJP are likely to trail behind in the seat share, with the former likely to win 30 to 42 seats while the latter may claim victory on two to 10 seats.

- TV9 exit polls also predicted a BJP win, with 125 to 130 seats in Gujarat assembly. The Congress party may win 40 to 50 seats while AAP may claim victory on three to five.

05 Dec 2022, 08:01:24 PM IST

Hung assembly in Himachal Pradesh, predict Today's Chankya

As per Today's Chanakya exit poll results, Himachal will likely see a hung assembly, with the BJP and the Congress getting stuck at 33 seats in the 68-member assembly.

Here's the vote share projection

BJP: 42% ± 3%

Cong: 42% ± 3%

Others: 16% ± 3%

05 Dec 2022, 07:59:54 PM IST

AAP may fail to make an impact in Himachal, pollsters say

While pollsters have predicted a close fight between the BJP and the Congress in Himachal Pradesh assembly polls, they have also predicted that AAP will fail to make an impact in the hill state.

05 Dec 2022, 07:57:50 PM IST

Exit poll 2022: BARC predicts BJP win in Himachal

The exit poll conducted by BARC has predicted that the BJP will win in Himachal Pradesh. A breakdown of the results:

BJP: 35-40 seats

Cong: 20-25 seats

AAP: 0-3 seats

Oth: 1-5 seats

05 Dec 2022, 07:56:28 PM IST

'In Gujarat, BJP will form the govt with record number of seats'

Following the data from the exit polls, Gujarat BJP Chief CR Patil has said that the party will form government with a record number of seats in Gujarat.

05 Dec 2022, 07:53:45 PM IST

Pollsters say AAP will make impressive debut in terms of vote share, not seats

According to pollsters, the Aam Aadmi Party is all set to make an impressive debut in the Gujarat assembly polls in terms of vote share. However, it will not convert into seats.

05 Dec 2022, 07:50:57 PM IST

Himachal Pradesh exit poll

TimesNow-ETG's exit poll

- BJP: 38 | Congress: 28 | AAP: 0 | Others: 2

05 Dec 2022, 07:48:49 PM IST

Gujarat vote share analysis

According to TN, AAP and Cong is at 25% in Gujarat.

05 Dec 2022, 07:39:56 PM IST

Pollsters on BJP in Himachal

Majority of the pollsters have given advantage to the BJP in Himachal Pradesh assembly election, except India Today-Axis My India, which claims Congress will get 30 to 40 seats in 68-member strong assembly.

05 Dec 2022, 07:33:34 PM IST

'Wait till Dec 8': Himachal CM Jairam Thakur on exit polls

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Jairam Thakur on Monday said there's a complete possibility of BJP comfortably forming the government. However, Thakur added that we should wait for the counting day. “Many of the exit polls are showing BJP forming govt while some show a neck-to-neck fight on a few seats. We should wait till Dec 8. According to our analysis there's complete possibility of BJP comfortably forming the govt," he was quoted as saying by ANI.

05 Dec 2022, 07:31:20 PM IST

Exit Polls 2022: BJP set to sweep Guj, close fight in HP, AAP likely to win in Delhi

The Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to sweep Gujarat, with the Congress party as a distant second, and Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party will likely finish third, according to an aggregate of exit polls Monday evening.

05 Dec 2022, 07:22:05 PM IST

Himachal Exit Polls Results: Vote share

Zee News Exit Poll 2022
- BJP: 47%

- Congress: 41%

- AAP: 2%

- Others: 10%

05 Dec 2022, 07:19:28 PM IST

News X- Jan Ki Baat on exit polls

According to the News X- Jan Ki Baat, 117 to 140 seats have been predicted for the BJP, 34 to 51 for the Congress, and 6 to 13 seats for the AAP.

05 Dec 2022, 07:06:00 PM IST

MCD exit polls

India Today Axis My India

AAP: 149-171 wards

BJP: 69-91 seats

CONG: 3-7 seats

Others: 5-9 seats


AAP: 146-156 seats

BJP: 84-94 seats

CONG: 6-10 seats

Others:00-04 seats

05 Dec 2022, 07:00:03 PM IST

Himachal exit polls


- AAP: 0-1 seats

- CONG: 28-33 seats

- BJP: 34-39 seats

05 Dec 2022, 06:57:10 PM IST

Gujarat exit polls


BJP: 125-130 seats

CONG: 40-50 seats

AAP: 3-5 seats

Others: 03-07 seats


BJP: 128-148 seats

CONG: 30-42 seats

AAP: 2-10 seats

05 Dec 2022, 06:50:12 PM IST

Exit polls: BJP to keep Gujarat and Himachal

NDTV's poll of polls says BJP will keep Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

05 Dec 2022, 06:48:10 PM IST

BJP to retain Gujarat for 7th term

The BJP is expected to retain Gujarat for a seventh straight term, two exit polls have predicted.

05 Dec 2022, 06:40:22 PM IST

TV9 Gujarati exit poll on Gujarat

TV9 Gujarati exit poll predicts BJP to win by 125 to 130 in the 182 seat Gujarat assembly.

05 Dec 2022, 06:38:48 PM IST

Republic-P MARQ Exit Poll on HP

Vote Share:

BJP: 44.8%

Cong: 42.9%

AAP: 2.8%

05 Dec 2022, 06:35:44 PM IST

PMARQ Exit Poll on Himachal

BJP- 34-39

Cong- 28-33

AAP 0-1

05 Dec 2022, 06:26:25 PM IST

Exit Polls 2022 for MCD

- Aaj Tak exit poll

AAP 149 to 171 wards

- NDTV's poll of exit polls

Congress 7 seats

- Times Now-ETG exit poll

AAP 146-156 wards

BJP 84-94 seats

Congress 6-10 seats

Others 0-4 seats

05 Dec 2022, 06:22:47 PM IST

NDTV's poll of exit polls on MCD

NDTV's poll of exit polls says the Congress will win just 7 seats in the Delhi civic body elections (MCD).

05 Dec 2022, 06:21:36 PM IST

Times Now-ETG exit poll on MCD

According to the Times Now-ETG exit poll, AAP will win 146-156 wards in the Delhi civic body MCD polls. The BJP is expected to win 84-94 seats.

05 Dec 2022, 06:14:07 PM IST

Exit Poll Results: AAP likely to sweep MCD with 149-171 wards, say early exit polls

According to Aaj Tak's exit poll, AAP is likely to secure 43% share in the MCD elections, while BJP is expected to get 35% vote share. Meanwhile, Congress is expected to get 10% votes.

05 Dec 2022, 06:03:04 PM IST

As voting ends, time for exit polls

The second and final phase of voting in Gujarat concluded today and with this the assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. All eyes are now on the exit polls.

05 Dec 2022, 05:50:30 PM IST

58.68% polling recorded till 5 pm

Approximately 58.68% polling recorded till 5 pm in the second phase of Gujarat Assembly polls, the ECI says.

05 Dec 2022, 05:41:57 PM IST

Delhi MCD election

Polling for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi happened on 4 December. Around 1.45 crore people were eligible to cast their votes and choose from 1,349 candidates. With a voter turnout of a little over 50%, both BJP and AAP have claimed victory in the election to the 250 municipal wards in Delhi. The voter turnout was less compared to the last two elections. The MCD election results will be out on 7 December.

05 Dec 2022, 05:36:17 PM IST

Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections

The Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections were held in a single phase on 12 November. People in the state cast their votes to elect 68 members of the Legislative Assembly. The votes will be counted and the results will be out on 8 December.

05 Dec 2022, 05:33:43 PM IST

Gujarat assembly election

The first phase of Gujarat Assembly polls was held on 1 December on 89 seats spread across 19 districts in Saurashtra-Kutch and southern parts of the state. The polling for the final phase of Gujarat polls is being held today on 93 seats spread across 14 districts. The electoral fate of CM Bhupendra Patel and 832 other candidates, including 285 Independents, will be decided in the second phase. The counting of the votes will be done on 8 December.

05 Dec 2022, 05:21:23 PM IST

All eyes now on exit polls

BJP vs Congress vs AAP: Who will be the winner of the election battle in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh? Who is going to take control of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi? All eyes are now on the exit polls.

05 Dec 2022, 05:14:34 PM IST

Gujarat, HP, MCD polls result date

The actual results of the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh assembly elections will be declared on 8 December. The results for the MCD polls in Delhi will be out a day earlier on 7 December.

05 Dec 2022, 05:09:18 PM IST

Himachal Pradesh assembly: Where it stands

Total assembly seats: 68

BJP won 44 seats in 2017

Congress just 21

05 Dec 2022, 05:05:29 PM IST

Gujarat assembly: Where it stands

The Gujarat Assembly has a total of 182 seats.

BJP: 99 seats

Congress: 77 seats

Others: 6 seats

05 Dec 2022, 04:56:30 PM IST

How past predictions about Gujarat, Himachal fared

Gujarat: Back in 2017, exit polls predicted BJP's winning in the state. The poll results predicted 112-116 seats for the BJP. It was a little more than the number of seats that BJP actually won. In 2017, the BJP won 48 out of 89 seats in the first phase of polling and bagged 51 in the second phase, taking its total tally to 99 out of 182 seats. Meanwhile, the Congress won 77 seats while it was predicted to win 65 seats by the average of the exit polls in 2017.

Himachal Pradesh: Multiple exit polls had predicted an easy win for the BJP in Himachal Pradesh, which was then ruled by the Congress. BJP was predicted to win 47 seats while the exit polls gave an average of 22 seats to the Congress. BJP won 44 seats in Himachal Pradesh in 2017.

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